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„The life of an ordinary person is a one way street. He knows only the path, that leads him to limitations. The only belief he has is his absolute loyalty to death. The choice how to kill himself is his only true freedom.”

…and tell you the truth exactly this freedom of choice, how to kill yourself, is what I wish people could voluntary give up. Day after day we fill our days with activities, which guarantee us slow, torturous but certain death. Each one of our actions, each decision what to eat, how much to move, or our refusal to move, either gives us the opportunity to make our bodies stronger and healthier, or it is just one more “bite” towards self- eating ourselves and self-destruction.

I gave up the desire to “excuse” my food choices, and my desire to work out and have the lifestyle I have. Those, that do not have the same values as mine, call me “strange”, “extreme”, “obsessed”.

But they don’t even understand. They don’t have an idea, that choosing to give quality food to your body, moving enough and preserving the functionality of your body, is not extreme. Actually I do not see something that could be more natural.

Probably if, day after day, we didn’t lose the connection with our bodies and if we didn’t become death for the signals that our body sends us, everybody would pay more attention to what they eat and how much time they spend being sedentary.

I love it when somebody tells me “ I live one life, and I am not gonna deprive myself.” Let me ask you something! Is that everything that can bring you pleasure and satisfaction from life? Just sitting and eating foods that kill your body and take away your health? Foods that suck the life, out of each living cell and turn your soul into a prisoner of the body of a dead man?

Food is what should give you strength and energy, so  you can use your body as a tool to do things, that truly bring  pleasure from life.

When was the last time, when instead of getting in the car and going to the supermarket, in order to buy chips and coke, you decided to get on the bike and go in the woods, in the mountain or just somewhere, where you could gather some wild berries or walnuts? Somewhere, where you could pick a real apple and enjoy not just the taste, but also the feeling of the journey itself?

Which one does it sound more like living your life? Being like a robot and just satisfying your needs as a consumerist, which is just another mask, to cover up the emptiness and the lack of real emotions in life? Or maybe feeling the freedom of being able to move, and getting some delicious, real “treats”?

And then people claim that they aim for good health and a happy life! This is just another pseudo conviction, which we by hearted and we constantly repeat. If we could see ourselves from the side, we would realize that with the way we eat and live, we are more likely performing a really slow, torturous ritual of suicide. Because the only difference between the crappy food we eat; the sedentary lifestyle we lead and let’s say a weapon, is the speed of the method we chose to take away our own life.

Because, dear people, who claim that ,those who pay attention to what they eat and if they move, are extreme and that you are happy, and they are tortured and deprived, I’d love to tell you something.

The body never lies! The body reveals the essence of everything, that is happening both in your mind and your organs. Being overweight, lacking tonus, the huge, dark circles under your eyes; getting out of breath, the slouched posture, are just the outer reflection of the inner cry for help of your body.

They are the facts, that prove that in order to allow for your body to reach such a destruction, you’ve lost your self- respect, ambition, satisfaction from life. You let them rotten and get to their  polarity, by voluntary agreeing to give up your life and just keep existing in some kind of mediocrity.

And yes, I agree that there are people who seem to pay attention to what they eat and they get to extremes, where their body once again looks like it is lacking strength and life- pale face, anemic appearance, lack of desire. But here, the body is once again a reflection of the inner state, a reflection of the inner conflict.

All the blames to those who take care of their bodies and keep them healthy and strong, all the lies that you’ve been repeating in order to excuse your careless attitude to your own body; are just an escape from the responsibility; just another desperate try to find a reason to stay who you are and where you are; just another try to turn your back to the courage to chase your potential and to take your life in your own hands.

And before you attack me how not everybody could have abs and veins, I want to tell you that nobody asks you for this. Nobody is trying to make you an elite athlete, shredded fitness model or the strongest man on Earth.

Yes, I want to master the handstand walking, I want to become more athletic and to be able to control by body better, but this is something that brings me pleasure personally. And it has nothing to do with what I am trying to convince you, that you need to do.

I don’t care if your physical activity are just a couple sporadic walks, some hikes during the weekend or a bike ride in the park. You don’t even need to go to the park. I just want to make you believe, that you need to move. Because your body is meant to move, not sit.

I do not want you to measure and count the quantity of your food. The only thing you should believe is that you have to pay more attention to the quality of your food.

My goal is not to make you obsessed about working out and nutrition, but just to help you learn to listen to your body and be aware that it is the best sign for your true essence- if you are healthy- both physically and mentally.

And no matter what you say, I don’t care. Find excuses for your lack of actions. But just remember that the body never lies. And just because the common knowledge says, that you should have pancakes for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and pizza for dinner; stay on the couch and take medicines every time you feel bad… doesn’t make it normal and natural.

And even if my words offend you… this is more a sign of mediocrity. The mediocrity, born out of the conciliation and the refusal to take control over your life and use your body up to its full potential!


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Ines Subashka


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