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Thanks to everybody who, through the last year started their Saturday morning with my words and my list with “My Favorite Reads of The Week”. In my opinion, when a person changes, what he does should reflect the change in his identity. Otherwise, there is always a conflict between the inner necessity and what you are doing in reality. Lately, writing the post with my favorite reads, became a habit and not something valuable that I am eager to share with you. Part of it is due to the fact that if back in the days reading blog posts, used to give me worthy information, that I was eagerly anticipating to share with everybody else, today it doesn’t give me enough. Today I have the basics and I am searching for something more; my mind is hungry for more detailed and quality information.

When a person writes a blog post, he shares just a little piece of himself; just a small fragment of what is it in his heart and mind. When a person writes a book… then he reveals his life in details. Then a person confides the most precious things he has, by packaging them in words and sharing them with those who are wandering on the same path and with those who need that shared experience and earned wisdom.

This is exactly how I feel. If back in the days, the pieces, the small fragments from other people’s mind and knowledge, were more than enough, today I am hungry for more- today I want to get to the depths of the knowledge about the world, the human body, evolution and everything else. Blogs, used to help me “hear” the opinion of those who have the courage to share parts of themselves, while books, give me the opportunity to understand the details, the causation and the motives. They give me the opportunity, among the sea of information to disregard from the facts that somebody derived and find my own truth.

Обожавам книгите и времето споделено с тях :)
Обожавам книгите и времето споделено с тях 🙂

That’s why lately I don’t read as much articles, besides the articles of Dr. Jack Kruse, who is really genius and he is way ahead of everybody else. Reading his posts, I feel like I am getting the information and knowledge I need. Lately, I read more books and I use my leisure time to experience the world- just the way it is. I use my time, not about reading about other people experiences, but instead I use it to gather my own experience and moments; so I can have the opportunity to experience, what I read- but this time in my own, authentic way; I use my time, so I can give the truth an opportunity to reveal by itself… instead of desperately searching for it between the lines.


That’s why from next week, I will start a new column. A column, where every week, I will share in details my trips and adventures, the places I visit, the lessons I learn and people I meet. I will share with you, some of the best moments of my life- those, when I get detached from security, daily routine and monotony and I head in an unknown direction, but with a clear goal- to discover more about my own self and the world.

I will show you why a person should take care of himself and his body.

I will show you how you can travel, without having a strict eating schedule; strict sleeping schedule; without knowing when your next workout is gonna be, but still being in the best shape of your life.

I will show you how in reality, everything a person needs, aren’t the caprices of the ego, but the needs of the soul- it is all about sharing your days with people, who reflect the best part of you; people who are headed in the same direction; people with whom you experience the world in its depths and people who love challenging themselves, their notions and convictions; people who have the courage to walk by your side and explore the unknown parts of the world and your own life.

Ivaylo and I :)
Ивайло и аз 🙂

The key to each enigma in life is hidden in nature. Every answer, which we search is “packed” and “hidden” in some nature phenomenon, nature law or just in knowing the cyclic and transitory nature of everything in the world, which surround us.

We fool ourselves, that nature is something that is apart from us. In reality, nature is our stable base. Nature and the knowledge about it are what differs those who live a life enchained in the ego caprices, from those who live a life dedicated to the freedom to explore life, to leave the feeling of the secure “ground” of the daily life and embark in adventure, where you discover more about your own self; where you keep what you truly need and get rid of what is just weighing on yourself and interfering with your need to fulfill your potential.

I love spending time in nature. The moments when I leave my own self and I merge into worlds, which are beyond me, beyond the frame of the biased mind, beyond the limitations of my thoughts.


Back in the days, my “trips” ran out with 15 minutes travel to the park and a one hour walk through the alleys. I used to go for a walk to the same place, every day and I was fooling myself that I am living. Until the moment, when my path was crossed with a person, with whom we’ve blown over tenths of times, but somebody who I have been looking for my entire life. Since then, every one of my days is different. Unlike before, today I cannot tell you where I am gonna be tomorrow, because I do not live according to a fixed schedule or according to the rules, I used to set for myself- those that placed me into a box in the otherwise vast and unexplored world.

Back in the days, I used to get satisfied with being a slave of my ego and feeding its hunger with achievements. Now, I enjoy leaving my ego to starve, while I am feeding my soul- with emotions and gathering moments, which give eternity to each experience. In my new column, I will share with you our adventures.

The adventures of two wandering people in search of themselves, in search of something more- Ines and Ivaylo.

We will show you how:

-You can improve your handstand, while you are riding your bike in the mountain;

-how you can practice cold thermogenesis, while swimming in some cold pond in the mountain;

-how to improve your balance, while doing pistol squats on a branch, on a railing or you name it;


How to lower your body fat, while eating quality food, bought straight from the producer- some grandma or grandpa, living in a forgotten village, filled with life and meaning;

-how to improve your physical preparation, while climbing in the mountain, swimming in the pond; while riding a bike in the cross country and testing the physical capacity of your body;


– how to improve the strength of your mind, by learning that there isn’t anything scary in not knowing when your next meal will be; by realizing that you can stay hungry for a couple hours; by paying more effort, even though you are feeling tired and you think you’ve reached your limit; by learning how to feel great, while you are all muddy or wet.

-how to start spontaneous conversations with wonderful people, by helping them change a flat tire, or while they help you;

-how to learn from the experience and wisdom of other people, by asking questions about the path they’ve walked and how to actually listen to what they are sharing.

-how to be citizens of the world and discover the intimacy in every stranger;

-how you do not need to wait, in order to do what you’ve dreamed of; you don’t need to wait in order to visit the places you’ve seen on pictures or save money for a long time in order to be able to go on a trip.

Actually, doing all of this, gives a sense of meaning and when it comes to money, it doesn’t cost much. It turns out that experiencing each day in a completely different way, doesn’t require that much money, but it makes you richer- it enriches your soul.

Our new passion is challenging ourselves and visiting laces we know nothing about; it is going on a trip, without knowing the precise destination, knowing jus the end goal- discovering more about our own self and the world. The best part about traveling is that you leave, being one person and then you return home being completely different- enriched by the beautiful sights; by the experiences you had and people you met. You return knowing more and feeling free. You return filled with more enthusiasm to live and give your best.

You return, feeling other people closer to you, because you’ve realized that we are all connected and that on each alley of life, we meet people who help us, people who you could help as well. You return feeling as if life has more meaning, because you already know that each one of us helps in putting together the puzzle of the world and turning it into a better place.

Ако статията ви е харесала, споделете я с приятелите си. Благодаря, че помагате да достигне до повече хора.

Ines Subashka

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