Don't Read This If You Hate Your Job!

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We spend the bigger part of our lives working! And unfortunately most people hate their job! As it is said, people spend their whole week waiting for Friday, spend their whole year waiting for summer and spend their whole life waiting to be happy… and thus, they spend their years waiting…

We look on our job as something mandatory, something we do out of need. You are supposed to work, so you can pay your bills, so you can buy food, clothes and other material stuff; so you could have the “freedom” to go out at night, to go on vacations…

We spend our day bored, with feelings of self-pity- how we are cursed to spend our so precious time working! How sad! Or maybe not really?

Have you ever thought about (more…)

What a Coach Could Teach You about Life?

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I was walking in the park, reading a book. Everybody wonders how I can walk and read in the same time. Call it art or just a habit, but I always do it! Yesterday, as usual I was reading, while walking, when a musician stopped me and said he wanted to ask something.

I guessed it will be the ordinary question “Basketball or volleyball?”, when he said: (more…)

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