The Precipice Between Yesterday and Today…

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They say that time heals the pain… and more often than not, people who are in pain, claim that it doesn’t ease…

Some say that you just get used to living with it…

If you deny the fact, that time heals the pain, then you are probably refusing to keep moving forward and even if your body is in the present moment… your mind and soul are constantly living in the past…

The precipice between yesterday and today… where you lose yourself and everything that is left is the pain, which is there to remind you that once there was somebody or something…. And today the only thing that’s left of them is the absence!

Disappointments, betrayals, failures… they inflict deep wounds, which at times can hurt for a long time. But wounds heal! As long as you let them do it! Just as it is with “physical wounds”, which at first can hurt pretty bad and constantly remind of their existence- with every movement, with every tremor- but as the time goes by, if you give your best to cure it…the wound will heal. And where it once used to be, now there will be just a scar! A scar that does not hurt anymore! It is just there to remind you for the mistake you made in your past; the mistake that caused you this suffering… a scar that is a warning to stay away from repeating the past!

… it is the same with the pain of your soul! At first (more…)

Solitutde- An Escape ( Path) to Self!

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“I learned that silence isn’t always a treasure, but it is useful, when you want to say meaningful words, but there is not enough presence in the person standing in front of you!”

I love the topic about being alone… the loneliness that comes from within and the solitude that is just the physical absence of other people.

More often than not we mistaken being alone for being lonely!

I am the kind of a strange person, who has the “taint” of loving solitude!

Every day I have the need to get my own portion of silence, where I can hear everything… everything that happens inside of me!

Yesterday, I had a great conversation with “the friend with the different perspective” and this made me think about silence…

Do you know what I love the most about silence… that it reflects the emotions of those, who are present in this moment… if their inner world is in harmony, the silence will be in harmony as well… it will give more unity and understanding… if the inner world is shattered, then the silence could become terribly loud…

The screaming of your own insecurity, hatred and pain, will fill up the silence and make it unbearable…

Make it oppressive…

Silence is exactly this… the reflection of the presence… (more…)

Do You Want a Body Like The One On The Picture? Here Is How to Achieve It!

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Bella Falconi

The New Year just started, and with its beginning, probably most of you are full of enthusiasm to do wonders and change the world, change who they are and everything that did not please them during the past year! Everybody is making new year’s resolutions: “To lose 10 pounds”; “To work out more often”; “To eat healthier”; “To be more organized!”; “To take better care of my health!” and so on.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution?

I did not! I don’t make “New Year’s resolutions” anymore! And not because I am a mediocre person, who does not care what is gonna happen! I don’t set such goals, because (more…)

What Is The Easiest Way to Get In Shape?

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Ines Subashka

Happy New Year, everybody! 🙂 The past year was pretty good. I learned my lessons, overcame some of my struggles and fears and now I feel stronger to move on and keep living a better life, full of purpose! That’s why I decided to sum up some of the best articles on InspiredFitStrong(click it) for the past year! I divided them in 4 categories:” Motivation”, “Women, Strength Training and Nutrition”; Healthy eating, High-Fat- Low Carb Diets and Grains” and “Strength Training”!Go through the posts and read the once you’ve missed! I promise that I will provide you with a quality content during the new year! Thanks to everybody who is following my blog, reading and sharing my posts and just making my life more complete! I appreciate every one of you!

And now let’s move on… (more…)

What Did I Learn in 2012?

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I had a different idea for a post today, than the one you are gonna read now! But when I opened the empty word page, from nowhere, I remembered about a post, I wrote last year ( “What I learned in 2011?”). Then I thought “ Why not write a post like this for 2012?” Probably you are wondering why in the world you would care what I learned in 2012? Well, you never know…. Sometimes a person needs to read something, he already knows, in order to get all the pieces from the puzzle, which will help him realize what he went through, how far he has come and how much he grew on the way!

