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When you devote yourself and your whole being to an idea, a philosophy, a mission, everything inside you changes. It is as if you become a new person. People you’ve known in the past run into you on the street, they look you up and down and say, whether in their minds, or out loud: “What have you been doing? You look so different!”

They feel they like what you are turning into and can’t wait for you to spill the beans on what it is you have been doing to accomplish this transformation.

I often stop to think about what is more important – what I do or what I don’t do.

And I always come to the conclusion that it is not what we do, but what we don’t do, that helps us turn into what we are.

The transformation of your mind and your body first comes from stopping some things you do. When you stop doing something, its place is left empty. But the human mind does not tolerate empty spaces and always finds a way to fill them.

When you stop doing one thing, your mind immediately switches over to searching mode. It starts searching among activities, people, events that vibrate at the same frequency as you. When you abandon something, even though you may find it difficult in the beginning, it means you can feel the change inside you. You can feel something old die, making room for something new to be born. You can feel your level of awareness rise and what you had; what you opted for until yesterday, no longer corresponds to what you are.

The change in our minds and bodies does not come from what we do. It comes from what we don‘t do.

It results from an inner impulse that whispers in your ear that what you are currently doing is not your thing. An inner whisper that tells you that stuffing your body with junk food every day, as if it were a garbage bin, is not your path.

Something that whispers to you that sitting on a couch, in front of the TV set, when you can light up some candles, stand on your rug and practice yoga which helps you encounter yourself and your body’s limits which only reflect the limits of your mind, is not your path.

An inner voice that guides you and reminds you that brainwashing yourself with negativism from news bulletins and gossip instead of filling your mind with dreams, hopes and possibilities, is definitely not what you were designed for.

What do I do to accomplish my personal transformation?

1.Everything I do is just a result of what I choose not to do.

2.When you reject a load of possibilities, you are left with the ones that come as close as possible to what you are and the place where you want to be.

3.When you choose not to be ill, you automatically reject one extreme and start moving toward the other one – that of health.

4.When you choose not to be lazy and inactive, you automatically start heading toward the possibility to be physically active and feel life throb in every cell of your body.

5.When you choose not to be around people who steal your energy and make you feel as if the world were a gloomy and sad place, you automatically begin to attract those people who think that life wants us to be happy and constantly points us in the direction that will take us to that destination.

6.When you decide to reject the idea that life happens in spite of you, you make room for the knowledge that life happens through you. You stop being a victim and become a creator.

7.When you stop despising yourself, little by little you begin to accept yourself. And accepting something means you little by little begin to love it.

8.I don’t always know exactly what it is I am doing. I don’t always know exactly what it is that helps me progress and turn into my best self. But I always know what it is I am not doing. I always know what it is that is not holding me back. And once you’ve removed the burden, the only way is up and ahead.

9.Change does not come from what we do. Change comes thanks to what we stop doing. Everything else is just a result. Abandoning what is holding you back means you make room in your life for what will take you forward.

I’d be glad to hear how you are doing and if this post helped you discover something more about yourselves, and I’d be happy if you shared it with your friends – you might push someone to become motivated and change their life.

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