5 Reasons You Are Not Eating Healthy

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1. Your information is not enough

People often claim they are eating healthy. The problem is their worng understanding about what healthy means. There are tons of information in the media about what is good food and what is bad food, but truth is much of it is wrong and misleading. Thus, people who try eating right, instead of improving their health only make it worse! When was the last time you bought low fat milk? Why did you buy it? Because it is healthy? Low fat products, high fiber foods and other products claiming to be  high- and low-  in something ARE NOT HEALTHY! There is one rule, that you should follow in order to make right food choices…” If man created it, don’t eat it!”. Buy real food- meat,eggs,vegetables,fruits, nuts and seeds!

2. You have (more…)

When Healthy Eating Goes Wrong

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Too much of a good thing? Is that even possible?  I remember when I was in high school I was really keen on philosophy. My mother had a degree in philosophy and we often talked about it. One day I had an assignment for school and she told me how choices are like a fan. One end of the fan is the worst choice and the other end is the best choice. If you tried to bring the fan together, both ends would touch. That means that extremes, no matter if they are with good or with bad intentions lead to the same place- self- destruction.

That is what happens if you are being way too healthy! There is nothing wrong with making smart choices when it comes up to the food you fuel your body with! But it is all about balance! It is an ongoing balancing act between pushing your limits for the right reasons versus the wrong reasons!

When you turn in an exercise and healthy eating fanatic, it all goes (more…)

Favorite Reads of the Week: 03/03/2012

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Hey everybody! It is the end of the week! That means time for my Favorite Reads of the Week. As always I have some great picks! 😉 I love that there are so much great people out there, who write such usefull stuff! Enjoy reading! And by the way today March 3rd is Bulgaria’s National Holiday! We celebrate 134 years from the Liberation from the Turkish slavery! 🙂

Now let’s move on!

Here are the articles (more…)

Are You Setting Yourself For Failure?

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I have stopped saying “I can’t” as in, “I can’t eat that ….”
What I say, and mean, is: “I choose not to eat that”.
“I choose not to eat that” gives me power
I am in control of what I put into my body. I have made a conscious choice and I decide every second what I want. I am not passive, or swept away by emotion or helpless under duress or temptation.

I’ve noticed that the self talk part is really important. It either sets you for success or it sets you for failure! If you constantly (more…)

How We Could Use The Minimalist Approach To Workouts And Nutrition?

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Have you heard about minimalists? Do you know who they are? It is simple! These are people who are satisfied with living with the things they really need! No luxury, nothing unduly! Consumerism and caprice are foreign to them! What does all this have to do with workouts and nutrition? Well read… (more…)

Do You Have What It Takes To Make This Commitment?

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They say that it is our last year on Earth. I don’t believe it. I think it is the year of new opportunities, the year to make a change and take our life where we want it to be!That is why I decided to create a “contract”, that everyone of you could open in a pdf file, print it and sign it! After that you should put the contract somewhere, where you could see it all the time, and remind yourself what you made a commitment to do!

You are probably thinking… “ Why would I do this?”. The answer is pretty simple! It is said that a person has a better chance to (more…)

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