I Really Can't Believe How That Happened!

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In a world where everything is changing so fast, on a daily basis we are challenged from the circumstances to adapt faster and faster. What we thought to be the truth yesterday, today is already outmoded. Constantly running out of breath, we are rushing towards our next goal, next deadline, next task… we rarely have the time to enjoy our accomplishments and success. And what could we say about others? It seems like they rarely notice our small victories and they accept everything we do for granted… as if it is something that we are supposed to do by presumption.

Nowadays, “Well done” or praises as a whole are rarely used. Well, if we are talking about critiquing somebody, there is always time to do it… there are always eyes, which will see the mistake, the failure… but you will rarely find a heart, which will notice the courage, the potential, the hard work and the bravery….

You know about the group workouts I have (Workouts for machines). After every practice I write a detailed post in our Facebook group( it is in Bulgarian so I won’t link to it wink ), where I write something for everybody’s progress- how they did during the workout, where they improved and so on. More often than not I get asked “When are you gonna write some critique?”; Come on, critique a little bit, stop with praising everybody so much!”…

I gave it a thought that as a coach I often tell people what they are doing wrong… and even if I am (more…)

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