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Some time ago, I wrote this post “The Truth about The Change in My Nutrition and The Results I Get”. There, I shared more about my journey about going from 5-6 meals a day and the conviction that you should eat often, in smaller quantities, to today, when I eat just 2-3 times a day.

For most of you 2-3 meals might sound scary. As I’ve said before, I used to feel the same way.

Decreasing the number of meals to just 2-3 a day, becomes something natural and completely logical, once you stop looking for magical diets. It becomes a piece of cake, once you decide to stop following somebody, who has already achieved the results you’d like to have for yourself and start listening to your own body. Eating 2-3 times a day is a natural consequence of understanding how your body functions, what it needs and then provide those things to it.

A lot of people find it hard to get fitter, because they become slaves to schemes, rules, diets, which lose touch with the changing factors, that have a direct or indirect influence on your body’s needs.

A lot of people fail with diets, because they are constantly fighting with their body, instead of listening to it and trusting the rhythm that it dictates.

I know that now a lot of you will shake their head and think:  “What is this nonsense? Just tell us what and when we are suppose d to eat!

Trust me! This is the easiest thing to do! Truth is that I want to help as many people as I could to learn how to eat; I want to help them get back to their instincts, which in fact- never mislead”( read more HERE); the instincts that tell you what your body needs; I want to help them have more faith in the way they feel and what they need.

While we rely on somebody else to tell us what we should do or eat, we will be always dependent on others. I think, that true help comes, when you give somebody the tools and resources, so he could hammer his own faith, dreams and goals, and on the way you could just help him with advice and by sharing your own experience.

In life, there is just one sure thing- change. This is completely true for workouts and nutrition. When you learn how to listen to the signals, which your body sends, you will know when you need to work out, when and how much you need to eat; when you need more fats and when you need more carbs; when you should skip your workout and  when you should work harder.

Few people reach this point, because few are the patient. And this requires time. It takes time to clean your nutrition from all the junk foods, which control your behavior and cause a cascade of negative reactions and destructive processes in your body.

As one of my favorite doctors says, Dr.Ellis: “No one seems to understand that the body behaves just like life. Things take time. It takes twelve years to get a high school degree, four years for college. It takes years to build a career, to learn to play a musical instrument. Let’s not be so shortsighted: we can’t break life’s rules when it comes to our body; we must apply what we know about life to the body and its workings. The body is not a machine easily fixed by tuning it or changing a part. The body and mind are one. The Laws of Nature apply to Body, Mind, and Spirit”

If you’ve just made the first steps towards changing your lifestyle, trust me, it will take time for your body to get back in rhythm, to recover from everything you’ve caused it until now.

If you’ve read this post, you probably know that for the past year and a half( it is already 18 months), I haven’t eaten anything different from real food. Not even a crumble of junk or grains and so forth! And you know what? I am not depriving myself! It is not a matter of will anymore. One day, I just decided that I will do the best for myself and my body and real food is just one of the good things, I choose for myself.

Have you noticed my transformation?

Ines Subashka
Ines Subashka

If you follow my Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed my slow, but constant progress. Yes, today I have abs and I am pretty lean, but it took me time to achieve it. It took my body some time, to slowly remember how to function properly. It took some constant, small tuning, a lot of real food and adequate amount of physical activity to get my body working in my favor.

Today I eat enough and I train like a beast- but it does not require a lot of effort, just because today I am not fighting with myself and my nature. I took time, which I gave to my body, so it could recover and start functioning properly; so it could serve in my favor and for my goals.

I promised you, that I will share more about IF and my experience with it. Since May, 2013, I stopped having breakfast. I felt great, but I did not follow any rules- no eating or fasting windows. I ate when I felt like it. Sometimes this meant 10a.m., sometimes it meant 12-13p.m. I once again trusted my body.

During the past two weeks, I noticed that when I do not eat in the morning, my energy disappears and I did not feel good postponing my first meal for lunch. Did I force myself to starve, just because I am fasting? No! I felt the need of my body to eat and that is why I started having breakfast. Now, some days, depending on my workouts and daily schedule, I have breakfast, other days I skip breakfast.

I once again eat 3 times a day and I do not feel guilty for having breakfast or for skipping it. Just because today, I do not follow a scheme, a diet, a rule.

What is the key formula for my success?

Everything I follow is part of my philosophy about life and the attitude I have towards my body and my own self:

1.I choose the best for myself- this would mean that I will choose the optimally best foods.

2.I follow the rhythm of life and I do not fight against it. This would mean that I follow the rhythm of my body and I am not fighting with it. This means listening to it more carefully and acting according to what it dictates me to do.

3.I take enough from life- I don’t go to extremes. This means that I eat enough and I move enough. I don’t neither starve, nor overeat. I don’t neither stay sedentary, nor go to extremes with being active.

Now you are thinking: “how should I listen to my body, when it is forcing me to eat and be lazy.”I will tell you that this is the work of the mind. I am sure that your body doesn’t feel good from your binges or from your inactive lifestyle. Be honest with yourself! The bloating, the exhaustion, the pain, these are all symptoms and signals of your body, trying to tell you that you are not listening carefully.

And, yes! It will take you some time to learn how to read the signals, which your body sends. But still, it is far better to start today. Start by making small steps towards the change and towards going back to your nature and your instincts. It is far better to start today, with small, slow steps and a constant progress, than just making excuses that it is not working. It is far better to stop postponing your life, your happiness and your satisfaction for the future- for the moment when you will discover the magical formula.

The formula of success has nothing magical. Actually, it is really simple but few people understand it, because most are way too focused on searching for something complicated.

Life is in the simple things. Truth is in the simple things, applied consciously every single day!

The magic is in giving up the excuses and the conviction that somebody else will help you. Look yourself in the mirror and state that you are the master of your own life and that it is up to you to act and change your reality- to create it just the way you dream it!

What should you do?

Start with small steps:

1.Stop eating everything that comes into shiny packages; everything that has a bunch of ingredients, because real food is an ingredient on its own.

2.Start cooking your own food.

3.Eat 3-4 times a day. When you eat, just eat! Stop distracting yourself, stop reading or watching TV. Think about your food. Practice mindful eating.

4.Eat variety of real foods- different veggies, different fats like butter,avocado, coconut,olives; eat eggs, meat,fish and some raw nuts and fruits.

5.Move every day. Do 10 push- ups or 10 burpess. Actually do them NOW. In the afternoon, do a couple planks and tonight go out for a walk. Go to work without your car. Swim during the weekend or go hiking.

Being in shape is not a process full of torturous deeds. Being in shape is a process, which requires consciousness and the choice to do the best for yourself!


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Ines Subashka

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