What did I learn…

I learned to love myself. And not because (more…)

Here Is The Reason Why Painful Situations From The Past, Repeat In The Future!

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We are constantly repeated the idea, that what happens now and what is gonna happen in the future is pretty much a result from our past. “The past” exists, as an obtrude guest on the present. At times we do not realize it, but a big part of our views, limiting beliefs, irrational impulses and prejudiced perceptions, took a deep root in the experience of the past!

I recently read a book, where the author expressed the following statement: “…to realize, that exactly the yet invisible future, and not the already seen past, creates every situation in your present. The problem is that until now, everybody has taught us the opposite!”

These word really struck me. They made me think about (more…)

Do You Ever Wonder What You Did to Deserve Some People in Your Life? Here Is The Answer!

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“I recently realized that, my life is “sending me” people, in whom I can see my reflection- they have qualities, which I myself possess and that way I get to see myself from the side. Because people often point out something they see in my character and getting the chance to meet people who have the same qualities, is an opportunity to I get a deeper view of who I am!”

Outstanding words! And the best part is that, this was said to me by a person who I have the opportunity to be my friend! Lately, my life is getting richer with true, unique people, who give more value to my personality and in the same time they offer me a different point of view…

The words mentioned above, made me think deeper. Until then I realized that life “sends” us people, who have the task to teach us something! People, who are supposed to show us how we treat others, or how we treat ourselves!

But, just when I (more…)

Finally! Here Is The Reason Why Bad Things Happen to YOU!

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The other day I read something which really stirred the thoughts in my mind… “The Universe always gives its best to hit the weakest spot, because it is the place that’s supposed to become stronger!”

I read that and I thought about everything that happened to me in the past; I thought about people that consider themselves as victims; as people born without luck.

If you are the kind of person, who is wondering why all those bad things are happening to you, (more…)

Behind Every Beautiful Person There Is Some Kind of Tragic! What Hides Behind This?

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“We judge others for what we don’t wanna see in ourselves. That’s why we attract people who show us how we treat others, or how we treat ourselves…”

Probably you wonder what I am gonna write about today… tell you the truth I have no idea… I just have thoughts running through my mind, thoughts that I am dying to “pour” on the keyboard and the “white sheet”. They say that the story is left untold, not because the storyteller is missing, but because there isn’t anybody to hear it…

Do I feel this way? (more…)

Don't Read This If You Hate Your Job!

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We spend the bigger part of our lives working! And unfortunately most people hate their job! As it is said, people spend their whole week waiting for Friday, spend their whole year waiting for summer and spend their whole life waiting to be happy… and thus, they spend their years waiting…

We look on our job as something mandatory, something we do out of need. You are supposed to work, so you can pay your bills, so you can buy food, clothes and other material stuff; so you could have the “freedom” to go out at night, to go on vacations…

We spend our day bored, with feelings of self-pity- how we are cursed to spend our so precious time working! How sad! Or maybe not really?

Have you ever thought about (more…)

That's Why You Are Mediocre!

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People don’t live mediocre, because their true self is mediocre. They act this way, because they abandoned their true self! They adopted the false perception of people around them and started seeing themselves as “not special” and “not smart enough”. And because this is the way they see themselves, this is the way they act!

The headline was just a desperate try to attract your attention! I don’t think you are mediocre! 😉

I often mention, how I wish more people could see the world, the way I see it. If they could look through the surface and beyond the limitations, and see the sparkle of the unlimited. If behind the ugliness, they could see the glazing smile of the beauty. If behind the clumsy, they could see the seed of potential, which is waiting to be “fed”, in order to burst!

In each situation and every time I meet a person, I give my best to never judge others! I give my best to never make conclusions way too fast- about other people’s behavior or words. But I hardly ever succeed to do this, when somebody is belittling the hard work and accomplishments of others. No matter how hard I try, I always get a little irritated when somebody instead of setting the fire, from the sparkle of talent in somebody, gives his best to extinguish it!

They say that truly (more…)

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