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16 Excuses We Use Every Day and What They Really Mean

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1.I want to lose weight, but I don’t have the time to make a healthy pancake in the morning. It takes too much time.

What we really mean is: I am not willing to set aside 6-7 minutes to beat two eggs with 2 tbsp. einkorn flour and bake them in a pan and then garnish them with some fruit and a tablespoon of nut butter.

2.My neck and lower back hurt, but I don’t have the time to stretch.

What we really mean is: I am not willing to get up 10 minutes earlier and do 3-4 mobility exercises in order to feel better.

3.I want to work out, but I don’t have the time to go to the gym.

What we really mean is: I am looking for a way to excuse my inactivity and I am rejecting all other workout options like taking some time to go to the gym or doing a brief workout at home.

4.I want to lose weight, but I don’t like healthy food.

What we really mean is that we are simply too lazy to make something tasty and healthy and we find it easier to squeeze all food into two words and say we don’t like it.

5. I can’t stick to my way of eating, because the people around me don’t eat like that.

What we really mean is that we don’t have an opinion and a point of view of our own and we try to change ourselves not according to what is good for us, but according to what others think of our choices.

6.Eating healthy takes time and is quite expensive.

What we really mean is that we prefer spending our money in restaurants and waiting for the waiter to serve us and the chef to cook for us instead of making something healthy that would take us less time to prepare.

7.I want to be fit, but I am not the kind of person who exercises.

What we really mean is that we are not willing to take some time and make some effort in order to master a skill that has not been a part of our everyday life so far.

8.I want to set aside some time for myself, but I am too busy.

What we really mean is that everything else in our life is more important to us. What we mean is that we have gone to such lengths to not love ourselves that we are trying to fill our lives with all kinds of activities and people, only to avoid focusing on ourselves.

9.I want to set aside more time for sleep, but I am short on time.

What we really mean is that time spent at the computer and on the phone is more important than our rest and recovery.

I want to work out several times a week, but I don’t know how to fit that into my schedule.

What we really mean is that we don’t know how to prioritize.

11.I can’t stand my present condition, but I am going to start my change on Monday, after the holidays, next month, after my vacation…

What we really mean is that we like our present condition, it is more bearable at this stage than the efforts we have to make in order to get out of it and change.

12.I want to lead a more active way of life, but others don’t understand me, they don’t support me and they sabotage me.

What we really mean is that we like being victims in our lives and we don’t like taking charge of our own lives, so there must always be other people to blame for our failures.

13.I want to be fit, but no one in my family is. It’s just that overweight runs in our family.

What we really mean is that everyone in our family has the same habits and we prefer to stick to them instead of changing.

14.I want to be fit, but I quickly lose motivation.

What we really mean is that the way we feel is not enough to make us do something good for ourselves – we need constant help and recognition from outside in order to make efforts.

15.I want to change the way I eat and start working out, but I am too old.

What we really mean is that we are content with not growing, not changing and not striving for something more. We are content with being a pale copy of our younger Selves and the years we have left to live are merely numbers that don’t lead to the accumulation of experience, mindfulness and wisdom.

16.Healthy food is too monotonous.
What we really mean is that we don’t mind eating dough in different forms – rolls, pizzas, feta pies, bread, although the ingredients are the same, but we are not willing to eat varied foods, made from the same healthy ingredients.

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