18 Reasons Why Lifting Weights Is Terrible for Women! Think Twice Before You Try It Yourself!

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1.You will start liking your body and the negative thoughts, that used to overtake your mind will disappear. What are you gonna do with all this leisure time, that you will have left, when you do not need to check yourself in the mirror, every 30 minutes, being disgusted of your cellulite, love handles and out of shape body?


2.You will find it so much easier to find new clothes, because an athletic body, makes every piece of cloth stunning. You will stop wasting your time, running around the mall, trying on clothes and you will avoid the bad mood, which accompanies trying on new clothes and the dissatisfaction of your reflection in the mirror.


3.You will be able to do your favorite housework activities. Lifting a box from the ground, won’t curse you to hurt your lower back and you won’t be dying in pain for the next month or so.


4.You will start approaching food, not as your enemy, but as your friend. Are you crazy? Now your relatives will have to cook double portions, so you can be fed!


5.You will be able to sit around the table and you won’t just stare the steaks. Now you will be able to eat them, because when you train, your body will know how to use the food and it will actually need it. You won’t be forced to get satiety, with eating just the garnish. You will be able to eat from the main dish, without feeling any guilt!


6.Your health status will dramatically improve and with every workout and with every healthy meal, you will get further from osteoporosis and diseases. Feel guilty- you will rob the health care system, when you stop investing in it by buying tons of pills and visiting the doctor every week.


7.With every healthy meal and with every workout, your muscles and your healthy body, will eat cellulite and they will make your skin smoother. You will be proud by the way your legs look! Shame on you! Who is gonna watch the anti- cellulite cream’s commercials and then give money for them? (more…)

Q&A: Everything About Hip Thrusts and Loading Your Quads, Holiday Weight Gain and Body Splits

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Image: Marina Ramos Jorge, BSB CrossFit

How is your week? Hope it is going great! Thank you once again for all your wonderful messages and the comments on my Facebook Page. I greatly appreciate it! It is time for the weekly Q&A. This week I decided to answer why you could feel the hip thrusters in your quads, instead of in your glutes; how to deal with the holiday weight gain and how to choose your training method. (more…)

Jen Sinkler: A Life Full of Purpose and Greatness

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The beautiful Jen Sinkler

There are some people, that I have never met in person, but with whom I feel as if they are my best friends! Today I have the honor of introducing you Jen Sinkler! She is one of the most amazing, beautiful, passionate women, that you will ever get the chance to meet! Everybody that has the privilege of meeting her or talking to her, will tell you that this women has something really special… she has a purpose in her life, a passion and a never ending will and desire to be great and help others become great! She has the power to set the fire in your heart and help you dust off the ashes of your broken dreams, and then build your world again, filled with more enthusiasm, hope and positivism! And no matter what I tell you about Jen, it would just belittle the great person she is, so I will let her do the talking! Before that, just don’t forget to join my Facebook page (HERE)

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself.
Jen Sinkler: First of all, thank you, Ines, for asking me to do this interview — it’s an honor to be included on your site! For those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of e-meeting yet on my Facebook page, Thrive as the Fittest(HERE) , it’s nice to meet you now! My name is Jen Sinkler, and I’m the former editorial director of fitness for Experience Life magazine, a publication I worked at for the past nine years. There, I assigned, wrote, and edited stories on the best training methodologies the fitness industries has to offer.

Just recently, I branched out on my own and started a website called Thrive with Jen Sinkler — there, I cover intuitive training, Olympic lifting, kettlebell training, sane nutritional strategies, easy recipe prep, dressing well in the gym, and living life as your best self. I’m also sharing fabu messages that others to have to offer via guest posts — I can’t shake the editor in me, I like to share! (If you’re interested, you can sign up for my email newsletter at www.jensinkler.com(HERE)

IS: How did you start lifting weights? Have you played any other sports before that?
JS: I was a four-sport athlete in high school (softball, volleyball, basketball and track), and although I have a few sporadic memories of bench-pressing on a rusty old machine in the boys’ locker room during basketball season, that only happened a handful of times. I didn’t start lifting in earnest until my senior year of college. (more…)

Ladies: Why Training Your Upper Body Is a MUST

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Image source: http://femalemuscle.com/page/5/

As you already know, my personal mission is to convince as many women as possible, to start lifting weights and to get rid of the pointless fears, that weights will make them look bulky, manly and too muscular!

