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Снимка: Драгомир Иванов Блог: http://drago-myworlds.blogspot.de
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Sorrow- the one which everybody is afraid of and the one which everybody is desperately trying to avoid. Seems like the more we run away from it; the more we hide from it, the more skillfully it manages to catch us and bring us to bay in the corner of our own existence; the stronger  its grasp and the bigger its power over our life.

We live in a world of relativities. A world where everything exists by means of its polarity and the value it gets in comparison to it. A cliché, but a fact- in order for the light to exists, it should be surrounded by darkness.

For me sorrow is one of the most beautiful feelings. It is beautiful when you stop defining your life with it, when you stop experiencing it in a way which is destroying your inner peace and harmony and when you just give it the freedom to exist, to come as a guest in your life, to treat it with memories and together to cure the scars, which experiences from the past inflicted.

Sorrow as an outlet; as the only friend who gives you the freedom, to let all the emotions you suppressed, to emerge in the silence of your own presence.

I am not afraid of sorrow, because just like any other feeling- it is inevitable and temporary. When sorrow comes, I treat it with care, and I do not rush to send it off. I stay there as an eyewitness and for a short moment, I back off and give it the opportunity to perform n the stage of my own life. I let it defile in front of me, with its whole repertory . I let it show me what it is capable of, while I silently observe it, feel its presence but never allow it to define me.

Sorrow, like a kid, who needs attention. Just like kids love showing what they are capable of and when you do not pay enough attention to them, when you send them off, they become more insistent and their presence more obtrusive. When you approach them with care and attention and when you just give them a couple minutes to show you what they’ve got, they are pleased with the moment of self-fame and let you do your work.

Sorrow and each other emotion are all the same. They need us to accept their existence and to observe it, not experience it. I love sorrow and the moments when it visits. There isn’t a more profound source of inspiration than sorrow. When it visits, I love giving it the white sheet and let it defile on it; to juggle with the words and draw the world with them- the world I hide inside of me; a world which wants other people to know about its existence.

Sending off sorrow or trying to suppress it, are the surest ways to become its slave. It is like clouds and rain! Do you think that the cloud would refuse the rain to pour down? Exactly the freedom to give an outer expression to an inner feeling is what sets you free from the captivity of your emotions.

Emotions are beautiful- each one of the. Each exists by the means of its polarity and existence by itself, the satisfaction of the experience of the good is impossible without the freedom of the negativity to be present.

Don’t be afraid of sorrow and do not run away from it. Just stop identifying yourself with its existence and when it visits, silently sit down, treat it what it came for and later on keep on moving- free of its presence.


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Ines Subashka

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