Why Am I So Self Confident?

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Kelly Klarich

“He was able to hear “no” a thousand times and still keep on communicating with himself in a way, that could sustain his desire to keep knocking on the next door, completely convinced that this time he might get a positive answer.”- Antony Robins

People often tell me that they envy my confidence. They say that if they were me, probably they would have reached their goals and they could live a life they actually loved.

Every time I hear this, it makes me smile… not because I am too self confident, but because (more…)

Don't Read This If You Want to Keep On Living Like a Victim

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Дните никога не са еднакви! :))) Дори изгревът и залезът са различни всеки ден! 🙂

“Between your fingers you a stone and throw it into flowing water. The effect may not be easy to see. There will be a small ripple where the stone breaks the surface and then a splash, muffled by the sound of the surrounding river. That’s all.
Throw a stone into a lake. The effect will be not only visible but far more lasting. The stone will disrupt the still waters. A circle will form where the stone hit the water, and in a flash that circle will multiply into another, then another. Before long the ripples caused by one plop will expand until they can be felt everywhere along the mirrored surface of the water. Only when the circles reach the shore will they stop and die out
If a stone hits a river, the river will treat it as yet another commotion is its already tumultuous course.Nothing unusual. Nothing unmanageable.
If a stone hits a lake, however, the lake will never be the same again.” Elif Safak

Most people spend their lives like a lake… they hide everything inside. They store it somewhere in the deep, fooling themselves that they are hiding it, keeping it save. They spend their lives without ever daring to search for something. Without trying to find their purpose. Every day resembles the one before that. Their lives seem like the steady water in a lake.

But life can’t stand stagnation. Some times goes by, and as there is always somebody to throw a stone in the lake, just to check what is gonna happen, life “throws” obstacles on the “path”. Just to give people a chance to be pushed away at the shore, where they can see from the side…where they can finally become conscious and give their best to stay away from the monotony that is taking away their strength!

Just like when you throw a stone…”The stone will disrupt the still waters. A circle will form where the stone hit the water, and in a flash that circle will multiply into another, then another. Before long the ripples caused by one plop will expand until they can be felt everywhere along the mirrored surface of the water. Only when the circles reach the shore will they stop and die out.”

It is the same with people… each hardship that we face, will at first form a small circle. But when we get scared, instead of facing it and looking it in the eyes, we usually run away… further to the second circle, to the third… the more we run, the bigger the circle becomes and the harder it is for us to cope with the situation. Until we are being pushed away on the shore. Where we get the opportunity to look in the horizon and see what is happening.

Unfortunately not too many people do it! Most just say on the shore trembling from fear. Trembling from fear, remembering (more…)

I Want to Start and Finish Relationships As I Do with Books…

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National Sports Academy in Bulgaria

„ I want to start and finish relationships as I do with books. When I am done with one, I just reach for the next one. I got to know it, I liked it ( or not that much), I laughed, I cried sometimes, I learned something new and in one moment I want/ I don’t want it to end.” Maria Vasileva

I read this some time ago. I think it sounds beautiful. It made me think about a lot of things and I made the parallel not just with relationships, but with everything in life. Those who know me, are aware that I love reading. I have so many books. I always wonder, why I don’t pay for a card in the library, just rent the book, read it and then return it back.

Every time I ask myself this question, I find the same answer… because after each book I read, it somehow becomes part of me… I take a piece of the book and it gives me a piece of itself.

Then, I leave it on the shelf of my huge home library… sometimes I remember about the book, and sometimes months, years go by without even thinking about it.

Every book I read, gives me the freedom to use my imagination, to experience what happens inside, just the way I want it. Just the way I see the world! You immerse in the pages, where you find more, than what you think that you already know about yourself.

Every book is something, like a mini world. Like a mini fragment from true life, where you (more…)

Working Out for Performance vs Working Out for Weight Loss

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Yesterday I had an intense but short practice. It lasted only 45 minutes. As I walked out of the gym, I felt really satisfied and happy. I had a flashback about the time when I spent endless hours in the globo gym, doing whatever I could, just to spend more energy and hoping that someday I will get the body I want. Then I got back to the present moment and I was thinking about the difference between working out to burn calories and working out for performance.

When you workout in order to burn more calories…

You (more…)

Are You Doing This Too?

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Лаурен Плъми
Lauren Plumy

„Likewise, there is no difference in the person who intends to do things differently and the one who never thinks about it in the first place. Have you ever considered how often we judge ourselves by our intentions while we judge others by their actions? Yet intention without action is an insult to those who expect the best from you.” Andy Andrews

What did you intend to do yesterday? And what about last week? What did you intend to do today? Or I may better ask you, how often, do you really take actions to carry out, what you intend to do?

I also have moments like that. I play a plot in my mind, with the things I want to do; what I plan to achieve; the tasks I have to complete. Sometimes I spend more time thinking about (more…)

6 Reasons To Keep On Working Out In Winter

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Winter is here and probably some of you will give up on working out. Winter and cold weather that goes with it, are the perfect premise to hide behind layers of clothes and convince ourselves that there isn’t anybody to see how fat we are. Thus, without even realizing it, the pounds pack on and the spring comes! We become aware of the fact that we got fatter and the big depression appears- what diet should you follow, how many calories should you burn, how in the world could you get rid of the extra weight! Summer is knocking on the door and we should be in the best shape, in order to walk proudly on the beach, showing off our new swimsuit!

