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The other day I read something which really stirred the thoughts in my mind… “The Universe always gives its best to hit the weakest spot, because it is the place that’s supposed to become stronger!”

I read that and I thought about everything that happened to me in the past; I thought about people that consider themselves as victims; as people born without luck.

If you are the kind of person, who is wondering why all those bad things are happening to you, I hope that you just found out the answer! And in case you still need some explanation, I will say it straight- because you are REFUSING to learn your lesson; you are refusing to work on your weakness and make it your strength or at least limit the consequences of its exhibit.

They say that if we don’t learn from the past, it is destined to repeat in the future… something like a phantom from the past, which is wandering in the present and the future, waiting for the most convenient moment or situation, to remind us of its existence. And until you face it, until you look it in the eyes; until you decide to get done with it and erase it wipe it from your life, it will be sporadically coming back… usually in the most improper moment and every time it will leave more ravage!

Often people have the turn for adding in their life, what in reality isn’t there at all! We look for the hidden meaning, in situations, where everything is so obvious, but we still refuse to accept it. We look for some kind of a sign, for something small, that we can grab, so we could make it fit in the puzzle of the life, we got into our heads!

We accept hardships in life, as a hindrance… as something that can’t be overcome; as a hit from destiny, that has the only goal to break us, to make us feel weak, helpless and insignificant… and is it really that way?

I refuse to agree and I refuse to believe in the authentic of the statement above! I spend a lot of time analyzing things, that happened to me and the way they influenced me… how they formed my character, what they took or respectively gave to my personality.

And do you know what? I am thankful for everything that happened to me. I am thankful for every single moment, when I could hardly find strength to face one more day; for every moment when my soul was bending in the corner of the silent room, when it was feeling crushed under the weight of the pain; for every moment when insults and betrayals, made my heart stop for a moment, and when I was fighting to grasp a breath in a moment of closeness.

I am thankful, because I never allowed myself to accept the fact that things just happen out of nowhere and that I am cursed to suffer. I never doubted that everything has a reason to happen and I never stopped believing that it will be for the better!

The memory about each defeat and the success that followed, gives me strength every single time, to move forward… even though at times I have no idea where I am going, but I still believe that it is to a better place!

They say that a person is as strong as his weakest link! And how could you see your weak spots; how would you manage to find the out and work on them, if you don’t get yourself in situations that will test you, provoke you and put you to the touch?

Yes, it is hard and yes, it hurts! It is like during a workout. It is hard to know that your legs aren’t strong enough and day after day, you train them, slowly increasing the weight… and then you feel tired… but in a month or two, when you turn back and realize how hard you’ve worked, how consistent you were and the results you achieved, you are feeling twice as motivated and satisfied.

Why don’t you look on life from this perspective? Why do you refuse to accept the fact, that each hit is just a form of help- the helping hand that is showing you your weakness! And from there on, it is up to you how you react and what actions you are going to take! If you are gonna work on becoming stronger, or if you are just gonna whine, and take the same hit over and over again, until you become more conscious… or until you are alive…

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