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Image source: James Clear
Image source: James Clear

We whine that life passes by us, we feel like victims, like people robbed by opportunities and pleasure. We feel scarcity in a world, which is full of abundance. Do you really think that life leaves us at the sidelines? Or maybe, we are too blind; too overburdened by the frame, in which we are trying to stuff the meaning?

We give definition to every emotion, every feeling and experience and when “the word order is changed”, when “a comma or a dot is missing”, we carelessly ignore what’s going on. We deny the opportunity, just because on the surface, it doesn’t fir the “right”definition.

We work with absolute values, in a world, which is a personification of relativity.

What do the conditions of life really express? We blame others, we blame our bad luck, but how often do we stop to rush through life and take a short glimpse, a closer look at it? How often do we stop, in order to observe how life happens, while we are running through the present, running out of breath toward a future which is just an illusion?

What do the conditions of life really express? Probably clothes, carefully and methodically sewed by us… clothes, which are in direct correspondence with the model of thoughts, which we are hiding deep inside our subconscious.

The outer conditions, actually our whole life, the way we experience it, is just a parade of what we are nurturing in our minds.

We are absorbed in the gale of our own emotions. We are slaves to our feelings and we feel helpless under their control. And after all, what are the feelings? Aren’t they just our predominant attitude towards life? Aren’t your feelings towards me, towards the person besides you; the feeling towards a particular situation or job, just a result of a prebuild opinion, the attitude we already have?

Isn’t life such, because we are refusing to live it in the present moment; we are refusing to move together with the present and because we approach what is happening, through the perspective of a prebuild expectations, prebuild plot?

We’ve turned every conversation into a desperate try, not to hear what the other person has to say, but in a desperate try to find a gap in the conversation, where we could “shoot” what we already want to say. We talk, not in order to understand and hear, but just so we can get the opportunity to speak.

We’ve become slaves to our own thoughts and we do not realize that our thoughts are actually our inevitable reality. We fail to realize, that what is separating the thought and the situation is just the time, which our convictions need, in order to shape us as people, who will attract particular situations in their life.

We’ve forgotten, that we possess the most valuable weapon-our thoughts. We forget that our thoughts are like boomerang and once you throw it, earlier or later it comes back and unexpectedly falls on your life.

If our weapon is our thinking, this would mean that our actions are “the bullet”, which ricochets and returns, masked as success, results, people or situations.

If what comes back to our life is the reality which we dream about or the one we are desperately trying to avoid, depends on us- it depends on what we charge our weapon with and what is the direction we are pointing it.

Don’t forget that everyone of us creates his own “fashion of life” and everyone of us sews his own clothes- those which are the personification of our thoughts and our mindset.  Be a better stylist to your own life and be in fashion with your own style, instead of trying to fit in “clothes”, which are not your size.

And one picture of me, practicing my handstand walking 🙂

Ines Subashka
Ines Subashka

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Ines Subashka

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