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Снимка: http://www.favething.com/a-jones/fitness/wow-now-this-woman-is-fit/
Снимка: http://www.favething.com/a-jones/fitness/wow-now-this-woman-is-fit/

1.The  cherry picking of clients

In case you do not understand what I mean, what I am trying to say is that I hate how most personal trainers cherry pick their clients and somehow discriminate people according to their appearance and their fitness level. You’ve probably noticed the trend, people, who are out of shape, people who have never worked out to be neglected by personal trainers. Instead PTs choose advanced trainees, such that are already in some dissent shape.

I suspect that the reason about this is the fact, that when the person you coach is obviously in good shape, those around you will make the assumption that you are the one who helped him achieve this level of athletics. And that would mean better  publicity for your business. But are you serious? Is that the meaning of being a coach? To feed your egocentric personality with somebody else’s achievements and neglect people who obviously have potential but still need to work hard, until they reach to a point, where their potential will be obvious for their surrounding as well.

For me being a coach is a calling. It is so much more than just being a companion of the trainee. Being a coach means seeing the potential in people, even when they couldn’t see it in themselves, because they are already too blinded by what they are not to notice what they could become!

Being a coach, means helping those who need you and your knowledge, no matter if they look like a fitness model or a couch potato.

Personally I love coaching beginners. People, who have no idea how to use their own bodies. And workout after workout, thanks to their hard work, persistence, motivation and clear goals, I see how the uncoordinated, sedentary person is “leaving” and is being replaced by a new personality. A personality which does not know limitations.

A personality, which is incline to challenge the self and the capabilities of its body. A personality, which discovers that each one of us is capable of becoming a true athlete, as long as he/ she leaves the excuses, the clichés and the myths, and instead works hard to walk on the path of a healthier, stronger I.

Personally I feel so satisfied to observe the progress people make. People who have a long path to travel until they reach their goals.  But at the end of the day, exactly these small steps, these daily triumphs are what gives a deeper meaning to life and a deeper meaning to what I do. Because even if in the eyes of everybody else, these people do not look like athletes, in my eyes they are the greatest athletes. Because I know how much effort it took. I know how much will they needed, in order to undress the heavy robe of excuses and unconsciousness. I know how much it took them to abandon the common knowledge and chase their own vision of success!

2.Marketing which is characterized just by appearance

All of you know what I am talking about. Pictures of shredded abs, lean legs, strong arms… there is nothing wrong with looking like this. And there is nothing wrong in taking pictures and showing them. But the accent is just on the way how you are gonna look if you take a particular supplement or if you use a particular piece of equipment.

I don’t know about you, but personally I started walking on the right path, towards achieving each one of my goals, when I quit on the ideal appearance in itself.

I am successfully walking on this path, since I made the desire to use my body and its physical abilities, in order to challenge myself and reveal my true potential, as long as I work hard enough in the gym and in the kitchen, in my main goal. And appearance turned out to be just an accompanying factor of the goals that have to do with function.

And even though I totally understand a marketing strategy, which advertising message is targeting the inborn incline to narcissism, I deeply believe, that there is another approach. And I am noticing it with my work. I notice that there is another successful approach, which could guarantee success, even in terms of financial success. And the other approach is to do exactly the opposite of what everybody else is doing. Marketing today is targeted in reassuring people, that there are solutions for their flaws; to reassure them that even if they are not able of controlling the situation, there is always something to bring them comfort and something to make the dead-lock a lot more bearable.

But for me the approach is different. For me the way is to show people, that in a century, where they are being convinced that nothing is under their own control, in reality everything is up to them. The way is to show them what they are capable of achieving and then handing them the “instruments” to build in the reality the imagination they have for the self. And trust me… people appreciate this!

3.Too much misuse of “scientific researches”

I feel like, every time when somebody has a particular thesis, in a desperate try to defend it he will include the sentence “ the scientific research indicates…”. And then the reader is convinced that what he has read is the mere truth. No matter if the research shows that eating fries from McDonald’s at least three times a day is healthy, because a healthy meal includes VEGGIES. And of course the “scientific” research shows how people who eat these VEGGIES, lose half a pound more, than those who chose to eat pancakes.

Yes… all kind of absurd! Just because a scientific research is backing up the author’s thesis, doesn’t make it a common rule of behavior. As I earlier wrote HERE, scientific researches and their authenticity are  a really relative thing and not a good reason to blindly believe everything.


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