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How often do you turn yourself in an emotional sufferer to the way people treat you? How often do you play the role of a victim, just because you think that “life isn’t fair”; “that you ran out of luck”, “that other people are being mean”?

Lately I notice the tendency, that people really like it when somebody is feeling sorry for them. You smile at them, and they stare back at you, frowning, as if the end of the world is here. They explain you how terrible their life is and when you give your best to give them hope and optimism, they keep on insisting how you don’t get it and how in reality their life is just a big burden!

And I… I understand these people. I was there once- on the path, when you think that pain and suffering are something you should identify with. You think that pain and suffering define you and that if you don’t suffer, you are not trying hard enough!

How often do you judge others? I stopped doing that! One of the “rules”, which leads me in life is to treat others, the way I would have wanted people to treat me, when I was on the same stage of my life.

The other day I was watching people in the park… some of them were wonderful, happy and excited; others were drowning in their own disappointments and pain; the third once were frowning to everything and everybody around! Different people, different moods, different paths!

That made me think about my own path! Made me think about how I got to where I am today, when I realize that life is beautiful; that playing the role of a victim isn’t the way to live’ that everything that happens is for better and that each situation has the potential to bring us more happiness, than sadness, as long as we search for it!

Then, I came to the old statement, that a person is capable of being strong, just when he is tired of being weak( read the whole post here)! I realized that every one of us should walk the path of disappointments, fear, self-destruction, the role of a victim and desperation… until we find out that we don’t need any of this! Until we realize that there isn’t anything more wonderful than being strong, confident and never kneeling in front of the hardships that life has to offer, but always moving, proudly ahead!

I realized that our life is something like a balance. On one side of the balance is our personality, playing the role of a victim- a person who is drowning in self- pity, apathy, desperation, fear and insecurity! And on the other side, is the personality of a winner- a person full of desire, enthusiasm, energy, strength and faith!

And exactly when do we manage to hug our personality of a winner and get rid of the victim? When the balance tips to one side… when pain, suffering and desperation are crushing us. When we are tired of carrying that burden, tired of crawling on the floor and aimlessly existing… When the side of the victim becomes too heavy, when it hits the ground and the other side of the balance rises up. This is the moment when a person becomes conscious; when a person grows mentally and emotionally and realizes that there is another way… a better one!

Every one of us should learn his lessons, overcome the defeats and the failures. Every one should get to know the dark sides of his personality, in order to meet the good once!

And just then, you will be ready to be truly happy. To enjoy life and what you’ve got!

What gives me strength to wake up every morning and be thankful for the life I have and everything that is a part of it is the memory about what it once was!

The memory about the moments when I hardly found the strength to get out of bed; when the thought of facing one more day, was enough to crush me. The memory of loneliness and the desperate try to escape from the person I was.

The memory, which reminds me that I don’t ever wanna feel like this again! That I don’t ever wanna let my life be the result of accidental circumstances; the result of other people’s opinion and desires!

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