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Winter is here and probably some of you will give up on working out. Winter and cold weather that goes with it, are the perfect premise to hide behind layers of clothes and convince ourselves that there isn’t anybody to see how fat we are. Thus, without even realizing it, the pounds pack on and the spring comes! We become aware of the fact that we got fatter and the big depression appears- what diet should you follow, how many calories should you burn, how in the world could you get rid of the extra weight! Summer is knocking on the door and we should be in the best shape, in order to walk proudly on the beach, showing off our new swimsuit!

If you do not want this so well known scenario to turn into your reality this year, it is time for you to become aware that with the end of summer, doesn’t come the end of physical activity! We are not in prehistory and we do not need all that fat, that guarantees our body’s functions in severe conditions! The thing is that most of you probably lose their motivation to go out and workout when it is rainy and cold!

I wonder how do you find desire to go out with friends, go to work or go shopping, but you somehow always lack the desire to workout? Here it comes up to find your “why”, i.e. what is your goal, that will always be your inexhaustible source of strength and desire to be active! I can think of a couple things that could be a really good reason to leave behind stupid excuses and keep working out in the cold months:

1.Your health

During the winter, people get sick often. It is a great way to harden your body, by working out and toning! Besides that workouts have a bunch of positive effects, not only on your physical but also on your mental health! In order to feel good, healthy,concentrated, focused and motivated, you need to workout!


When summer time comes and it is time to throw the sweaters and jackets in the closet, I think that you won’t feel good, to find out that not much of your last year’s clothes fit you, because you packed on a couple pounds! Because I do not want you to ruin your health with absurd diets and weight loss pills, just to get in shape for the vacation, think in perspective and just do not let yourself gain weight…go workout!

3.Be accountable

When it is cold, I guess that you spend most of your time at home and you probably stay in front of the PC or the TV. Instead of wasting your time that way, invest it in your health! Besides that, workouts are a great way to get social and meet people that are just like you, people that will help you find motivation, when you’ve lost it! Personally I prefer on working out by myself, but if you are the kind of person, that likes it better to have a friend, winter is the perfect time to start working out with somebody else! That will be one more reason to know, that if you decide to skip workout, you will disappoint not only yourself but your friend too!


If working out is more of a rule in your life, than an exception, probably you’ve noticed the feeling of accomplishment after workouts! Use that feeling and the desire to experience it over and over again, to be a source of energy in the cold, early mornings when you’d much rather stay in bed and skip workout!

5.Set goals

Set some measurable goals for the beginning of spring. They might have something to do with your body or your physical conditioning. Why not sign to participate in a marathon or another competition? That will keep you motivated to workout hard!

6.Do it for yourself

Last but not least, do it for yourself! In the fast pace life, we usually leave ourselves behind, for the sake of others. Let yourself to do something just for you, something that will make you feel good in your skin, to be proud of your accomplishment, to feel healthy and complete!

My motivation to workout is infinite! Again everything comes up to the goals you set, your inner motivation that is in your hands and only you have control over it! Nobody and nothing could make you workout, if you do not wake up the sleeping desire, hidden deep inside yourself!

So, are we working out today? 🙂

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    What’s up friends, fastidious post aand pleasant urging commented at this place, I am grnuinely enjoying by these.

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    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post. Many thanks for providing this info.

  3. Troy

    This is very true that it is the time of the year when many people stop working out. Just because its cold they think they do not have to go to the gym. If people want to keep a great summer body they must keep it in shape during the winter.

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