Want to Spend Your Life Sad and Depressed? Then Don't Read This Post!

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A beggar had been sitting by the side of the road for thirty years. One day a stranger walked by. “Spare some change?” mumbled the beggar.”I have nothing to give you,” said the stranger. Then he asked: “What’s that you’re sitting on?” “Nothing, ” replied the beggar. “Just an old box. I’ve been sitting on it for as long as I can remember.” “Ever look inside?,” asked the stranger. “No,” said the beggar. “What’s the point, there’s nothing in there.” “Have a look inside,” insisted the stranger.
The beggar, reluctantly, managed to pry open the lid. With astonishment, disbelief, and elation, he saw that the box was filled with gold. I am that stranger who has nothing to give you and who is telling you to look inside. Not inside any box, as in the parable, but somewhere even closer: inside yourself.”

– Eckhart Tolle

Lately I am trying to live more consciously. Before I used to allow myself to be more absent minded and my thoughts were constantly wandering- in the future, in the past… but never here and now! The other day I was walking in the park ( yes…AGAIN 🙂 ), when I took a path that I have walked on a hundred times. In that moment I saw something beautiful. I can’t even put into words what I experienced! I felt as if I was in a fairy tale and I could see everything around me a lot closer, more beautiful and real. That moment gave me a lot of peace and security.

That’s when I thought… I’ve gone by this place a hundred times and today, for the first time I really saw it!

How often does that happen to you? Thinking and contemplating I am finding out that most people’s problem is the unconscious way of living. We are so used to norms of behavior, lifestyle, how we are supposed to do particular things, how our life should pass and so on. We got ourselves in a cart- track, and we are all moving forward, without ever thinking if it is gonna take us on the right road… but we are still moving after all, right? Where is the problem…

They say that the most heartbreaking thing in a person’s life is what dies inside of us, while we are still alive! What kills us is the monotonous day, the lack of emotions, desire and inspiration. By following the norms of behavior, we become prisoners in our own life…

Give it a thought (more…)

What a Coach Could Teach You about Life?

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I was walking in the park, reading a book. Everybody wonders how I can walk and read in the same time. Call it art or just a habit, but I always do it! Yesterday, as usual I was reading, while walking, when a musician stopped me and said he wanted to ask something.

I guessed it will be the ordinary question “Basketball or volleyball?”, when he said: (more…)

The Most Effective Way to Track Your Progress! Did You Know It?

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My sister

You work out, you eat clean, and it seems like you are doing everything perfectly, but you are still not feeling satisfied! What is the reason?

I am sure that those of you who are more upright, have fallen into this trap! Everybody is telling you that you have an amazing progress, but you still don’t notice your body’s transformation. You step on the scale and it shows the same number, and you wonder how that is possible!

I’ve told you a billion times how muscles weigh more than fat and it is absolutely possible to look better, but still weigh more!

As you already know, the scale isn’t your best adviser and you do not need to get depressed because of the number it shows! ( read here, here and here )

Мазнините заемат повече място от мускулите!

In moments like this, when you think that you are not having any progress, you start losing motivation. What could you do to get it back?

There is one sure way to do it, and it is called (more…)

Do You Care What Other People Think About You? Here Is What I'd Think of You, When We Meet!

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The little machine 🙂

Daily I have the pleasure of meeting a lot of different people, who are really motivated to change their lifestyle and improve the quality of their life! Besides the experience I get, when it comes to workouts and nutrition, I am constantly analyzing people’s behavior. The human mind is something that has always been an enigma for me and I am always interested in what and why is happening in the mind of the person against me!

Lately, I notice that people often talk about themselves with some kind of negativity and self- hatred! I can’t even describe you how many times a day, I will hear “ I am awful at this”; “ I can’t do this”; “I look fat’; “I look disgusting”; “I am so out of shape”;” I am sorry, probably you aren’t used to train with people that are so out of shape”; “ I am doing worse than I expected”.

