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Have you heard about minimalists? Do you know who they are? It is simple! These are people who are satisfied with living with the things they really need! No luxury, nothing unduly! Consumerism and caprice are foreign to them! What does all this have to do with workouts and nutrition? Well read…


Minimalists are committed to things they believe in! Most people rebuke them for their way of living, probably because they are jealous of them or they just don’t understand what they do! It is the same with workouts and nutrition! If you eat healthy, probably you meet a lot of disapproval from your family or friends- they don’t understand you, or they are not even trying to do it!

Just like minimalists do not pay attention to people’s remarks, you shouldn’t do it either! You shouldn’t give up on healthy living just because you meet some disapproval! Get it straight for yourself- decide what you believe in, what you want and do not let anybody crush you! That is a fact for workouts, as well! Other people consider that it is not appropriate for a woman to be flipping tires? Who cares? Do you like it? Do you know why you are doing it? Then, go ahead and do it! Commit to what you believe in and do not hesitate because of somebody else’s opinion!

Do less but enough

This is a golden rule for your workouts! Minimalists do less but enough! They think that by focusing on doing less, a person could pour himself into it! I think that this is an approach that all of us should use in  the gym! Have you ever found yourself confused, wondering what to do? Which exercise or program? Trying to do everything but finally ending up doing nothing? As one of my friends says “ We know everything for nothing and nothing for everything!” You better concentrate on the basics! It is far better to do a couple exercises with perfect technique, than a lot of exercises with awful technique!


Minimalists are satisfied with buying a few things, but things they need the most! They get rid of things, they do not need and after that they stay away from buying other useless things! What does this look like to you? When was the last time when you decided to eat healthy and you threw all the junk food? You threw it away, just to go out a couple hours later and buy some crappy food again? Understand that if you wanna lead a healthy life, you shouldn’t let these foods to be a part of your diet! Who do you cheat? You think that by not eating these foods at home, they somehow do not count? That’s wrong! Remember! Do not buy food, that your body does not need! Do not buy food that you already threw away!

It is not that painful if you skip eating something

Minimalists know that just because there is a lot of food on the table, that is not a green light to eating all of it! That is a good lesson, isn’t it? Just because there are a bunch of delicious meals on the table, doesn’t mean you should get a bite or two from everything! Eat just as much as you need. The meals that you do not get to try…well, you could prepare them some other day!

Feel pleasure from simple, little things

I think that this is one of the main things that minimalists do! By getting rid of the useless possessions, they learn to appreciate the little things and they somehow manage to feel the real, beautiful side of life! Try it yourself! Enjoy every bite! Do not eat fast, like you are at a competition! Eat less but enough and feel the pleasure from doing it!

Are you gonna adopt the minimalist approach and use it for your workouts and nutrition?

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Ines Subashka

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  1. Arletta

    I like what you said about not eating as if you are in a competition. Years ago, now, I started telling myself (and, whomever I am with, since I say it out loud) “This is not a race.” when I find myself eating too fast.

    As a child, I used to dawdle over my meals and eat very little, as a result. Especially because if I put anything away for later, someone else usually ate it. That messed with my head, as did being nagged at for taking too long, and I learned to eat fast and as much as I was given (mostly), because of that.

    Now, I am working on reconditioning myself back to the way I used to be. My digestive system can’t take a lot of food at once, or, for it to come in too fast. I need to eat slowly, really enjoying it, chewing it thoroughly, or, it causes much, much pain.

    By the way, while I enjoyed your post, I will correct you on one thing. Minimalism does not mean not having luxuries. One can have a small wardrobe, for instance, but, make it designer clothes. Plus, to some extent, it is about redefining what is a luxury.

    How many people wish they could find time to spend alone with their spouse, but, are busy going to the gym, out to eat, driving kids to soccer practice, working long hours to be able to afford lots of clothes, toys and video games, plus the two cars needed so that both parents can work, etc.?

    Sure, the soccer, gym, etc. are luxuries, in one way of looking at things. But, getting rid of most of them might mean being able to each work part time, move to a smaller and easier to clean space, and, spend an evening of romance rather than an evening of being exhausted and slumped over in front of the television. Now, that’s luxury!

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