Some time ago, I posted a couple articles, where I shared some of the mistakes I used to make in my workouts, and the consequences from them! ( “3 Mistakes That Killed My Progress HERE“; 3 Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Imbalances)

Even though a lot more people start working out and eating healthy, my observations show me that most of them start doing it for the wrong reason, i.e. with the only goal of looking better!

The sooner you realize, that the main purpose behind working out and eating healthy should be your HEALTH, the sooner you will become fit, and the sooner you will start looking the way you’ve always dreamed! Besides that the better you will feel in your own body!

I’ve noticed that most women who go to the gym, usually pick up their exercises on the foundation of a really weird logic! I often hear them say “ I don’t wanna do pull ups, because my back will become huge”; “ I won’t do military press, because my upper body will become too muscular”; “ I don’t wanna squat, because my legs will get big” and so on.

And after all, exactly what are you gonna do? Walk on the treadmill and sit around the ab machines! Wonderful! If that is all, you are about to do in the gym, you better go for a walk in the park and stop every 10 minutes, to complete a couple crunches!

But in case, that you really wanna be in better shape, start (more…)

Ladies: How Do You Know When Your Legs Are Too Strong and When You Have to Stop Lifting Weights?

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Chicken tuna
Chicken tuna

With the risk of becoming lame, I will once again talk about women and weightlifting, and especially about weight training about your legs!

A couple days ago, a beautiful girl, with whom I train, came to me and said that she was worried, because her legs were getting too muscular. She said that they were already too strong from the dancing classes she was attending!

Completely shocked! First of all, I want to say that if you see her you will NEVER think anything bad about her legs! Besides that the heaviest weight that she has lifted so far is a 12kg kettlebell! Let me think that over… 12kg…too muscular! That’s an absurd statement!

I used this example, because I am aware that there are plenty of women, who are afraid of getting bulky or too muscular, without a real reason!

I’ve noticed that when it comes to women, their notion of their own appearance, is not based on the real reflection in the mirror, but more it is based on the illusion of how they probably look, which is fed by the mass media myths about women and weights!

What happens? (more…)

Ladies: The ONE Exercise That You Always Avoid, Yet It Will Help You Become Fitter!

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Chicken Tuna( Laura Harris)

Lately I notice more women, who dare to lift heavier weights in the gym! This really makes me happy, but more often than not, they still don’t get the results, they work for, because their approach to lifting weights is not right!

Daring to put down the pink dumbbells and picking up a heavier dumbbell, is definitely a step forward, but is it enough?

It is really important, exactly what you are doing with the weights!

If you’ve done the first step, and you’ve dared to use a weight, that is heavier than your shopping bag, now it is time to move one more step forward and stop dividing exercises into “exercises for men” and “exercises for women”. It is time to stop fearing particular exercises and stop avoiding them!

The exercise, which most women avoid is DEADLIFT! My favorite movement, together with the squat! If women are inclined to do squats, in order to shape athletic butt and legs, they are rarely inclined to deadlift!

And this is your biggest mistake! EVERY WOMAN SHOULD DO DEADLIFTS! I am not even kidding! It is better to skip your abs’ exercises, than to skip deadlifting!

Why should you do deadlifts? (more…)

Ladies: Some Tips How to Feel Comfortable in The Weightlifting Room

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I remember the first time I decided to visit the weightlifting room. I spend a lot of time, walking around the building and I couldn’t find the courage to walk inside! Until then, I have never touched weights and I did not know what to expect. When I go somewhere, I love knowing that I belong there, and that day I was convinced I was gonna resemble a primal person, teleported in 21st century!

After a lot of hesitating, I dared to walk in the weightlifting room. I felt weird. The countless number of machines in the gym, overwhelmed me. They looked like an invention by some great scientist, and I had no idea what to do with them! Men, walking around, acting strong and staring with the bad look, only made me feel worse and made me ask myself, what was I doing there!

Obviously you are getting my idea, and I am no exception- as most of you are fearing to enter the gym, I did too. I hope that you will trust me, that after all it is not that scary, and now I am totally hooked and I never skip a day without entering the weightlifting room!