If you do not want this so well known scenario to turn into your reality this year, it is (more…)

The Strength That Woke Up in a Moment of Weakness

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Image source: http://blog.onlinedominance.com/turn-weaknesses-into-strengths/

We weed out reality, according to our own beliefs; we weed out, what we see, feel or notice. What is your opinion about life? You probably think that it is unfair, cruel, hard… that just hypocrisy, villainy, lies and impertinence are the way to succeed. Probably you are thinking that people are evil, jealous and unscrupulous.

Am I right? Is that what you are thinking? Then, I am sure that your daily experience just bears out this beliefs. I am sure that everything, that takes place in your life, is (more…)

Do You Care What Other People Think About You? Here Is What I'd Think of You, When We Meet!

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The little machine 🙂

Daily I have the pleasure of meeting a lot of different people, who are really motivated to change their lifestyle and improve the quality of their life! Besides the experience I get, when it comes to workouts and nutrition, I am constantly analyzing people’s behavior. The human mind is something that has always been an enigma for me and I am always interested in what and why is happening in the mind of the person against me!

Lately, I notice that people often talk about themselves with some kind of negativity and self- hatred! I can’t even describe you how many times a day, I will hear “ I am awful at this”; “ I can’t do this”; “I look fat’; “I look disgusting”; “I am so out of shape”;” I am sorry, probably you aren’t used to train with people that are so out of shape”; “ I am doing worse than I expected”.

There is nothing wrong with a person who is being critical towards himself, but still everything has some limits and the critic should be constructive. And lately I notice that you could rarely meet somebody who loves himself. And by saying “love yourself”, I am far from the thought of an egocentric person, who thinks the world revolves around him!

When somebody walks in the gym, I don’t see him according to what he is at the moment, but according to what he has the potential to become!

When a 40 year old man, walks in the gym, I do not see a person who is out of shape, somebody who neglected his health and body and somebody who has absolutely no physical culture.

Instead, what I see is a person, who no matter his busy schedule, no matter the excuses he might make up, no matter the widely spread notions, found the motivation to change. He found the courage to show determination and do something for himself!

When an overweight girl, (more…)

Attention: The Most Obvious Reason for All Your Sadness and Troubles

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“While you keep believing that somewhere out there, there is somebody who is the reason for your struggles, you are just keeping yourself away from the ability to take everything in your hands. Only when you say “ I am the reason”, you will find the strength to change everything!”

Does that sound familiar? We spend days and our whole life, searching for somebody to blame for our failures, lost dreams, missed opportunities and lost chances. We search everywhere, but inside of us. And you can’t imagine how much easier it is to change what you do, than it is to change what others are doing!

I am 23 years old but I have done more mistakes in my life, than you could guess. I’ve learned most of the lessons in life, the hard way! Actually I am the kind of person that has feelings… really strong feelings but I rarely show them. This was the reason to start blogging- because with the blank sheet I could share everything I thin and feel. And sharing it with you, I get the opportunity to meet people who are just the same as me. People who don’t judge or blame. People who accept others and people who are aware that everyone walks his own path, full of stones, that leaves us with wounds, scars and memories, which carry their weight on each one of our actions, each thought and each reaction!

By writing, I discover myself every day. By writing, every day I have the chance to reach the person I am and the person I want to be.

I’ve been on the bottom more than once. I’ve felt tearing sadness, discouraging desperation and unending pain… till the moment, when I realized that I am responsible for the rate up to which events influence my life.

When somebody is telling me insulting words, I am the one that evaluates if his words describe me, or if they are just a projection of (more…)

What Gave Me Strength, When I Was about to Give Up?

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Image source: http://newhottopics.blogspot.com

The last two weeks I have a lot of work to do, and besides that on Monday is my final exam for my bachelors degree, so I also need to study. That’s why this week my posts are not as “educational”, as I’d like them to be, but I promise that next week everything will be back to normal!

But I can say that motivation is on my mind all week, because at times I feel really tired, and this accompanied by my ambitiousness, needs the “spices” called a motive, inspiration and desire!

Yesterday I went early at the stadium and I dragged tires. I love tires. If I have to choose my favorite piece of equipment, that’d be tires!

I did some interval “sprints” with tires. On the last interval, I was really tired. I had about 15 more meters to the finish line and it looked so far. At that moment I had the thought of slowing down a bit and just finishing slower. Then my inner voice took everything under control and as usual it didn’t let me give up!

There are moments, when something seems hard and you want to quit. Seems like your whole body is screaming for you to stop and suddenly, you feel a fire burning deep inside- a strong desire a passion to be a winner- to win over your thoughts, your fears, your exhaustion and your desire to quit!

At that moment I remembered about this video. (more…)

Too Early, Too Cold, Too Hard…

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Image source: http://pfitblog.com

To be unsatisfied with where you are and still don’t take an action to change it!

Not feeling good in your own skin and still follow your bad habits.

To have low self- confidence and still feed your mind with negativity and denial!

To feel lost and still keep walking on the same path.

How many of you find yourself in this description? How many of you, feel tired from the place you are, the job you have, your body (more…)

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