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If you ask a family member or a friend, what you are supposed to do, in order to lose some weight, what do you think would be the first advice they’d give you? To eat more vegetables and fruits, right?

And because not many people get excited by the thought of eating cucumbers and peppers, when their stomach rumbles, you are probably gonna eat mostly fruits!

In the media and especially in women magazines, there are constantly some kind of a new magical diet, which encourages you to eat mainly fruits. Not that I am an opponent to fruits, but I am definitely not ok with you turning fruits into the staple of your diet!

In my opinion, fruits are the kind of food, you could eat, whenever you feel like eating something sweet or something different. Some fruits, like berries, could be a part of your daily menu, but the rest of fruits, are not recommended in excess on a daily basis!

Even, when I didn’t know anything about healthy eating, I had some kind of an instinct and the idea of eating too much fruit, never appealed to me! It neither made me feel good, nor gave me the strength to be active, neither helped me achieve my body composition goals!

And because I am sure that most of the women, who are followers of  the apple diet, the cherry diet, the watermelon diet, will start explaining me how healthy it is to eat more fruits and how this is the way to get a nice, fit body!

BUT, I intend on telling you why things are not exactly the way, that you’ve been taught, they are ,for your entire life!

1.Fruits, even if they provide you with some vitamins and minerals, are not nutritious enough, to provide your body, what it needs to function properly!

As you know, for the synthesis of the hormones in your body, you need fats and cholesterol. Some of the most important vitamins, could not be absorbed, without the presence of fats and these vitamins aren’t called fat-soluble vitamins( A,D,E,K) , by chance!

When you eat just apples, for breakfast, for lunch and dinner, and in the meantime you might munch a couple oranges, you are not giving your body what it needs to function properly!

As I already mentioned, for the synthesis of the hormones and in order to absorb some vitamins, you need fats! And as you know, your health is pretty much dependent on the PROPER chemical reactions in your body. When your body doesn’t have the “ material” it needs, for those chemical reactions, you can’t expect to be healthy!

And besides that a nice, athletic body and a normal body fat percentage, couldn’t be reached, when you have hormonal imbalance!

And trust me, that if you keep on following these absurd fruit diets, and other similar photosynthesis diets, you will definitely get a hormonal imbalance!

2.Fruits are carbs!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know my opinion about carbs and how I wouldn’t recommend you, turn them in your main fuel source. I am sure that as most people would agree, one of your goals, because of which you are following a nutrition plan is because you want to lose weight, to get leaner or call it whatever you’d like!

In order to get rid of the unwanted fat, you have to create conditions, under which your body is gonna use its own, stored fats, for energy!

By eating mainly carbs, you are constantly providing your body with a source of energy. Thus, it will use these carbs as fuel, and when it needs more energy, it will send you signals to provide it. Thus, you will feel like eating again and you will keep on consuming more food! First, you are never gonna get to using your own body fat stores for energy and besides that you will get in the enchanted circle of “oh, I just ate but I am hungry again!”

3.Fruits contain fructose

Now you are probably thinking “How does that matter! We all know that fruit contain fructose!”. Lately, experts talk a lot on the topic how fructose is not metabolized with the release of insulin, but how it is metabolized in the liver.

This means that when you eat too much fruits, and your liver already has stored enough glycogen, the excess amount of fructose, that you just had will be stored and turned into fat. ( this of course is an over- simplified statement, but a lot of explanations stand behind it!)

.Not all calories are created equal

I already wrote a whole post on the topic, so you could read it here.

I will just mention that in order to have the body you want, a negative caloric balance is not enough. The food you eat is important. Do you want to have that tight, curvy look? Well, how would you expect to carve your body like this, if you keep on eating just carbs, and you are hardly ever eating protein? Don’t forget that proteins are the building blocks in your body!

And even if at first sight, this looks ridiculous- to deny fruits, as the staple of your diet- please trust me and give it a try!

You’ve been reading all kinds of magazines and you trust every headline, that promises you to lose the weight in 5 or 8 days. Then, trust ME!

Give a chance to what I am telling you to do. Just for 2-3 weeks. Try eating more meat, eggs, vegetables, bacon, olives, avocado, limit the carbs and increase the good fats! Then see how you feel!

After all you lost so much time, trying diet after diet… you won’t lose that much more time, if you give a chance to my way of eating for 2-3 weeks! You will notice the difference and you will never need a magical diet again, because this will turn into a lifestyle!

What is your opinion on the topic? Do you eat a lot of fruits?

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