There is nothing wrong with a person who is being critical towards himself, but still everything has some limits and the critic should be constructive. And lately I notice that you could rarely meet somebody who loves himself. And by saying “love yourself”, I am far from the thought of an egocentric person, who thinks the world revolves around him!

When somebody walks in the gym, I don’t see him according to what he is at the moment, but according to what he has the potential to become!

When a 40 year old man, walks in the gym, I do not see a person who is out of shape, somebody who neglected his health and body and somebody who has absolutely no physical culture.

Instead, what I see is a person, who no matter his busy schedule, no matter the excuses he might make up, no matter the widely spread notions, found the motivation to change. He found the courage to show determination and do something for himself!

When an overweight girl, (more…)

No Excuses: How Gabi Manages to Stay in Shape with Crutches, After Surgery?

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Gabriela Subashka

Do you like complaining? Or maybe you are always looking for an excuse, why things aren’t going to happen… it is too hard, it takes too much time, you are tired, you are busy…

Most people’s problem is that they always search for a reason why things won’t work out! As if we are trying to convince ourselves how hard and impossible it is! And if we succeed in something depends on us! If we are happy or miserable, depends on the way we see life. As it is said the quantity of the work, needed for you to be happy or miserable is exactly the same, it is up to you to choose where you will put the effort!

There are people who stare at night and see the darkness… and there are those that stare at night and admire the stars! It is a matter of where you are gonna look- up or down…

Today I want to share with you something really motivating and inspiring… today I want to share with you a moment of Gabriela’s life. And not because she is my sister, but because you could really learn a lot from her or at least her experience could make you think for your priorities and what really matters in your life!

Gabi had a complicated surgery (more…)

What Keeps Me Motivated to Train? Check Out and Try It Yourself!

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I don’t train to look good…

I don’t train to attract attention…

I don’t train because it is trendy…

I train because it is in the gym, where I feel complete. It is the only place where an entire life can be compressed into a few hours, where the emotions of a lifetime can be felt on an acre or two of ground- hope, satisfaction, disappointment, fear, triumph, doubt…

I train because during (more…)

That's What You Are Thinking, Right?

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“Don’t compare yourself to others! Compare yourself to the person from yesterday!”

You can’t do it!

It is too hard!

Many people tried, but failed!

They were better than you, but they still didn’t reach that goal!

How many times have you heard this? People that got scared of life, of dreams and of the unknown.

Elder people, yet people so small!

People that always search for a way to belittle your ambitions, for a way to make you a quitter, a mediocre person like them!

I want you to be deaf for their voices. I want you to hear nobody and nothing but the beat of your heart!

The sound of your heart beating, when the desire, the passion, the determination and bravery take over your body and mind!

They failed? So, what? You are not them! You are yourself! You have unique talents, personality, experience, goals and a path to walk!

There aren’t two dreams that are alike!

They might be similar, they might have something in common, but two people’s dreams are NEVER THE SAME!

The executor is different!

And that itself (more…)

How Did I Manage to Get in Shape?

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Ines Subashka

Transform your mind

All big changes, start in our head. That is where you should plant the seed of desire in order for it to burst and become action, which will lead to success!

How often do you start a transformation, without having faith in the positive outcome? How often do you start a new diet, thinking that it won’t work ?

How many times in your life did you feel like the “finish line” is miles away, the odds against you seem more than you could handle and success appears to be impossible?

That is a mentality which will get you nowhere! I want you to stop right now! Stop measuring how big is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be! The more reasons you give yourself “why it can’t be”, the more obstacles will grow bigger, and you are less likely to succeed!

Instead of thinking how you have 100 pounds to lose, (more…)

The Sure Way to Avoid Personal Disappointment!

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“Daily courage has less eyewitnesses. But it is not less noble, although there aren’t people chanting your name.”

