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Записването е успешно

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I was walking in the park, reading a book. Everybody wonders how I can walk and read in the same time. Call it art or just a habit, but I always do it! Yesterday, as usual I was reading, while walking, when a musician stopped me and said he wanted to ask something.

I guessed it will be the ordinary question “Basketball or volleyball?”, when he said: “ Are you studying for a lawyer?” I was surprised and answered that I was just reading. He was astonished and answered back: “ How come? You are always reading. I’ve seen you more than 10 times and you are always reading something. If I could read as much as you do, I’d become a lawyer!”

I smiled back and told him that I do other stuff for a living and law is not something I enjoy. He indignantly asked me “What does it mean that you don’t enjoy it? If you like reading that much, you should study in law school and become a lawyer, then earn a lot of money!” I tried to tell him one more time that I don’t do what “I am supposed to do”, but what I enjoy doing. Then he insisted: “ What does that mean? You don’t need to enjoy it! You WILL GET USED TO IT!”

I wished him a nice day and I continued on my way…

You will get used to it!”… this right there is the problem! Most people choose a path in their lives, this forces them to get used to it. Most people live their life, as they are thought, the “right way”, the way people around them think they are supposed to live…

Then, day after day they feel more and more exhausted, disappointed and unsatisfied. Their soul suffers and they realize it, but still feel way too tired to change something. Thus, though the big potential that everyone of us has, most will waste the wonderful opportunity to live the life of their dreams, because since they were kids, they are taught “to get used to it”.

It’s Monday. How does that make you feel? Are you gonna go to work with absolutely no desire? Do you wonder how you are gonna endure one more week at work? Are you looking forward to the weekend? You haven’t gone to work yet, but you are already exhausted?

If your answer is positive, you are one of people who are getting used to living! One of those that don’t do what they love and what they enjoy doing, but what they are SUPPOSED TO DO!

It’s Monday, and once again I am eager to wake up. At times I feel like the sun can’t rise early enough for me, so I can go to work. There are days, when I wake up at night, and I am disappointed when I see that it is still, just 2 a.m. and I have to sleep more, before the morning comes! And I can’t wait to live, to work, to do what I love!

Often times people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I am a coach. Then, they kind of feel sorry for me, as if I didn’t have luck in life and as if I failed… and on the inside I am laughing!

They have no idea! I can be whatever I want to become. I can work, what I decide to work and to be a coach fills my life with more sense, value, happiness and satisfaction, than they could ever experience!

Every day I have the chance to meet the most wonderful people- people who are motivated, hard working, driven, people who know what they want and where they are headed, people who work hard every day to get where they wanna be!

Every day these people give me more energy to live. They motivated me to want to be more, to become more!

Every day, when something in my life is going wrong, I go to a workout with a client and I leave happier than ever, filled with energy to go a whole day without sleeping!

Every day I wake up early and I go to a workout with a client, knowing that I have the chance to contribute for the positive change in somebody’s life!

Having the opportunity to accompany the ride of a person’s positive transformation, seeing his progress, how he/she rises above the limits, how he/ she overcomes his/her fears, how he/she fights his/her doubts and refutes the mass understandings about life… it just can’t be put into words…

There aren’t words that could describe this feeling!

And no matter what you are thinking now… you are right- I am one of those people, who love their work. I am one of those that get upset when rest days come, and throw a party when work days are here. I am one of those that see the opportunity to go to work, as a holiday, as something to be excited about!

What about you?

It’s Monday and if you are eager to leave your house and go to work, then that means you are doing what you love, what you were born to do!

But if you are feeling sad, unsatisfied, depressed, that means you are doing “WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO and you are teaching yourself “to get used to it”! Think about it! Do you really want to waste your life, feeling like this every single day?

I wouldn’t do it!

Have more courage!

Risk more and do what makes you feel happy. What gives you more strength, instead of taking it! What takes the pain away, bringing more joy, instead of what brings more unhappiness and dissatisfaction! Do what fills your heart with pride, not what makes you equal with the ground!

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Well, what is your decision?Are you going to get used to your life, or are you gonna give a shot at actually living?

Here is my latest accomplishment – hip thrusts with 104 kg

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Hipparchia

    Recently, I got criticism from a man, asking me why the hell I did not inherit my dad’s profession (a lucrative and stable one) and instead I am struggling to make a living with writing.

    Well, I don’t know what to say, my finances are not impressive. However, I have come across things, ideas and skills that richer people have never touched.

    And know what else? Most professional people seem skillful at a first glance, but they are mostly mediocre. Because they are not inspired, they do not get the big ideas and the big picture. They tinker with lots of details in their profession, which seems sophisticated, but in the end is sterile. Very few break through and achieve a sort of mastery, a free flow of satisfaction. Most (especially lawyers) are stiff, drained of life, lacking the luminosity of an awakened person.

    1. Ines Subashka

      @Hipparchia The problem is that nowadays people measure wealth in a financial expression. And truth is that life is so much more than just money! There are countless examples of rich people, who are not happy and content. As it is said you can’t buy happiness with money! True happiness comes from doing what you love, what makes your soul sing!

      So keep on writing, keep on doing what makes you feel complete! 🙂 And money… they are just a concomitant attribute and the more you do what you love, the more you will attract them…and someday you will be truly rich… spiritually and financially! 🙂

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