When Everything Is Changing, Change Everything…

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When you decide to leave,

Don’t look me in the yes!

Leave without daring to turn around!

Take a walk on the dusty road,

Among the stones, the ravage and the tears…

Leave without daring to turn around

And I will watch you leaving

My eyes will follow every step of yours

My lips will softly utter

The sound of your name…

But leave! Don’t you dare turn around!

The sunset, which lost its beauty…

The bird, that forgot its song,

The flower that didn’t taste the ground

Will show me that you’ve left…

Beautiful, right? Probably you wonder what in the world do those lyrics have to do with today’s post… what is the matter of this human drama…

What do you notice in the lyrics above? Pain, sadness, lost dreams, pity, anxiety, fear, disappointment, and maybe hope… different emotions, that are tearing the human soul… and all of them can be summed up in one- CHANGE!

Every situation in our life, leads to some kind of change. Sometimes changes are small and we don’t notice them…and sometimes they shake up our world and turn our lives around. For most of us change has an expensive cost- a lot of tears, sleepless nights, questions without answers, choking pain, memories, that seem to dig the wounds of our hearts.

Last week I read a book, where the author says that “nothing has its own meaning, besides the meaning we give it.” Just one sentence, which (more…)

My Personal Confession: The Hunger of My Soul and Emotional Eating

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Let me ask you a question! Do you love yourself and do you accept the person you are( with your mistakes, hard moments you went through; the moments when you were disappointed with yourself and those that you were proud of your achievements)?

I have to confess you something! I didn’t always love myself! There was a moment in my life when it was even hard to stand myself. After the disappointments I had with basketball, I spent a couple years of self- pity and self- destruction. I was constantly thinking about the past. I didn’t wanna leave it and I used to never be in the present moment. In life’s stages like that , people tend to approach different “methods” to cope with pain and sadness- mine was emotional, binge eating. Yes, I said it! It is not just you! I’ve also done it, more than you could ever imagine.

The moments when pain is tearing your heart, and you seek for relief. The moments when guilt is (more…)

What Would I Tell a Younger Myself?

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1.I would tell myself that no matter what happens, life is great. And tough moments, even though hard to overcome are the biggest gift we could receive, because they always teach us an important lesson, that if we have the strength to remember and learn, makes the rest of our life better and endurable!

2. I would tell myself that the most important relationship in my life is the relationship with myself! That I have to like and love myself, because thus, if somebody tries to hurt me or doesn’t love me, I will never feel alone, because I will be in peace with myself! And inner peace is a requirement, in order for you to feel calm and happy!

3.I would tell myself that life is what you make out of it! Your future is gonna be, what you want it to be! If you want to enjoy beauty and love, the world will be full of beauty and love. It is way too easy to give in to negativity and critics.

4.I would tell myself that perfect shouldn’t be my goal, but progress instead, because life is not a stop, but an endless ride. Only those who learn to keep moving,change and adapt, manage to live a life of dignity and value!

5.I would tell (more…)

Do You Face Your Weakness?

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Everybody had a moment in their life when the voice inside your head starts pounding against your eardrums, telling you you’re too tired, too sick, or too weak to go on. Or a moment when you convince yourself you’re too fat to wear that dress, too old to play that sport, or too green to do that job.

It’s a sensation so overwhelming that you find yourself practically submerged in it, like a liquid skepticism, viscous and disgusting. You rationalize, “Hey, it’s alright… it’s just the way things are. Those dresses are for skinny minnies, those sports are for the young bucks, and that job… well, I’ll bide my time and get there eventually.” But deep down you’re hating yourself, resenting your size, your age, your inexperience, or whatever relative weaknesses you have. You wish you were more fearless, more driven, and more secure, but life has taught you well your incapacities and it’s not your place to argue.

The truth is we’d much (more…)

Do You Still Believe These Lies?

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“I don’t work out, because I have kids.”

Image source: http://www.nytimes.com

Are you sure that this is the reason you are not working out? Or you are just using your kids as an excuse, so you could feel better about yourself?

Image source: http://tucsoncitizen.com/

“I can’t get in shape, because I am too old. Old people can’t work out!”

Image source: http://www.crossfitwatertown.com/2010/09/13/what-is-old-school/

Yea, right! Old people CAN work out. They are actually the once that would benefit the most of working out and not sitting on the couch all day long! Do me a favor! Go to google.com, type “old people working out”. Find out how others do it, leave your excuses at home, and get yourself out of the house, and get some work done!

I am too busy! I don’t have time!” (more…)

Do You Need a Break from Your Life?

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Ines Subashka

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” Seth Godin, Tribes

Most people associate summer with the so called vacation season. Everybody is eager to go at the seaside… eager for the longed rest. If somebody doesn’t have the opportunity to go on vacation, there comes the feeling of self pity, feeling of deprivation and sadness.