When I used to be a basketball player, I’ve had the pleasure of playing in a lot of prestigious tournaments. I’ve played in enormous halls, full of people who are hoping you are gonna fail and people who are hoping you will succeed.

I can’t put into words, the feeling of being on the court. When there are a couple seconds left and everything is in your own hands- it is up to you, if you are gonna take the responsibility to score the winning shot, and then feel satisfied with what you’ve done, plus feel the hearts of people in the public with happiness and pride!

The adrenaline is so high… I still remember that feeling, as if something deep inside of you woke up and is trying to make its way to the surface and burst out. A bundle of motivation, passion, desire, mixed with the feeling of fear, but in the same time the unending rush to give your best!

The moments when everybody catches their breath, anticipating your next move. These are the moments when you either put all your strength together, you look your fears in the eyes and dare to fly… or the moments when you let insecurity and doubt take over you and you learn to shatter on the ground!

It is said that a person’s character is defined by what he does when nobody is watching. It is easy to give your best when everybody in the gym is chanting your name, applauding you, sustaining your motivation and rush. But how you are gonna develop yourself, is defined by the countless hours, that you spend alone in the gym. The moments when it gets tough, when you are tired, when you are supposed to work on something you are not good at, but you still know that if you master that skill, you will become even more capable!

It is the same with life. It is easy to (more…)

Attention: The Most Obvious Reason for All Your Sadness and Troubles

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“While you keep believing that somewhere out there, there is somebody who is the reason for your struggles, you are just keeping yourself away from the ability to take everything in your hands. Only when you say “ I am the reason”, you will find the strength to change everything!”

Does that sound familiar? We spend days and our whole life, searching for somebody to blame for our failures, lost dreams, missed opportunities and lost chances. We search everywhere, but inside of us. And you can’t imagine how much easier it is to change what you do, than it is to change what others are doing!

I am 23 years old but I have done more mistakes in my life, than you could guess. I’ve learned most of the lessons in life, the hard way! Actually I am the kind of person that has feelings… really strong feelings but I rarely show them. This was the reason to start blogging- because with the blank sheet I could share everything I thin and feel. And sharing it with you, I get the opportunity to meet people who are just the same as me. People who don’t judge or blame. People who accept others and people who are aware that everyone walks his own path, full of stones, that leaves us with wounds, scars and memories, which carry their weight on each one of our actions, each thought and each reaction!

By writing, I discover myself every day. By writing, every day I have the chance to reach the person I am and the person I want to be.

I’ve been on the bottom more than once. I’ve felt tearing sadness, discouraging desperation and unending pain… till the moment, when I realized that I am responsible for the rate up to which events influence my life.

When somebody is telling me insulting words, I am the one that evaluates if his words describe me, or if they are just a projection of (more…)

Why The Elder We Get, The More We Suffer?

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“The deepest human defeat suffered by human beings is constituted by the difference between what one was capable of becoming and what one has in fact become.” Ashley Montague

Sometimes I really wish more people could see the world, the way I see it. Sometimes I really wish people had more faith in their own greatness, in their unlimited abilities, in the beauty of life and the fact that faith is not trying its best to make us miserable- actually it is the opposite- everything that happens, has the purpose to help us grow and become happier.

Day after day, the older we get, we become more miserable, more concerned, more nervous and disappointed. Have you noticed children? They really know how to enjoy life… how paradoxical!  As if they are fragile and inexperienced, and in reality they obviously know more about life than we do! You will say that they are still young and they haven’t gone through betrayals, disappointments, failure and blame… but you know what?

A really wise man, once told me that diamonds, in order to become so shiny, beautiful and hard, should be polished. The same person told me that the same applies to people- the more hardships you overcome, the more you will shine and the more beautiful you are supposed to become. Obstacles are the “tool” of life to polish us- to make us more beautiful, of higher value and tougher.

Have you ever asked yourself why with every passing year, even though you pile up more experience and knowledge, it gets harder; you feel more miserable and confused?

I found the answer to this question, when I (more…)

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