In order to encourage you to give it a try, I decided to give you a couple tips, how you could feel more comfortable in the weightlifting room!

1. (more…)

3 Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Get in Shape!

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1.You have an “ideal about how you want your body to look like”, but you do everything else, besides what you need to do in order to get that body

This is a really common mistake. A lot of women look at pictures on the covers of fitness magazines and the profiles of fitness models, and they wish they looked like that! Then, they rush into doing all kind of insane diets and training programs, thinking that this way they will shape the dreamed body! And unfortunately, more often than not, these desperate tries have no success! Why?

Because your mind is a slave to the well known myths, that women are not supposed to lift weights and that a nice, fit, lean body could be achieved with a lot of starvation!

Often times, some of my friends compliment me, about what I achieved with my body during the past half an year and they say that they really wanna have defined, muscular legs as mine or get leaner! When I tell them, how I am achieving it, they start explaining me, how this formula isn’t gonna work for them and instead they turn to fruit diets and video clips( the Cindy Crawford type of videos).

Hm… it sounds really irrational to me! You want to look like a woman, who lifts weights, eats pork steaks and bacon, and in the same time you are following a philosophy, which denies weights and worships small portions, more often and if it is possible just water and lemon!

If you want to have an athletic, fit body (more…)

Why Women Who Lift Weights Don't Get The Look of Women Weightlifters?

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Image source: t-nation.com

Last week during one of my workouts, there was a big argument! Of course, once again the topic was about women and weights. That turns out to be a big problem! 😉 After the conversation, one of my clients asked me the following question “Why women who lift weights, don’t get the look of women weightlifters?”

I’d say that this is a really good question! I think that a lot of women are afraid of weights, because their idea of the body, they will get with this type of training is the complete opposite of everything they are aiming for! But as always, you (more…)

You Were Right! Women Should Not Lift Weights!

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Вижте разликата сами…

Just kidding… 😉

At times I really wanna think that more people realize the fact that women and lifting weights aren’t two incompatible things. I am fooling myself that this is happening, whenever I spend too much time with people who have been working out for years, people who have achieved great results- the results that everybody dreams to have, but rarely somebody works hard enough to achieve!

The last week, I had to spend more time with people, who reminded me that even though there is a light at the end of the tunnel, most still have wrong understanding about women and weights! I remembered lines like “ You look really good, but if you keep on lifting these weights you will get bulky”; “Lifting weights is bad for women”; “ Women who lift weights aren’t attractive” and so on.

For those of you, who compliment a woman who lifts weights and after that you warn her, how if she keeps on lifting weights, she will get bulky, let me tell you something (more…)

The Most Common Questions about Women and Weights and My Answers to Them!

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Image source:http://mevsthebulge.com/

Isn’t all that heavy lifting gonna make you big and bulky?

I will never get tired of repeating that lifting weights do not make women big and bulky! Actually exactly the opposite! I have never enjoyed so much attention from man, as I do now when I deadlift 220 pounds and squat with 176 pounds.

Because I do not wanna bore you and repeat the same thing, read these articles (1,2,3) if you still have some hesitations, and you will get it clear why weights do not make you big and bulky!

Actually, the truth is that if somebody tells you that you are “too strong” or “too muscular” for a woman, that is just a (more…)

Interview with Molly Galbraith:I Am Training Because I Love My Body, Not Because I Hate It

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Molly Galbraith

I’ve always said that I LOVE what I do! There are so many reasons behind my passion towards strength and conditioning and being a coach, but one thing I adore is the opportunity to meet great people, who empower my passion, keep me motivated and serve me as an example! Today I have the honor to introduce you Molly Galbraith! She is an amazing woman and an amazing coach! Everybody who has the opportunity to meet her, will tell you that his/her life has been touched and changed forever! She has the ability to wake up the motivation and the drive that have been sleeping deep inside of you. She has the power to inspire you to be more, to want more and to achieve more! Chack out what Molly had to share with us, but before that let’s wish her a Happy Birthday!

Ines Subashka: Thank you for accepting the offer for an interview. I really like what you do, and it is a pleasure for me, to introduce you to my readers! Would you tell us a little bit more about yourself.

 Molly Galbraith: (more…)

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