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I had a different idea for a post today, than the one you are gonna read now! But when I opened the empty word page, from nowhere, I remembered about a post, I wrote last year ( “What I learned in 2011?”). Then I thought “ Why not write a post like this for 2012?” Probably you are wondering why in the world you would care what I learned in 2012? Well, you never know…. Sometimes a person needs to read something, he already knows, in order to get all the pieces from the puzzle, which will help him realize what he went through, how far he has come and how much he grew on the way!

What did I learn…

I learned to love myself. And not because I am an egocentric, self- loving person! I started loving myself, so I can start loving others. I started being more patient towards myself and the mistakes I make, so I can have more patience towards others!

I started loving myself, so I could always have a “company”, with whom I could feel in peace and walk confidently, even if I am walking alone!

I learned that at times we fool ourselves that we can’t live without somebody or something, until the moment we are forced to keep moving forward and living our life alone… and then we realize how strong we are and how trying to run from who we were, we unconsciously built an illusion, which we artificially “fed”- we gave it strength and confidence, and in reality nothing was real!

I learned that you should love yourself, so when the world around is falling into pieces, the world inside you could still stay untouched… and then when you find yourself among the ruins of betrayals, insults, disappointments… your inner “wholeness” will be the source of strength and inspiration… Your inner world will help you get back up and build again, everything in the world around!

Lame but a fact, I learned that it won’t be like this forever! Every time when something happens to me- good or bad, I allow myself to experience the emotion, and then I tell myself that it won’t be like this forever. This gives me the strength to stay in peace- neither crawl in the mud, nor “fly” among the clouds and fool myself!

Once again I realized, that a person is capable of overcoming everything and that you do not need to waste precious months and years of your life, regretting and feeling sorry for the past. I learned that in life everything changes and that usually the change comes from the somewhere, you are least expecting it! But there is nothing tragic in this! Usually the situations and people, who come in the future, show you that everything had a reason to happen and that the change was just for the better… just an opportunity to help you open your eyes and see, what you stubbornly refused to see!

I learned to be thankful for each detail, for the smallest thing happening in my life. I realized that the world around, is a reflection of the world inside of me. That when you build the world inside of you, the one on the outside will do the work alone and it will send you people and situations, that will be in synchrony with your goals and your attitude!

I learned to focus on the positive side of people and to take their disadvantages, as a temporary characteristic of their personality. I realized that each person, carries something wonderful inside, but more often than not it is hided deep under piles of insecurities, fear, doubt and pain. I learned that even when others focus on the negativity in people, I have to focus on the positivity and point it out, until they manage to see it and realize their potential to become great!

I learned to never compromise with myself, because of somebody else, because I am the only person, who is gonna be with myself until my last day on Earth. And if I compromise with who I am, what I aim for and what gives purpose to my existence… by leaving my life, people will carry away a piece of me and they will leave a void, which will be hard to fill and replace!

I learned that no matter how hard it is you should follow your dreams. No matter how hard it is, you should do what gives you strength to wake up every morning; what you are eager to do; what gives more purpose to your life; what enlightens your enthusiasm and motivation and by doing it, help others become a little bit better!

I learned that nothing has its own meaning, besides the meaning we give it… we are the ones who give an evaluation to the situations in our life and it is in our favor to search for the positive side. It is in our favor to be careful about the meaning we give to each situation and each person, because the value we give them, sooner or later turns in the value of who we are!

What did you learn in 2012?


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