Women and Fruit Diets: How Fruits Actually Interfere with Your Weight Loss Goals

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If you ask a family member or a friend, what you are supposed to do, in order to lose some weight, what do you think would be the first advice they’d give you? To eat more vegetables and fruits, right?

And because not many people get excited by the thought of eating cucumbers and peppers, when their stomach rumbles, you are probably gonna eat mostly fruits!

In the media and especially in women magazines, there are constantly some kind of a new magical diet, which encourages you to eat mainly fruits. Not that I am an opponent to fruits, but I am definitely not ok with you turning fruits into the staple of your diet!

In my opinion, fruits are the kind of food, you could eat, whenever you feel like eating something sweet or something different. Some fruits, like berries, could be a part of your daily menu, but the rest of fruits, are not recommended in excess on a daily basis!

Even, when I didn’t know anything about healthy eating, I had some kind of an instinct and the idea of eating too much fruit, never appealed to me! It neither made me feel good, nor gave me the strength to be active, neither helped me achieve my body composition goals!

And because I am sure that most of the women, who are followers of  the apple diet, the cherry diet, the watermelon diet, will start explaining me how healthy it is to eat more fruits and how this is the way to get a nice, fit body!

BUT, I intend on telling you why things are not exactly the way, that you’ve been taught, they are ,for your entire life!

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