What Are You Hungry For?

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What are you hungry for?

We think that we are hungry for a better body!

We confuse ourselves that we are hungry for a better job…

We think we are hungry for more friends to count on…

We use food for comfort, when we truly need a caring word, a shoulder to cry and a helping hand to give us strength to get back up!

We dedicate everything (more…)

Do You Use Your Success As An Excuse?

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 People often forget that the things that make us successful in one area of our life have the potential to make us successful in other areas of life! I’ve noticed that principles which apply in life, could be referred also to business, sports, nutrition, relationships and so on.

I often hear people (more…)

Why I Do What You Don't?

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People often ask me “Why do you workout like that? Can’t you just move a little as other people do? This hard workouts and vigorous, intensive loading is for professional athletes!”Right there, in this moment, when I hear this something stabbs my heart. Seems like the pain hidden deep inside my heart starts crying. Seems like it is flapping in my heart, trying to remind me for my lost dreams,hopes and expectations… (more…)

January Top 10: 10 Things Worth Reading!

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It is time for January’s Top 10 Articles. Below I picked up 10 of the articles that gathered the most attention during the past month! Beneath each headline I wrote a short summery. If you’d like to read the whole article just click on the hyperlink! Enjoy! (more…)

How To Find Solution To All Your Problems?

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It’s the end of January. Remember the New Year’s resolutions? How far did you make it? Did you even start with some of your resolutions? Or they are just somewhere in the history? Have your life changed for the better?

Did you ever ask yourself the question “Why do some people succeed and others don’t?” Ok, (more…)

The Measure of a Day: What Does It Mean?

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How do you measure your day?

What is on your mind when you go to bed at night?

What makes you proud of what you are and what you’ve done?

What is it that makes you eager to fall asleep every night, and wake up in the morning?

What is it that gives you a feeling of completeness?

What is it that (more…)

Michael Hristov: The Boy Who Outran His Fate!

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Michael Hristov

Do you know what it is like to know about a person, you’ve never met…a person who doesn’t know about your existence, but somehow when you hear his name or some new about his accomplishments in life and in sport, your heart fills with pride? Pride that even though the world is full of pessimists, there are still ambitious, hard working and worthy people. People who are among us, to use their self example in order to motivate us, to give us hope when we feel down and give us strength when we feel weak!

Michael Hristov is one of these people! He is a unique example about the limitless possibilities of the human nature, about strong will and brave heart! When he is only 15 years old, a bad accident happens, and he got both of his arms amputated! Thus, this bad incident takes him to a place, where Michael gets the opportunity to show what he is made of! Michalel enters the world of track and field, and shows us that in the future we will be hearing about him and his records more often! Check out what Misho shared with us and “steal” at least a small part of the optimism and the desire to live, that this boy has (more…)

I Have The Insane Idea That I Could Be More! What About You?

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They say I aim too high…

They say I expect way too much…

They say I am too stubborn…

They say I should slow down…

They say I am a big dreamer…

Call me an overachiever, but I refuse to put up with being mediocre!

Tell me that I have high expectations, but I refuse (more…)

Do You Have What It Takes To Make This Commitment?

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They say that it is our last year on Earth. I don’t believe it. I think it is the year of new opportunities, the year to make a change and take our life where we want it to be!That is why I decided to create a “contract”, that everyone of you could open in a pdf file, print it and sign it! After that you should put the contract somewhere, where you could see it all the time, and remind yourself what you made a commitment to do!

You are probably thinking… “ Why would I do this?”. The answer is pretty simple! It is said that a person has a better chance to (more…)

When Was The Last Time You Did Some Of These Things For Yourself?

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When was the last time somebody told you they loved, because of who you are?

When was the last time somebody, told you, you were sexy and attractive, no matter if you wear size zero or size 10?

When was the last time somebody appreciated what you have achieved?

When was the last time somebody, stayed beside you, even though (more…)

How Do You Handle The Pain?

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What do you do when life is being hard on you? When the feelings burn your heart, your soul! When the feelings leave you drained! Staying there wanting to move,scream or just do something but feeling empty? Like all your strength is gone…

Standing there…being seen by others as a whole person, but inside feeling broken? Dying with the desire to put yourself together, but feeling helpless in front of your feelings? Wanting to grab that terrible sense, rip it out of your chest, throw it on the ground and then jump on it? Make it feel, the way it makes YOU feel!

Burning inside…. (more…)

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