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In a world where everything is changing so fast, on a daily basis we are challenged from the circumstances to adapt faster and faster. What we thought to be the truth yesterday, today is already outmoded. Constantly running out of breath, we are rushing towards our next goal, next deadline, next task… we rarely have the time to enjoy our accomplishments and success. And what could we say about others? It seems like they rarely notice our small victories and they accept everything we do for granted… as if it is something that we are supposed to do by presumption.

Nowadays, “Well done” or praises as a whole are rarely used. Well, if we are talking about critiquing somebody, there is always time to do it… there are always eyes, which will see the mistake, the failure… but you will rarely find a heart, which will notice the courage, the potential, the hard work and the bravery….

You know about the group workouts I have (Workouts for machines). After every practice I write a detailed post in our Facebook group( it is in Bulgarian so I won’t link to it wink ), where I write something for everybody’s progress- how they did during the workout, where they improved and so on. More often than not I get asked “When are you gonna write some critique?”; Come on, critique a little bit, stop with praising everybody so much!”…

I gave it a thought that as a coach I often tell people what they are doing wrong… and even if I am generous with the praises in the Facebook group, I am critical during the workouts… but I think that everybody’s hard work should be rewarded!

I think that everybody who makes the effort, should be encouraged!

Everybody who has the courage to try , should be driven to keep on doing it…
I think that life is in the details… and success is in the small, daily victories!

Every time when somebody comes to a workout, even though he had a hard day at work…

Every time when somebody puts one more bumper on the bar, even though he is afraid he might not manage to lift the weight…

Every time when somebody finishes a 400m run, even though his mind is screaming him to quit, his legs are tired, but… his heart is fighting…

Every time when somebody sacrifices his leisure time at night, so he could stay after the workout and work on his weak spots…

Every time when I see the drive and the desire in somebody, who just failed to jump on the higher box, but still gives it a try a couple minutes later…

Every time when I see the exhaustion in the eyes, but the desire in the heart…

Every time when I see the smile, after a successful handstand, a set of heavy squats, a set of push-ups, better time on the sprints…

Every time, when the workout is over, I see your small victories! For the world they might be insignificant… for them one push up, might be gay… one pull up might be pitiful… one finished lap, might be a piece of cake… deadlifts with 50kg. might be a drivel… but in my eyes, your progress is just as big of an accomplishment, as it feels in your own heart!

Because I know how hard you worked for it, I know where you started… what you went through… how you never dare to quit, how critical you are towards yourself and how you always expect more out of yourself!

And you know what? Being praised is the least you deserve!

After all is there something wrong with pointing it out when you see the positive change in somebody… the tremendous progress, after the effort he’s made in order to get here?

If we dared to point out the positive more often, and if we closed our eyes for the negative…

If we searched for the beauty more often , than we focus on the ugliness…

If we wished for others to succeed more often, than we secretly wish for them to fail…

If we payed more attention to where the person standing in front of us is headed and how far he has come… probably we could notice the great potential that every person has. Probably we could see more often how great, inspirational and capable are the people around us!

If we focused more on the positives in people, probably people would start noticing more our own positive sides!

There are critical people in abundance…

But unfortunately critique isn’t a driving force for the progress of a person, when it is given out of pure jealousy, fear, pessimism, anger…

Sometimes, as you need to have somebody who could show you your mistakes… it is good to have somebody who will remind you how capable you actually are!

Somebody who will remind you that no matter how far is your final goal… you still came far…

Somebody who will remind you that even if you can’t do something today, you are still making enough efforts, so you could succeed tomorrow!

Try it yourself! Instead of searching for negatives in other… try pointing out the good things they do! That way the people in your life will concentrate more on their good side and your own life will be easier, when you are surrounded with happy, satisfied people and not disappointed and whining people!

How often do you praise others? How often do you point out the positive things they do?

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