Personally I haven’t been on vacation for about three years, but I do not feel deprived. Everybody’s asking me when I am going on vacation and if I had planned something. When I say “No! Honestly I freaking love what I do and I’d rather stay here”, I get that weird, perplexed look.

Probably people are thinking “She must be crazy. Obviously she doesn’t have a life.” Truth is that I love what I do. I can’t imagine a day without my clients, without workouts, clean food, the motivating and inspiring people I get to meet every day!  I can’t imagine a day without my favorite blogs, a day without learning something new about workouts and nutrition.

Now you are thinking “Yes, I also love my job, but everybody needs a rest!”

For me, my job, even if at times it can physically demanding, really recharges me and gives me strength for everything I do. Things balance out!

Even if at times I feel tired, I go to a training session and I see Nadia, who has never engaged in any sport before that, but still gives everything she’s got and every time she goes over her limits and proves herself and everybody else around that she can do much more than she believes!

I go in the gym and see (more…)

What Gave Me Strength, When I Was about to Give Up?

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The last two weeks I have a lot of work to do, and besides that on Monday is my final exam for my bachelors degree, so I also need to study. That’s why this week my posts are not as “educational”, as I’d like them to be, but I promise that next week everything will be back to normal!

But I can say that motivation is on my mind all week, because at times I feel really tired, and this accompanied by my ambitiousness, needs the “spices” called a motive, inspiration and desire!

Yesterday I went early at the stadium and I dragged tires. I love tires. If I have to choose my favorite piece of equipment, that’d be tires!

I did some interval “sprints” with tires. On the last interval, I was really tired. I had about 15 more meters to the finish line and it looked so far. At that moment I had the thought of slowing down a bit and just finishing slower. Then my inner voice took everything under control and as usual it didn’t let me give up!

There are moments, when something seems hard and you want to quit. Seems like your whole body is screaming for you to stop and suddenly, you feel a fire burning deep inside- a strong desire a passion to be a winner- to win over your thoughts, your fears, your exhaustion and your desire to quit!

At that moment I remembered about this video. (more…)

Please Critique This Article!

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I was walking in the park…

Looking around myself…

I noticed people arguing, people scoffing, people critiquing…

Then I thought that it is easier to destroy than to build…

…it is easier to critique, than to act…

…it is easier to argue, than to contemplate and explain…

…it is easier to mock others, than leave your ego and dare to try.

I thought that building, acting ,explaining, trying and being somebody is way harder, because it takes time, effort, strong will to endure, a goal, a vision, a plan…

And scoffing, critiquing, being mean, being harsh is easy. You just need to be bored to death with your own life and keeping yourself busy with other people’s lives.

What’s wrong with you people?

Why is it (more…)

Are You Afraid of Lifting Weights? Read This and Think AGAIN!

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Why do I lift them?

What makes lifting weights so important?

I go to the gym…

I approach the bar, load the bumpers and just before I get under to lift the weight, I feel something. I feel a tickle in my stomach, I feel my hands getting sweaty and my heart beating faster.

I feel all my expectations, getting in line in my mind, waiting for me to move ahead, grasp the (more…)

And You Call This Abnormal! Have You Lost Your Mind?

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You call that feminine and normal…

Image source:https://www.facebook.com/KOMPLEXARI

Yet you consider this to be bulky, masculine and abnormal!

You think it is normal to fuel your body like this…

Image source: http://ayie-fast-food.blogspot.com/

But you “don’t understand it” when somebody fuels his body like that! (more…)

Short Term Goals Lead to Short Term Results!

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Have you ever been on a diet? I bet you have! What was the reason behind the diet? You wanted to lose some pounds and fit in your favorite jeans? You wanted to look good for your prom? You wanted to look better for the summer and walk proudly in your swim suit?

That looks like a good reason, BUT I see a problem in setting these kind of goals. They are SHORT TERM GOALS. That means, that when you achieve them, you are more likely to abandon your healthier habits and go back to the see-food diet… You see food and you eat it!

Do you think I am wrong? Then, look back on your experience with (more…)

How Come That Idiot Is Successful and I'm Not?

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Yesterday I “got lost” in a bookstore, when a book from the upper shelf caught my sight – “How Come This Idiot Is Rich and I’m Not?”, by Robin Shemin. I spent about five minutes, holding the book, fighting with myself, like a woman on a diet, trying to fight her chocolate cravings. But because I already bought a couple books, I decided that I will first read them, and then come back and buy this one.

Even though, the headline of the book, somehow occupied my mind and I decided to write my own version of “How Come This Idiot Is Successful and I’m Not?” and later on, when I buy the book I will see how it is gonna influence my point of view.

So here is how I see it. There are two reasons “why this idiot is successful and I’m not”!

1.Both have (more…)

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