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Emiliya Yancheva

The vacations are about to be over, and it is time for most people to get back to work! Some of you were outstanding during your vacations- you worked out and ate clean, but some of you ditched their healthy lifestyle, right? And now you are back home and it is time to get used to your old habits. You start noticing the pounds you gained during your vacation, you feel out of shape and you can’t wait to do something about it, and finally start feeling better! That right there is the problem! The way most of you are gonna try to get back in shape!

Mistake 1

You are trying to make up for the workouts you missed, by working out way too much and way too long

My clients during a boot camp( vacation 😉 ) 🙂

I am constantly telling you how more, doesn’t mean better! And that is true in this case. Think about it… when did you manage to get positive results, by trying to compensate about the skipped workouts, with too much training? The only thing you might achieve is- you will over train, you might get injured, you will be too tired, you will become demotivated( did I just make up this word? 😉 ) and probably you are gonna quit!

If you haven’t trained for a couple weeks, it is absolutely useless to go to the gym, work out for hours, thinking that longer workouts will get you faster to your old shape!

Instead, stick to training methods that are effective in the long run. And what does that mean? Short but intense workouts with weights! Do not work out more than 45-60 minutes. Use weights, compound movements, interval sprints and some short, intense circuits. This is enough for you to get back in shape THE RIGHT WAY and it guarantees you success! You will save yourself the disappointment, the over training and the waste of time!

Mistake 2

In order to get rid of the guilt about eating unhealthy food, during your vacation, you go on drastic diets, that make you starve

Looks tasty, right?And it is healthy!

Don’t ever forget that you are not a plant and photosynthesis is not the way to do it! Stop the bul@%it! Watermelon diets… lemon diets… maple syrup diets… Where do you think you are going with this? The most you can get is go to the hospital and then everything starts over!

Instead of going on a drastic diet and reducing your calories too much, eating crappy food, choose the right way to do it! First focus on the quality of your food! Stop eating junk food and start eating meat, eggs, fish, vegetables and some fruits.

Gradually start reducing the quantity of your food, until you start eating as much as you need, and not as much as it tastes good! I guarantee you, that you will lose the unwanted weight and you will feel good- you will have strength!

Mistake 3

You start feeling sorry about yourself and you get depressed

Most people don’t go back home with big desire… and they hardly dread going to work. They lack motivation, inspiration and goals. This Is not the way to live your life! This is the way to merely exist. How do you expect finding desire to work out, eat healthy and etc, when you don’t even want to live your own life?

Why do you allow yourself to believe that a person is alive, only when he is on a vacation?

Learn to love what you do! Learn to believe in what you do! Learn to contribute something for others and for yourself! No matter what your job is I guarantee you that you are contributing something to the world! Trust me!

If you don’t like something, then set a new goal and chase it. Don’t get depressed, because the vacation is over!

It is the beginning of the month! Set a goal for the end of September- to become stronger, to become faster, to eat less junk food, to smile more often, to do your tasks with more enthusiasm and to feel more satisfaction from what you do! Small steps, which really contribute for improving the quality of your life!

If you need more motivation read this, this and this!

How was your vacation? Did you stick to your healthy lifestyle or did you slip into your old, bad habits?

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