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габриела Субашка
My sister- Gabriela Subashka

Today, as every single day, I was walking in the park. The minutes of stolen peace, in a fast paced world. The place, where I am carried away in another dimension. Where it seems as if nothing is happening and as if I don’t care about anything. I am just there… among the nature and I don’t even dare to think what is happening in the world of “the constantly chasing people”.

I cached myself thinking… if  I had to explain with just one word, what life is…what would be that word?

And my answer is…echo. Yes, that’s right! Life is an echo. What you do, is what comes back at you. Obviously if you are busy saying and doing ugly words and deeds, sooner or later they are gonna come back and get you.

Life is an echo and everything starts from us. If we do not utter a sound, we can not expect the “sound wave” of the echo to come back.

Then reality slapped me and I remembered about people from the world of “the constantly chasing:- for the disappointed once; for those that are being unfairly treated by life; those that are born without luck. I thought, how painful it would be for them to understand that life is an echo. How painful it would be for them to realize that what they are getting, is what they are actually thinking or doing to somebody else.

We take countless hours to analyze other people, their behavior, their actions and motives. And we rarely take 10 minutes to look closer at ourselves. To ask why we do this or that and how our reality is a reflection of our own understandings, feelings, thoughts and motives.

Most people do something for others, because they expect a returning gratitude.

They help in order to receive.

They share, because they demand.

Most people, do something for others by already mentally painting the reaction, they should get from people; the words they’d like to hear and the actions that should follow.

And then, when the reaction of the receiver is different, they are left disappointed and aggressive towards the world, towards people and everything that is happening.

But do we really need these negative emotions? Do we really need this negative “scream” at life?

Echo, always returns…

It is about time to realize that the value of your actions is being measured, not by the respondent reaction of the receiver, but by the emotion, the feelings, the time and effort you invested.

Do you know what gives the most value to a present? Not its size, not it’s money equivalent, not if the receiver is enjoying it… but the point that the person who prepared it, made of it!

It is the same with actions and everything we do.

For our deeds, we should judge not by the opinion and approval of others, but by the emotion and the effort we invested.

When you give up the need to be constantly tapped on the shoulder, for what you did, then you will be free to enjoy your actions…

I love imagining life like this… when I want to achieve something, I should first help somebody else to achieve his own goal. Thus, with my actions, I am sending something like a letter, a request, a plead to Fate… for what I’d like to happen in my life. And then I am patiently waiting. I don’t whine, that the person to whom I helped, isn’t being grateful. How does that matter? This is his echo, not mine!

After all the world is full of people. Fate “receives” a lot of letters. It is a matter of time, for Fate to get them and then send us the response. The response we deserve.

Sometimes Fate receives our requests fast and we get the answer immediately, by the people we expect to respond.

And sometimes it takes longer for the letter to get there… but this does not mean that life is gonna be unfair. In the moment, when you do not expect it, Fate has found a new messenger… a  person, whose existence you don’t even suspect. But a person who has the mission to give you back the answer, you deserve…

The world doesn’t happen TO us…

It happens FROM us…

What we do, is what we are gonna get later on…

And we could have everything we want…

Just as long as we help somebody else to get it!


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Ines Subashka
:)Push-ups 🙂
Инес Субашка
My three favorite thing- the park, workouts and reading 🙂

Workout under the rain 🙂

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Ines Subashka

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