Don't Tell Me That Sky is The Limit, When There Are Footprints on The Moon!

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Gillian Gallego from Crossfit Take Over

“A man is walking, he looks mad, angry and he is thinking: “ Life- screwed up, wife-evil ,people- vermins.” Behind him is standing an angel, writing down in his notebook: “ Screwed up life, evil wife and people vermins… Strange wishes. But if that is what he wants, I have to execute the order.”

… There are three types of people (more…)

A Guide to Successful Relationship with Girls Who Lift Weights

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Ines SUbashka

1.Forget about being a jerk and saying “ If you keep on lifting weights, you will become stronger than me.” If you have thoughts like this, probably you are too weak, too out of shape and chances are you are not too sexy. Then, you are the one having a problem, not her! And my advice is to start working out and become stronger as soon as possible!

2. If you are dating a girl who lifts weights, do not expect her to complain how she overate with a salad. Women who work out and look beautiful, eat food! They do not starve, so give me the steak! 🙂

3.Do not expect her to walk around with clothes from Victoria Bekcham’s last collection. Women who lift weights, dress in sporty clothes, but they always look sexy! These beautiful curves, would look attractive no matter what she dresses with!

4.In the gym everybody will look at her, want to talk to her, so get (more…)

Change: What Has the Power to Make You Change

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Disappointments again… the subsequent time when everything went wrong… the sun is shining and it’s hotter than ever, not a drop of rain… and she was drowning in her own emotions. Tears running down her cheeks, touching her lips and the sour taste of the disappointment, gave birth to anger. She couldn’t bear the way she felt, the place where she found herself and she decided it was time for change. The time to take her life under her control. The time to decide what she wants, how to achieve it and to do what’s necessary to be done…

The change!

How does it happen? Why some people change, and others somehow always stay in the same place, digging themselves deeper and never manage to climb back up? (more…)

Are Athletes Dumber Than the Rest of People? Turns out YES…

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Some time ago I wrote an article called “Are athletes dumber than the rest of people”. Yesterday, I woke up and I was checking my e-mail, when I stumbled upon this comment from a reader: (more…)

Too Early, Too Cold, Too Hard…

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To be unsatisfied with where you are and still don’t take an action to change it!

Not feeling good in your own skin and still follow your bad habits.

To have low self- confidence and still feed your mind with negativity and denial!

To feel lost and still keep walking on the same path.

How many of you find yourself in this description? How many of you, feel tired from the place you are, the job you have, your body (more…)

One Life,Two Perspectives: Which One Do You Choose?

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Gabriela Subashka

When you give opportunity to your lazy- self to take over your life, you spend your life sleeping, sitting and just wasting your time on Earth. You think that active lifestyle will make you tired and worn out…

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Then you wake up and you are bored again. You need socializing, so you go out and eat. You visit fast food restaurants and indulge in tons of unhealthy foods, and you think that makes you happy!

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Your lifestyle is only waring you out. Damaging your health. Making you feel tired. You have no desire to do something meaningful. Every day you become less productive and (more…)

How to Find Motivation to Work out and Eat Healthy?

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“If I could workout like you do!”

“ If I could have strong will like yours.”

“ If I could eat healthy like you do!”

“If I could live without eating junk.”

Truth is that you can! The problem is do you really want it!

They say that motivation is like hygiene. You should take care of it every single day!

I don’t always feel like going to the gym. Sometimes (more…)

Thousands Have This Priceless Gift – but Never Discover It!

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Everybody wants to be successful, right? But is everybody really willing to work towards success?

We watch people beat records, lead big companies, earn money and we wish we were them! But nobody ever asks what is the price of success? Nobody is willing to take the risks those people took, nobody is willing to make their mistakes, overcome their obstacles and carry their burdens!

But see, truth is that behind every success there is hidden tons of work, sleepless nights, long shifts and hard choices!

You see an athlete who is (more…)

Is That the Way You Feel Today?

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It’s Monday…


That’s how you feel, right?

The alarm is calling for you to get out of bed and face another day…

But your body is fighting and your mind is about to give up…


That’s your mind trying to make you rest, take it easy, stay in your comfort zone!


That is your weakness emerging, trying to take over your strength, your ambitions and your will!


That’s (more…)

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