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They ask me if I don’t get tired of training – of sweating and wasting efforts. They can’t even suspect. Working out is not what it used to be for me 5 or 10 years ago. Working out is like living. Nobody asks you if you get tired of waking up, alive, every single day or if you don’t get tired of having 1000 Mondays behind your back. Working out is like living. You start with one intention and one goal. You try some things and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. You wake up and you are once again headed to the gym and it may seem as if you are doing similar exercises every single time, but even if you do not realize it, every time you are the one who is different. You are different, but not because you have a bigger biceps, flatter tummy or more muscular legs.

Eevery workout is a time that I give to myself. Nowadays, giving time to yourself is considered egocentric. That is why some choose to give time to their vanity, to their ego, to their insecurities. On every stage of our personal development, we give time to a different part of our own self.

The workout is a date – with your own body. We try to get to know others in details – to get to know what makes them happy, what makes them sad, what exhausts them or what makes them feel alive. And at the end of the day we don’t have even a slight idea about our body – about it needs – and our body is our longest term relationship.

Working out is adding up – self – knowledge. Every workout is something like a piece of the puzzle of your own essence and your own body.

Sport has been a daily part of my life throughout the last 15 years. And every time when I fool myself that I have tried everything and that I know everything that I need, my body and life throw a challenge at me. Something wakes up my curiosity and makes me try something different, something new.

Workouts are boring for those who are not consistent enough. Because the interesting is revealed through patience and commitment. You can’t see the whole city if you do not endure to walk up to the top.

We do not even suspect the physical abilities of our body, until we start to build up on them. I love spending my time among people, who have more than I do (and I am not talking about possessions, but about the wholeness of their essence). They are just showing me what I am capable of doing – just as long as I dare to try.

Because believe it or not, the body of everyone of us is capable of great deeds. The thing is that we do not know our own body and we have no idea how to invite this greatness in our life.

Working out is like living. You never get tired of it. It seems as the days are the same, and then, after some time we turn back and we see ourselves in the past – a distant image, which has frozen there and which is left there… because YOU haven’t given up to walk, to grow, to learn. Tomorrow will be the same as today, but you will be different, because you will be more conscious.

Tomorrow’s workout will be the same as today’s – but your body will be different. Your mind as well.

The workout is a tool. And everybody uses it according to what he sees and what he can imagine. For those who do not know enough, working out is just a vanity tool that helps your ego grow bigger.

For those who have realized it, the workout is a path – towards this part of your own self, that is left hidden in the noise of our daily life.

…on every stage of our personal development, I give time to a different part of our own self – initially, I deny it, then I get to know it better, and finally I accept it. And then, there comes a time to get to know another one.

…I give time to myself, and this is more than enough.


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