A Letter to Those Who Disappointed Me…

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I constantly take the time to observe people. I do not gaze at them. I am not observing them with my eyes… I am observing them with my mind. As you know, I think that the world of each one of us, is a direct reflection of who we are. I am convinced that people I meet, more often than not are a projection of myself. They give me an opportunity to see myself from the side. Through them, I have the opportunity to discover my inner masks; the wekanesses which I’ve “dressed” in denial; the fears, which I covered with estrangement.

I take enough time for every person and I give everybody a significant place in my life. The more I ask myself why do I meet particular people and what is the common thing between me and them, what is their role and what are they trying to show me, the easier (more…)

The Future: My Rescue!

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Image source: www.wildlifeinbulgaria.com
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I read a lot, and I remember a little. But still, there are some lines, that have been “stamped” in my mind and which I have been constantly repeating to myself. I apply something like a self-cure of my mind. I do it in order to keep my peace and optimism save. I do it in order to guarantee myself, that I will have a clear vision on the situation and that I won’t “spice” it up with emotions from the past or the longing for the future.

One of the lines, I’ve been repeating to myself is “If you are sad, you are either in the past or in the future, but never present. Never here!”

That’s so true! Just give it a though. There is no way to be present in the moment, to observe what is happening now and still feel disappointed. The only way, for a negative emotion to be born is if you give the present situation, a meaning, that you used to give to a similar situation in your past. The other option is to compare what is happening now, with a pre-build imagination or an expectation for the future.

This is the only thing, that could bring you sadness.

A lot of people, look on the future, as a rescue. We hope that when we achieve or receive something in a future moment, all our problems will disappear. And after all, we achieve what we want and we get what we dreamed of…. But we are still left empty and disappointed. The future by itself is not a rescue. The future is (more…)

Why Does My Neat World Turn Into Chaos?

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Life is dynamic. Life is a rhythm. Life doesn’t stand up stagnation. This means a constant searching and discovery of your own place in life. It means finding your own passion, which fits your own, individual  understandings and not the common sense.

The day, when I realized that life can’t stand up stagnation, everything changed. Before that, I was constantly wondering, why every time I create a comfort zone, where I am content with what I am and what I am doing , something happened. Something, that literally stirred my life. Something that reversed my tidy world and turned it into chaos.

Well, I found out that the problem is hidden inside of me. The problem was (more…)

The Resounding Scream of My Life

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габриела Субашка
My sister- Gabriela Subashka

Today, as every single day, I was walking in the park. The minutes of stolen peace, in a fast paced world. The place, where I am carried away in another dimension. Where it seems as if nothing is happening and as if I don’t care about anything. I am just there… among the nature and I don’t even dare to think what is happening in the world of “the constantly chasing people”.

I cached myself thinking… if  I had to explain with just one word, what life is…what would be that word?

And my answer is… (more…)

Do You Work Hard but Never Get What You Are Aiming For? Here Is The Reason WHY!

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I love sunsets! :))

I don’t remember where I read it, but I read that fate helps, those who are prepared. Sounds some kind of logical, doesn’t it? Just think about it! Would you invest your time and effort to help somebody, who is obviously not willing to work as hard as he needs to, in order to lay the foundations of what, you are intending to help him build up. Well, obviously Fate has the same opinion.

I am the kind of person, who loves dreaming. Or actually, the kind of person who sets high goals. I rarely share them, because the last thing I need is somebody, who is constantly trying to convince me how the place where I’ve headed doesn’t exist or how it is reserved for somebody better than me.

I live, I work hard every day and I am walking in a direction, which I really believe is gonna take me to the place where I am headed.

I guess that it is the same with you. But every now and then, I really wish things could happen faster. I catch myself thinking that if I got them earlier, I would have a lot more opportunities and I would be able to achieve a lot better things. Then, my judgmental self, throws a fierce look on me and reminds me why I don’t always get what I think I need to have.

Some of you will say that if we do not possess something ( and I don’t mean just material things), this means in reality we don’t need it.

And that would be a great answer.

But there is one more reason. (more…)

That's How I Learned to Live with The Voids

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Image source: Ivo Ivanov

Last week I went to the gym. I got through the door and everything was just the same. The same as yesterday, the same as the week before. Everything was at its place- as it always is. But the thing was that I was not the same. Probably I was too tired. Or maybe I have allowed my thoughts to conquer my mind. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what was the reason, but the truth was that I was not truly there. My body was present, but my soul was absent.

