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As you already know I love lifting heavy weights! I love doing squats, deadlifts, cleans, push presses, throwing around sledgehammers, kettlebells and tires! More often than not I get disapproval from people around and sometimes it is really annoying! In the gym where I am now working out, there is that guy, who often comes closer to me and asks why I am lifting such heavy things, and why I am doing these exercises when I am only a woman. As he states “ These movements are for big men. It is not good for you to do them!”

Besides that there are a lot of women, that also disapprove my workouts. They often ask, why I do not consider working out like a girl and why I am trying to fight with mother Nature. Fight with mother Nature? Sounds epic but in the same time kind of foolish!

Comparing my life to theirs, I think that they are the one fighting with nature! I do not see a harmony in sitting all day long, eating junk food! They say women are born to ensure the reproduction and give birth to children. That’s why they say “Weights are bad for women!” But let me ask you, how do you intend on raising your child, if you can’t even pick up the groceries from the floor?

“Don’t load the bar so much, you will get muscular and you will look bulky!”

Once again, thank you for the advice but looking at you, even though I am the one lifting weights, I look way “thinner” than you do! I’d rather have a fit body, with nice defined muscles, than look “feminine”, flabby and look more like a jelly bean, than a sexy chick!

I remember somebody asking my sister, if the girls we workout with like men???

Lifting weights doesn’t make women masculine or change their orientation! It is exactly the opposite! I have a bunch of examples with  my clients and other women, that derive only positives from lifting weights! You can’t imaginehow lifting weights, could change your life and the way you feel about yourself!

Being able to throw around kettlebells, tires and weights, gives you a sense of strength, but not only physical, but a strength coming from somewhere deep inside. A strength that gives you better self-esteem, makes you feel proud of yourself and your accomplishments and helps you start loving yourself and your body! I think that women, who like themselves, look way more attractive, because being sexy comes from inside!

The bar is your best friend! The bar doesn’t discriminate, it is not partial to something, it doesn’t define and doesn’t judge! The bar doesn’t care who you are, where you were and what you did! The bar is always there and your results depend only on your hard work! Why give the bar only to the men? Couldn’t women let themselves have such a good friend?

Lifting weights, doesn’t sculpt masculine features in women! Women aren’t the special part of the nation, they are just the rest of it! Lifting weights, doesn’t make you muscular and unattractive! Lifting weights gives you confidence, inner beauty, and also beauty on the outside- it helps you sculpt the body you could only dream about while you were “working out like a woman”.

I do not care what uninformed people think. I do not wanna hear their pick up phrases! Women, who lift weights are beautiful, attractive, strong and self- confident! Women, who lift weights aren’t a stereotype of Barbie, neither the cliché’ version of a bitch! Women, who lift weights are real, they do not give in to modifications by society’s opinion or expectations, they have their own identity!

Those of you that are trying to offend and discourage women, who really train, and don’t just walk around the gym, showing their new tank top should look closer to these women! Ask yourself what scares you? What about their improvement overwhelms you? Probably you are afraid that you are not strong enough and capable enough? That is your own problem! I encourage you to work on yourself, and not give advices to other people!

Next time when somebody gives you an advice to workout as a woman, tell him to stop working out like a little girl and start lifting weights like a real man!

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Ines Subashka

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    Hey There. I discovered your blog using msn. That is a very well written article.

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  2. Helen

    I too, hate all this crap about weights being unfeminine coming from insecure and ignorant people. It seems that for many people the definition of feminine is either a runway skeleton or a flabby, unhealthy woman with a couple of spare tyres. Both of which will likely end up in a nursing home due to broken hips in their old age while I will still be commandeering the squat rack, he he he

  3. Ines Subashka

    Thank you! Glad you like it! 🙂


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