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And one pic from Saturday:))
And one picture of me from Saturday   :))

There are days, when nothing happens. Seems as if the time has stopped and everything sleeps in silence. The stagnant air in the room, makes you feel the urgent desire to abandon everything and run outside… in search of a meaning, in search of something that is waiting to happen. You go out… but you have no idea where to go. If you pick the wrong direction and without intention you become the reason that something beautiful won’t happen?

If through your fault He doesn’t manage to meet the meaning in his life, and you miss your chance for happiness? Do we ever realize, how our decisions, even the simplest once, like if we will go for a walk or if we will catch the bus, have the power to rearrange the whole Universe? To stir the fate of thousands of people and to rob somebody, who is sitting and waiting for you, of the happiness to see you, to distinguish you, to extend his hands toward you and take you into the world, where there is place just for the both of you… a world where two people are more than enough, to satisfy the longing of the soul and the longing for life…

There are days, when you allow yourself to become a victim of your own past. Days, when responsibilities, situations and expectations of the present pour on you like a wave… salty water, which makes you struggle for a grasp of air and makes your eyes tear. As if, with the mere goal to clarify your eyes.
We trot through life and often times we allow the present to become an outlet for the past. We expect that today somebody will comfort us  for yesterday. We forget that each one of us is a “child” of the past. A result of everything that happened and everything we learned, but we are not victims of the past. The past itself doesn’t have chains, which keep us encaged in the pain and the sorrow of yesterday. We are the once who encage ourselves in the past and then refuse to welcome the present.

We live with the pessimism, born from the disappointment of the past and we get used to receive the worst… and usually we just get what we expect. As Andy Andrews says. “ She is woven from anger and she expresses herself only through anger. You know how when a person has just a hammer…everything resembles a nail.” Well, it is no different with our expectations.

When we are woven with doubts, fears and mistrust, well, it is completely normal that each situation will look potentially threatening and uncertain. When our eyes are widely open for negativity, the positive and the beautiful is fading somewhere and it is left unseen, unfelt and inexperienced.

There are days when you sit and wait for the present moment to just pass by. It seems as if nothing is happening and in order for something to happen you go out and you walk through the past. You pass by the alleys of the present, but there you see people from the past. You spend your day in the time frame of the present, but you allow it to pass by you, because you are already clenched in the arrows of the past, which tick-tack so deafening. Every beat takes you back; every beat reaches your heart and scares it to death… it reminds it the pain, the tears, the disappointments…

You live today, but actually you are in the yesterday.

… and after all, there aren’t days when nothing happens. Just days when your own illusion, dazzles the reality… days when we voluntary miss the moment in order to feed the utopia…


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