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You just woke up. It’s a new day and just the thought of getting out of bed and facing the new day is scaring you to death! You feel lonely, robbed… empty. The emotions are raving inside your fragile body and you are feeling so steeped in pain… just one more hit from life and you are hardly ever gonna find the strength to get back up!

Memories from the past are running through your mind… moments of happiness, pride, satisfaction… as if they are reinforcing your desperation and dead-lock… the desperation that your future will never get close to the beauty of your past days!

That’s how my day looked, exactly 5 years ago. On that day, my dreams shattered into pieces. Everything fell apart in front of my eyes… the moment I fell on the court, squiggling in pain, that was the moment when every hope, every longing, every dream fell apart with me! I won’t bore you with my personal story. For those of you who are not familiar with my story, you can read more here and here.

But today I decided to share with you how “the worst day”, “the most unfair situation” in my life, actually gave me stimulus to build a life, that brings me so much happiness, satisfaction and never ending enthusiasm!

I will never stop repeating it, but “nothing has its own meaning, besides the meaning we impart it.”

I spent a lot of time, after the injury, feeding the illusionary beauty of the past; I gave in to self- pity; negativity. I let m pain, disappointment and change, absorb me and slowly, day after day, destroy me!

But I am thankful that everything happened like this!

A lot of things happened since that day- good and bad things!

But today, every time when I have to go through one of life’s turns, I know that I can!

Today, I am not afraid to wake up and face the new day, no matter what is the surprise it has for me, because I know that nothing has the power to destroy me, unless I let it do it!

Today, I know that we are the once who impart meaning to situations and people who are part of our life and that we think we can’t go on without something or somebody, until the day, we are forced to face the rest of our life alone! That is when we find out, how strong we are! We understand how much more we are capable of and how much bigger our potential is!

Today, I am not afraid to feel pain, because I learned to liberate myself of it! I learned to just let it exist, just to accept what is happening and its right to exist!

Today, I am not afraid of what is going to happen today, because I know that the consequences of the event, depends on the way I will react! If I whine and complain, I will always meet resistance from life and bad luck is gonna chase me…

But if I accept what’s happening, learn my lesson and keep moving forward, a little wiser than I used to be, I have a pretty good chance to “make up on” happiness.

Today I don’t rely on others to make me happier, to bring variety and joy in my life and take me away from boredom… because I know that there is nothing bad with being alone! A person who is complete, a person who loves himself could be happy, even when there is nobody around…

Today I am not trying to run away from myself, clenching in other people, because I started loving myself and accepting myself just the way I am!

Today I realize, that change is the only sure thing, but this is where the beauty of life is hidden. Today I realize that change, always brings something better, as long as you have the courage and strength to shut the door to your past, and look forward to the present, where you will find everything you are aiming for!

Today, I already know that dead-lock is just plain excuse of those, who don’t have the courage to leave security… that dead-lock is for those who like a midget in the room, fly in panic, smudging in the closed window, just because it can’t stop, look around and see the widely open door…

Today I know that bad things happen, in order to help us see the beautiful things in life, in a new, different way. They happen in order to give us a new point of view, which will help us rediscover the world- to see it as it really is- beautiful, full of opportunities, happiness and amazing people!

Bad things happen, in order to hint us, that we are on the wrong path and that it is better to make the turn on time, and go back, moving forward to a better place!

Today I know that “everything happens for a reason” is a cliché, but clichés are the most real, true words about life, because they are a result from repetitive, proven events!

My last game with the national team...

Yes, basketball was something I loved doing, something that gave meaning to my life, something that gave me endless happiness… but life is not a bus stop! Life is a road, that we are supposed to walk on! Nothing is guaranteed and nobody knows what is gonna happen tomorrow… but does it matter? Life is like a kid’s game… kids just play and enjoy the moment… without having an end goal… because, you know what… the end is never certain and it is usually unexpected! Why spend your whole life, preparing for the “end goal”, when you are not even sure if tomorrow is gonna come?

Don’t waste today, feeling sorry for the past! Usually we exaggerate the beauty of the past, because we focus just on what used to make us happy… and in the same time we exaggerate the pain and ugliness of today, because we are blind for the beautiful things we have, thinking just about what we are missing!


And after all 5 years ago, I was a beast on the court, but I couldn’t do push ups like this. And see what I can do today… 😉


What did you learn from the hardest day in your life?

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