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“I recently realized that, my life is “sending me” people, in whom I can see my reflection- they have qualities, which I myself possess and that way I get to see myself from the side. Because people often point out something they see in my character and getting the chance to meet people who have the same qualities, is an opportunity to I get a deeper view of who I am!”

Outstanding words! And the best part is that, this was said to me by a person who I have the opportunity to be my friend! Lately, my life is getting richer with true, unique people, who give more value to my personality and in the same time they offer me a different point of view…

The words mentioned above, made me think deeper. Until then I realized that life “sends” us people, who have the task to teach us something! People, who are supposed to show us how we treat others, or how we treat ourselves!

But, just when I heard that “life is “sending me” people, in whom I can see my reflection”, so I can get a deeper view of who I am, I really realized a lot of things!

Before then, I didn’t pay so much attention to every single person I meet, or at least I did not pay ENOUGH attention. Sometimes we take our acquaintances with some people, for a coincidence; as a necessary fortuity! Maybe this is due to the fact that we are rarely at the present moment. Usually we are so deep into our own imagination about who we are, into the illusion we’ve build about the world around and the “ obligation” to feel sorry about our past, and worry about the present, that we don’t have time, strength or desire to look here and now!

Oscar Wild says that “ A person can’t stand in others, the disadvantages, that he possesses himself”. A truth, that we often refuse to accept. We often accuse others, we get mad that they are part of our lives and we feel overwhelmed with their presence! And the more we resist, accepting others for who they are, the more obtrusive their presence becomes. And we keep on stubbornly refusing to see! We refuse to ask “ what is the role of this person in my life” and instead we ask “what did I do, to deserve this awful person?”

Back in the days, I also used to resist the presence of some people in my life! As if I was going by the mirror, but I never took a glance at it… instead I turned my head in the opposite direction and I was whining that I can’t see my reflection!

But from my own experience and after a lot of questions I have asked myself ( 😉 ), I realized that everything that I can’t stand in other people, is everything that I possess, but somehow I fear to face! And when my personality, my advantages and disadvantages reflect in other people, this makes me mad, because it reminds me of something I am trying to run away from!

They say that you can’t love others, if you don’t love yourself! And that is what I realized! When I can’t stand something in myself, I can’t tolerate it in others as well. And when I accept myself for who I am, that is when I will be able to accept others, because then, I will see the advantages and disadvantages, but they won’t make me go off the deep end, because I will be aware that they are part of me!

I will be aware that the person standing in front of me, doesn’t have the mere goal to madden me and make my life unbearable, and just the opposite! He is just a present! One more opportunity to see myself from the side and see myself in details… and realize what is the thing I can’t accept and then change it, so I can reach the peace of my mind!

It’s like, when you find it like a piece of cake, to give an advice to somebody, no matter what is the situation… but when something similar happens in your lie, you get lost in the problems and you can’t find the solution!

Well, if today there is a person, for whom you wonder, “what did I do wrong, to deserve him in my life”… well probably you just lost your path and now he is walking on it, just to give you a chance to see yourself from the side and notice what’s missing in your life, so you can dust off the drama and keep on going… but this time more complete!

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My training partner Eva and I 🙂

Eva ( on the left) and I
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