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If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know that I love sharing my thoughts about how I feel in the gym and why working out is such an important thing in my life.

For me a workout is not just the time, when you gather all the will you have left, then go to the gym, make yourself suffer a little bit, praying that you’ve done something right and hopefully you manage to get in a better shape.

For me the gym is something like my temple. And a workout is my holy time. A part of the day when time and space do not exist. A time of the day when nobody and nothing bothers me. Even if I am surrounded by a bunch of people, in my mind it is just I and the weights.

The time, when once again I realize how much a workout resembles real life. The moment when I remember that just as in life everything depends on us and we are those that control everything… In the gym I once again realize that we are the once who train in order to determine the outcome of our goals and efforts. Everything is in our hands. Weights are just an instrument, and a workout is just the right place and time to execute the task.

It resembles life! Where everything we have is just an instrument, helping us to create the life we dream for and where only those who are truly determined to do the work in order to achieve their goals, will finally reach success.

The gym is the place, where I search for the right way to work out; where I turn to myself and every time I ask myself why I am doing exactly this and what is the result from it. The place where every time I ask myself if I am doing effective things or if I am just wasting my time and effort.

The gym is the place, where you should always be focused, where you should be always present in the moment. If you catch yourself that your mind is wandering somewhere else, you risk being crushed by the weight and getting injured. Then you risk “carrying” the trauma for the rest of your life, as a reminder for the moment of unconsciousness.

It resembles life… where on a daily basis we are trying to find the right way to live; where on a daily basis we question the things we do and the purpose behind them. Where if you are not present in the moment, you are actually allowing life and whatever happens in it, to go right through you and crush you!

The gym is the place, where every failure, strengthens your body and mind; where after every failed attempt, I don’t leave, crushed by reality, that it didn’t work out the way I’ve planned it, but instead I go back home, searching for what I should do in a different manner, in order to achieve my goal. Where with every pound I add on the bar, every rep that I perform with perfect technique, every lap that I finish faster is a moment of triumph.

A moment, that I cherish and a moment that I know cost me time, effort and tries.

It resembles life… where failure is not meant to demotivate us; to crush us and leave us crawling on the ground. Just the contrary! The ideal is on the way back home, to forget about self- pity and thoughts of giving up, but instead ask the question “where did I go wrong?” and then try again, this time in a smarter and different way!

Just as in life, where we are supposed to learn to enjoy every little step forward. Where when you cherish the small victories, you guarantee the successful “flight” to big triumphs!

The gym is the place where I love being alone, but still not feeling lonely. The place where I get to learn more about myself, than I could learn in the company of somebody else.

It resembles life… where the happiest people are those, who’ve mastered the art of being alone. Those who can turn to self and in the silence of their own presence, to discover the answers of all questions!

The gym is the place where I test my character; where I understand exactly how much I am willing to achieve my goal and the place where I realize the unlimited capabilities of my body and mind. The place, where the weights are just another challenge and just another opportunity to help me realize my own greatness and the power of determination!

It resembles life… where obstacles and the way we overcome them, reveal the strength of our character and how much are we actually willing to achieve our goals. Where hardships are just another opportunity to seize the sparkle of our own shining!

A workout is my opportunity to experience my whole life, in the time frame of an hour! The opportunity to try and fail. To be disappointed, to make mistakes, and then pick myself together and rise to the top again. The place, when there are days, when it seems as if nothing turns out right, but I still know that if I give myself time, rest and if I approach it in a smarter way tomorrow, I will return stronger and more motivated!

The gym is the place, where each workout is like a moment… some are stamped on our minds forever, and some are long forgotten. But the feeling is still there. I may not remember what I did last year, but I will without no doubt tell you, that I was in the gym and I gave it my all. That I was there, testing my mind and my body! I don’t remember exactly how I coped with that day a year ago, but I remember that I was strong enough to keep on going and today to go through the door of the gym, feeling in the best shape of my life!

It resembles life so much… where every day is just a moment… some stay forever in our mind, and some just fade away. I don’t remember exactly what happened a year ago, on this day. I don’t remember if I was sad, disappointed or happy. But I remember that I was strong enough to keep on going, so today I have the opportunity to face the new day, feeling full of enthusiasm and desire to live. Strong enough to face today, full of purpose!

And after all what is it that I love about a workout?… A workout resembles life!

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