Alisa Kovacheva's Great Transformation Story!

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Alisa before she started lifting weights and working out with me... and today, one year later!

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself.

Alisa Kovacheva: My name is Alisa Kovacheva and I am 23 years old.

IS: What do you do?

AK: I work in the IT sector, I work out with weights and I dance.

IS: Have you been involved in some kind of sports before you started working out with me and my machines?

AK: Yes. About 3 years climbing, a couple years of swimming and a little bit of volleyball, tennis and martial arts. I have never played professional sports. I worked out once or twice a week.

IS: When did you join my workouts?

AK: A year ago.

Alisa Kovacheva

IS: How did you understand about my workouts and did you have some worries before you joined us?

AK: Gabriela Subashka was the connection between you and me, as well as your Facebook page. I needed about an year, before I finally decided that I want to work out and until I was brave enough to come. I was constantly reading everything you post and I was hesitating. Finally I made the decision and I’ve never looked back.

IS: What was on your mind, before and after the first workout? (more…)

How Did I Manage to Get in Shape?

Continue ReadingHow Did I Manage to Get in Shape?

Ines Subashka

Transform your mind

All big changes, start in our head. That is where you should plant the seed of desire in order for it to burst and become action, which will lead to success!

How often do you start a transformation, without having faith in the positive outcome? How often do you start a new diet, thinking that it won’t work ?

How many times in your life did you feel like the “finish line” is miles away, the odds against you seem more than you could handle and success appears to be impossible?

That is a mentality which will get you nowhere! I want you to stop right now! Stop measuring how big is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be! The more reasons you give yourself “why it can’t be”, the more obstacles will grow bigger, and you are less likely to succeed!

Instead of thinking how you have 100 pounds to lose, (more…)

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