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Една от прекрасните снимки на Владислава Филипова :)
Vladislava Filipova Photography 🙂

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Last week I read something, which once again made me think deeper. “Everything, even the simplest, as well as the most complicated, from one person to a whole civilization, every living organism, on the way of its evolution encounters its opposing force, equal of power and scope to that of its own object”- Stefan D’Anna.

Ok, I know it might sound a little complicated, but I really like it. It somehow made life seem even more clear. As if I saw my past, through the intense image of the present and I answered a lot of questions, which I thought did not have an answer…or actually I thought, that I won’t find the answer.

I thought how true this is. We never encounter an obstacle, which is bigger than our own strength. The problem comes, from the fact that most people rarely dare to discover their own potential and abilities. People put up with a mediocre existence, which is some kind of worn out and pattern like. The life of each child, goes by like a faded pattern of his parent’s life. They made us believe, that just because we have a particular origin, a particular appearance or a particular community, we should accept the fact, that the boundaries of our lives end there. Beyond that everything is unreachable. Beyond these boundaries, every achievement, each success is reserved for “the chosen”- those who were born with more luck.

Thus, we live day after day. We grow on years, but we become smaller as people. And the sad part is that nobody has a goal, bigger than himself. How would you expect to conquer the tops, when you let yourself believe that you are insignificant and useless?

Obstacles are not a punishment, nor a try of life to break you down. They are just its way of making you stronger and capable. Just like, when you are in the gym, the stronger you become, the heavier is the barbell and the more efforts you need to make in order to lift it. Just like in the gym, the fact that I am loading the bar, means that I am progressing, becoming more athletic, stronger, capable, in the same way life is trying to show you the same.

Every now and then, you will encounter challenges, which seem as if you couldn’t keep moving forward. You feel as if nothing matters anymore and no matter what you do, you are just stuck there. In this place. To the end of your life.

Do you quit like that in the gym? When you have a plateau , you just decide, that this exercise I not for you and you never include it in your workouts anymore? Do you really never dare to challenge yourself and your strength?

I doubt it! I am convinced that you search for a way, a method, which will help you get over the plateau. Usually such an obstacle to your progress, has something to do with a weaker point on your body. The inability to keep progressing is just a symptom, that there is something wrong. The inability to cope with the weight is a real present. It helps you identify your weaknesses, so you could take care of them and go back to the gym- this time prepared. If the bar in the gym is your antagonist, which is equal of power and range, to you, this means that your antagonist in life are all the hardships, you face.

Obstacles, which have the goal to show you your weaknesses. To show you, where you are not prepared enough and what you are supposed to work on, in order to become stronger and capable enough to deal, with what is waiting for you further on the path of life.

And remember, that only a “big person” can conquer the highest tops of his imagination. Big success is reserved for him, who works on himself and his weaknesses. Big success, requires big responsibility, which could not be beard by people with a limited vision, people filled with fear.

In my life, there isn’t a place for fear and weakness. I’d rather fill my days, not with the fear of misery, but with the satisfaction of bravery, the strength and the never ending longing to be more. In my life there isn’t a stop sign, where I am waiting to meet with self-pity and limitations… I pass by each feeling, every person and every situation, which robs my meaning, which holds me back and encages me in the world of small people. Instead I move forward… to a world where I will be surrounded, by people who have faith in themselves, their dreams and the possible.

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