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I went to the gym this morning and as usual I had a pretty tough workout. I am often asked why do I do all this crazy stuff. I am often asked “ What are you preparing for? In what sport do you compete?”. I always say “Oh,nothing. I workout for fun.”When I tell them I workout just for fun,they never say it but I can tell by their perplexed look that they consider me crazy! I am always challenged to persuade the average person why working out isn’t just for professional athletes. I can’t always find the right words to explain how sports develop your mind, personality, character and how the lessons learned in the gym can be applied in a difficult situation in our daily life.The principle is to learn to compete against yourself…and when the going gets tough to push a little more! Below I will try to give vivid examples. Hope more people will get my point of view!

I do overhead squats, so when life is giving me a hard time, I can hold on to the pressure for one more day, a week or a month.

I do burpees, so no matter how many times I fall, I will make sure that I will stand up one more.

I bench press, so when an earthquake happens, and I find myself under an object, I can push it up and save my life.

I drag tires, so when something in my life is holding me back, I can make sure I will still give my best to move forward.

I do double unders, so I can get used to stumbling over…and later on when I stumble over in life, I will get up, dust myself off and try again!

I do plated push ups, so when somebody is trying to knock me down,I can fight the resistance and get back.

I do pull-ups so when I get used to my life and keep hanging in the same place, I will have the strength to put myself together and rise above mediocrity.

I do deadlifts, so when I want something, I will know how to concentrate, give my best and get it.

I lift weights, because the stronger I am, the more I can take from life.

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