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Have you ever been on a diet? I bet you have! What was the reason behind the diet? You wanted to lose some pounds and fit in your favorite jeans? You wanted to look good for your prom? You wanted to look better for the summer and walk proudly in your swim suit?

That looks like a good reason, BUT I see a problem in setting these kind of goals. They are SHORT TERM GOALS. That means, that when you achieve them, you are more likely to abandon your healthier habits and go back to the see-food diet… You see food and you eat it!

Do you think I am wrong? Then, look back on your experience with diets, weight loss and weight gain. How long did you manage to keep the weight off? Not too long… that’s what I thought!

When your jeans fit, you get too excited with your achievement and the old bad habits, slowly start creeping back. When the summer is over, you have no motivation top eat clean and workout, and the bad habits are back. When the prom is over, you enjoy looking at your pictures, and go back to your old lifestyle.

Why is that? Why are the results short term? Why they never last long enough? Because short term goals, lead to short term results!

In order to be successful in something, you need to have a real reason, a motivation coming from somewhere deep inside! It should be something that you want to change for a lifetime. A permanent change, that will change the way you eat, the way you live and the way you look.

If you reason is something like:

-to fit in my jeans

-to look good on the beach

– to be sexy for prom

…then you are setting yourself for failure. You are gonna spin in an enchanted circle of dieting, losing weight and gaining it all back! You will be unhappy with yourself and your lack of success!

If your reason is:

-to feel good about myself and never feel humiliated again because of my weight

-to feel better, have energy to work and live, and never feel so tired and tortured

-to be able to enjoy life, without being aware if I am gonna get stuck in the cave during a trip, or if I am gonna go out of my breath hiking with my friends…

-to have better self-confidence and never let people treat me bad, as I do now because I am ashamed of the way I look…

DO you see the difference? The first set of goals are goals that are short term. The occasion comes, you look the way you wish and then everything I sleft behind.

The second set of goals are long term. You want to make a permanent change in your life! You want to have more confidence, feel better, feel healthier. But you want this for the rest of your life. Not just for tomorrow or next week!

So if you want to achieve your goals, make them long term goals. Forget about tomorrow, next week or next month.

Think what you want your life to be in the long term. What you could permanently change in order to permanently enjoy the positive results of your hard work!

Aim to be healthy, energetic, confident, strong, independent. Change your lifestyle! Eat healthy on a daily bases. Workout often. Be proud of who you are. And enjoy your results!

Short term goals, lead to short term results!

Long term goals, lead to long term results! That’s what you want! Right?

So, how would you describe your goals? Are they short term or long term? What do your results speak for your goals?


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