I headed to the bar. We’ve met before a thousand times. And I’ve won over it a thousand times. I’ve been there so many times and I have managed to concentrate, to challenge myself and prove myself that I can and that I am capable of much more, than I or somebody else think I could achieve.

But not on that day. Not at that moment. I have given up, even before I have tried.

Then, I once again remembered that (more…)

Do You Care about Other People's Opinion? Here Are The Consequences!

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I am addicted to handstands and psitols...can't you tell? 😉

I love observing people, as well as myself and then analyze their behavior and my own behavior.

And my observations made me realize how often people’s actions are led by the wrong motives. Usually a main driving source of our behavior is how we’d like others to perceive us.

We build some kind of an ego image, which has a different “clothing” depending on the community surrounding us and each thought, each action we take is directed at defending this ego image.

We build an image, which is more of a personification of common norms and knowledge. An impersonation of the common sense for how we are supposed to live, which qualities we should possess and how we should express them.

And no matter if this ego image is (more…)

3 Things I Absolutely Hate about The Fitness Industry

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Снимка: http://www.favething.com/a-jones/fitness/wow-now-this-woman-is-fit/
Снимка: http://www.favething.com/a-jones/fitness/wow-now-this-woman-is-fit/

1.The  cherry picking of clients

In case you do not understand what I mean, what I am trying to say is that I hate how most personal trainers cherry pick their clients and somehow discriminate people according to their appearance and their fitness level. You’ve probably noticed the trend, people, who are out of shape, people who have never worked out to be neglected by personal trainers. Instead PTs choose advanced trainees, such that are already in some dissent shape.

I suspect that the reason about this is the fact, that when the person you coach is obviously in good shape, those around you will make the assumption that you are the one who helped him achieve this level of athletics. And that would mean better  publicity for your business. But are you serious? Is that the meaning of being a coach? To feed your egocentric personality with somebody else’s achievements and neglect people who obviously have potential but still need to work hard, until they reach to a point, where their potential will be obvious for their surrounding as well.

For me being a coach is (more…)

Why Am I So Self Confident?

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Kelly Klarich

“He was able to hear “no” a thousand times and still keep on communicating with himself in a way, that could sustain his desire to keep knocking on the next door, completely convinced that this time he might get a positive answer.”- Antony Robins

People often tell me that they envy my confidence. They say that if they were me, probably they would have reached their goals and they could live a life they actually loved.

Every time I hear this, it makes me smile… not because I am too self confident, but because (more…)

How Other People's Opinion Changed My Life?

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Image source: crossfit.com
…it didn’t! 😉
“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.” – Lao Tzu

Every day I get the opportunity to meet a lot of people. I get the chance to eyewitness some of their most meaningful moments. The moments when they challenge themselves, when they overcome their fears, reveal their potential, discover their purpose and achieve triumph.

The moments, when their mind can’t handle it and they break down. The moments when they lose faith in their abilities and when they doubt their actions. The moments of egocentrism or the moments of humility. Moments of courage or fear. Moments of action or lack of it. The moments when they get closer to their true self… or the moments when they alienate and run away from their self.

I love observing people. How often do you catch yourself carefully watching the actions of others, analyzing them and searching the reason behind their behavior? At first sight most people act the same way, but in reality all of them have different motives.

You can’t imagine how much (more…)

Illusion Is the Most Secure Solace!

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The beauty of spring 🙂 (Image source: http://www.bnews.bg/article-46311)

Nowadays people constantly focus on their problems. They search for them everywhere, but somehow forget to pay attention to their main problem and thus they miss the opportunity to get rid of it. And what is the main problem? Illusion! Illusion is the most secure solace and probably this is the reason why people turn to it. But a life build on the foundations of illusion, just carries the fake feeling of security, and in reality this is the most treacherous, fleeting and unstable way to live.

Illusion twists our minds, it takes our focus away from accepting reality just the way it is and fixates our attention on a steady image. Illusion is a static image, and the essence of life is in its constant change…in its dynamics.

Why do we so persistently get stick into the notion of illusion? Isn’t the reason in the fact that (more…)

Our Fears Don't Stop Death, They Stop Life…

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Image source: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au

„No matter what I write, the true meaning is left somewhere beyond the ink, beyond the limitations of the paper.”- Yana Kremenska

She was walking on the dark alleys in the park. She was alone and somebody on her place would be afraid of the silence, the fears that were stalking behind the bushes, of the bareness, which “inhabit” the surroundings. But what could be darker than the worries, which occupied her mind? What could be more terrifying than the thoughts that were screaming in her head?

She was walking without noticing anybody or anything. She was carried in another world. A world full of shades, pain and disappointment.

And who is she? (more…)

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