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Възникна грешка, моля опитайте пак
Записването е успешно

The picture is from the archives of one of my friends-Ivan Ezgonzal G, who always makes me drool just by looking at the food porn he posts ! 😉

It’s been 6 month since I ate a piece of chocolate, a bite of a cookie, a crumble of dessert. It’s been more than 3 years since I had ice cream; more than 4 years since I ate bread and about 6 years since I had soda!

And how would you care?

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that until I got to today, when I take food as a lifestyle, when I think that I’ve found “the formula”, which works best for me, when it comes to being healthy and looking fit, I’ve done a lot of things and I’ve made a lot of mistakes!

For the past 2 years, I could say that I got on a path with nutrition and training, where I am being pretty much consistent and this really helps me achieve my goals. But 6 months ago I was still a little bit shaky, until I decided to get everything in my own hands!

Until then, even though I was eating good, quality food, I was sporadically having periods, when I ate more chocolate or a piece of cake! There were times, when I was fooling myself that one cheat day a week is necessary and that I could eat a variety of junk!( read “Are cheat days needed? My take on it!” HERE)

That’s why today I decided to share with you, how my life, my physique and my mind changed, during the last 6 months or in other words what clean eating and not even a bite of junk did for me:

I found out that the less you eat your “favorite” junk foods, the more you start wondering how in the world could you have eaten them in the past, on a daily basis!

The more I eat clean food, the more my taste buds change and I’d even say they get sharper– if before, when I used to eat cakes and chocolate, an apple seemed tasteless, today even a carrot has an intense sweet taste!

I found out that appetite comes with eating… and that loving healthy food, comes from consistently eating it, and not just including it every now and then in your nutrition!

I found out that I can freely eat clean food, without getting stressed over complicated calculations. Now I can eat one more steak than planned, without feeling guilty all week long. During the last 6 months I can say that there are days when I eat A LOT, but the food I eat is always from clean, quality sources and even though the big quantities, every week I wake up leaner and fitter and I am achieving my goals with ease!

Even when my sister comes to visit me, she says “I notice that you eat A LOT, but you are still looking better every time I see you!”

In the past I used to have a lot of cellulite. The more I ate healthy food, the more the cellulite was disappearing, but there were some traces from it. During the past 6 months, the cellulite is completely gone! If somebody have told me that it is so simple… and I’ve spent so much money in the past, on anti cellulite creams and other magic solutions!

Before there were periods when I had more energy, and then periods when I could hardly find energy to get out of the chair. Nowadays I constantly feel energetic. I am always ready for more physical activity and I feel more focused!

Today I don’t feel cravings for sweets and junk, as I used to in the past!

I don’t feel dependent on food and food is not the center of my day, neither the focus of my mind!

Thanks to the last 6 months, I completely got rid of all “psychological damage”, that my bad relationship with food, has caused in the past!

If you are a follower of my Facebook page, probably you’ve noticed that during the last three weeks, I don’t train a lot, because I got an injury. But I  still don’t feel any guilt and I am not trying to make up for the lack of physical activity, with eating smaller portions. I eat enough, at times more than enough, but ONLY clean, quality food and I still look leaner!

And yes… if you ask me, being fit, following a nutrition plan… making your diet a lifestyle is simple, but not easy!

There isn’t a magic formula, nor a complicated, fancy recipe. Just real food- meat, eggs, fish, bacon,avocado,olives,veggies.

But what is not easy is getting rid of your excuses, getting rid of the lies you are repeating yourself, on why you “can’t” live without chocolate, without cheat days, without bread or without your favorite junk!

Was it easy for me to get here? Well, I’ve tripped so many times, but every time I got up and I got rid of one more of my lame, stupid excuses! Every time I went on more motivated and determined to get the control of my life!

And today I don’t care what people, who refuse to make the effort to change; to be in shape and be healthier, think!

Today I don’t feel guilt that I refuse to take a chocolate, I don’t feel obligation to eat pizza, just because everybody else is eating and I don’t feel ashamed to say that I don’t eat cake!

Today, I don’t care about the rude remarks of people, who say that “this is too much”; that “it is an obsession”. It’s not an obsession, it’s a lifestyle and a desire to control your own life! You refuse to believe it? Well, let me ask you.. doesn’t it look stupid, a human being with the ability to think, to be led and controlled by food and the HABIT to eat junk?

I made the effort to get here and enjoy the most wonderful 6 months of my life and I don’t think to make a step backwards! If you are ready to get rid of your lame excuses, that are stopping you from reaching your goals with ease… I challenge you to dedicate a couple months of JUST healthy food! Then, you won’t need to thank me! 😉 Your results will be the moral satisfaction for me! 🙂

And this is how I look today, without making sacrifices. Just eating real food.


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