The Precipice Between Yesterday and Today…

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They say that time heals the pain… and more often than not, people who are in pain, claim that it doesn’t ease…

Some say that you just get used to living with it…

If you deny the fact, that time heals the pain, then you are probably refusing to keep moving forward and even if your body is in the present moment… your mind and soul are constantly living in the past…

The precipice between yesterday and today… where you lose yourself and everything that is left is the pain, which is there to remind you that once there was somebody or something…. And today the only thing that’s left of them is the absence!

Disappointments, betrayals, failures… they inflict deep wounds, which at times can hurt for a long time. But wounds heal! As long as you let them do it! Just as it is with “physical wounds”, which at first can hurt pretty bad and constantly remind of their existence- with every movement, with every tremor- but as the time goes by, if you give your best to cure it…the wound will heal. And where it once used to be, now there will be just a scar! A scar that does not hurt anymore! It is just there to remind you for the mistake you made in your past; the mistake that caused you this suffering… a scar that is a warning to stay away from repeating the past!

… it is the same with the pain of your soul! At first (more…)

What Gives Me Strength to Face Another Day?

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How often do you turn yourself in an emotional sufferer to the way people treat you? How often do you play the role of a victim, just because you think that “life isn’t fair”; “that you ran out of luck”, “that other people are being mean”?

Lately I notice the tendency, that people really like it when somebody is feeling sorry for them. You smile at them, and they stare back at you, frowning, as if the end of the world is here. They explain you how terrible their life is and when you give your best to give them hope and optimism, they keep on insisting how you don’t get it and how in reality their life is just a big burden!

And I… I understand these people. I was there once- on the path, when you think that pain and suffering are something you should identify with. You think that pain and suffering define you and that if you don’t suffer, you are not trying hard enough!

How often do you judge others? I stopped doing that! One of the “rules”, which leads me in life is to treat others, the way I would have wanted people to treat me, when I was on the same stage of my life.

The other day I was (more…)

Physical Pain- a Reality or A Result of Our Own Opinion?

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Инес Субашка
Инес Субашка

Physical pain is something that all of us felt at one time in our lives. Since I am an athlete I have experienced it a lot of times. Besides that I have seen people that went through a lot of health issues, that caused unbearable pain and physical damage. Whoever knows me, have noticed for sure that I totally love reading. I read everything I put my hands on. Lately I am really keen on digging in people’s mind, so I read a lot on the topic. After everything I’ve read the last couple years there are some facts about pain that I’d like to sum up:

First of all pain is survival mechanism and thus it’s function is to protect the body from harm

The well known (more…)

A Person Is Capable of Being Strong, Just When He Is Tired of Being Weak!

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“And yet, I found I could survive. I was alert, I felt the pain – the aching loss that radiated out from my chest, sending wracking waves of hurt through my limbs and head – but it was manageable. I could live through it. I didn’t feel like the pain had weakened over time, rather that I’d grown strong enough to bear it.”- Stephenie Meyer

Have you ever wondered, how much pain you could take, before you give up? I’ve asked myself this question a hundred times… and you know what I realized? That there isn’t such a limit! Only weak minded people, let hardships crush them! For the rest of us, pain could temporary slow us down, take us on the wrong path… but at the end we always come out THE WINNERS!

They say that time reduces the pain… I’ve felt shattering pain more than once and I could tell you that with time… betrayals, disappointments, unfulfilled dreams, the loss of a loved one, failure… they just don’t get easier to overcome! The emptiness they leave and the wounds they open, are always (more…)

The Loser in the Gym… the Hero in Life!

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Don’t judge…

You have no idea…

You don’t know anything…

You see a person struggling to squat with 50kg, struggling to run a lap, struggling to jump, lunge or climb.

You think it is lack of motivation…

Lack of will…

Lack of strength…

Lack of conditioning…

Lack of effort…

 But you don’t know anything!

You see him (more…)

How Long Will the Pain Last?

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The day just started…and my strength is already gone….

I feel tired. I am hardly breathing. Seems like I am struggling to take a breath, trying to get rid of something that weighs like a burden. It is stuck in my chest and it is breathing my oxygen.

My pulse is racing. My heart is beating faster and harder. Just like my thoughts are rushing through my mind- they are rushing to remind me about their existence and leave behind them a loud echo, that is deafening everything around.

The bar is heavy, but (more…)

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