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We spend the bigger part of our lives working! And unfortunately most people hate their job! As it is said, people spend their whole week waiting for Friday, spend their whole year waiting for summer and spend their whole life waiting to be happy… and thus, they spend their years waiting…

We look on our job as something mandatory, something we do out of need. You are supposed to work, so you can pay your bills, so you can buy food, clothes and other material stuff; so you could have the “freedom” to go out at night, to go on vacations…

We spend our day bored, with feelings of self-pity- how we are cursed to spend our so precious time working! How sad! Or maybe not really?

Have you ever thought about the other side of things? Have you ever thought that you are the person who gives value to what is happening; that you are the one who puts meaning into your actions and that you are the one who defines if what you are doing is a burden, which is holding you in chains, or contrariwise it is what is giving you wings and helping you rise?

For me, my job is not something I do by obligation. For me, my job is my mission, it is my “why”. For me my job is the stage, where I get the opportunity to give my best, to reveal my true potential and at least for a moment to have the chance to remind others that they are special, that they can and that they have everything they need, in order to wake up every morning full of anticipation and enthusiasm for the new day; thankful for everything they have and everything they have achieved!

For me my job is a necessity- but not a necessity to satisfy my material needs, but a necessity to feed the hunger of my soul! Ray Bradbury says that “Everyone must leave something behind when he dies, my grandfather said. A child or a book or a painting or a house or a wall built or a pair of shoes made. Or a garden planted. Something your hand touched some way so your soul has somewhere to go when you die, and when people look at that tree or that flower you planted, you’re there.  It doesn’t matter what you do, he said, so long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into something that’s like you after you take your hands away.

And let me ask you, what could be better than your “job”? If you have the chance to spend most of your life working, why not use this time to at least do something meaningful, something that will help you contribute more for your own life and the life of others?

Seems as if our days are always defined by the grey, the ugly, the problems, the criticism and fights. We are focusing just on the dark side of life. But if you look on it in a different way… if you start thinking that by waking up this Monday morning, you don’t have 5 more days of torture and burden, but 5 days full of opportunities to do something meaningful. After all one of the deepest human needs, is the need to be significant! To know that our existence isn’t just a waste and that our presence is being noticed!

Do you catch yourself thinking that your job isn’t prestigious enough? But who defines it as one? I want to tell you that the lady in the supermarket is as significant as the doctor in the hospital… or even more. Every time when I go to the supermarket and she smiles at me; when I see how she works with enthusiasm and tries to provide me with fast service, because she appreciates my time; when she greets me with “hello” and wishes “good night”… sometimes this is one of the best things that happen to me. Do you think that just because you don’t have a “title”, which is “prestigious” according to the society, you are inferior and not significant enough?

Well, I will tell you that in my life, and the life of many other people, you are the once who give more meaning to our days. You are the once who have the power to define if my day starts good, when I buy a cup of coffee and I get to see in your eyes, positivism, desire and enthusiasm or if it starts with irritation, when I see your boredom, your frowned and desperate face!

The janitor in the park… oh, what a wonderful lady! She is always with a big smile, always greeting me and treating me so good. I am so thankful that she helps my favorite place in the world- the park, to be so clean and pleasant for walks. I wonder if this woman is aware that she plays a huge role in my life, because every time I get to see her, she makes me smile, she makes me feel better that I met a positive person and that her presence fills me with gratitude, that because of her hard work, the park is such a beautiful place? Does she ever think that if she wasn’t doing her job, the park would be dirty and people would be twice more angry, complaining how they pay their taxes and they don’t even deserve a clean and pleasant place to take  a walk?

I wonder if the musician in the park, ever thinks that every day I pass by the same alley, where he is playing the guitar, because I love his jokes; his happy face, and his music makes me teleport in a whole another world, full of more beauty?

I can’t list all the professions, but trust me your job is important! It is significant! Trust me that this is not an annoying obligation, it is a mission! The mission to be significant, to contribute for more value in somebody’s life! Your actions could seem insignificant, but more often than not they are destiny for people around you and for your own life as well!

If you start taking your “job’, as your “why”, as your own stage, where you have the freedom to give your best and while having fun and loving what you do, getting the chance to help others- with your service, with your attitude, with your knowledge… just know that everything you do matters and that your job has the power to change lives! If it is in a positive or a negative way, it is all up to you and your attitude!

And when it comes to money… don’t worry! They are just an assisting attribute, which is gonna come your way, if you put enough enthusiasm, passion and love in what you do!

… and by chance or maybe not! I just finished my post when I logged on my Facebook, where one of my wonderful clients have written this…

“A lot of gratitude from the coach to the clients… it is time for some gratitude from the clients to the coach! This morning while I was reading the new posts on the page, I realized how constructive it is for me, to receive compliments after every workout for my efforts, motivation and hard work. At the beginning I used to pay more attention to it, but I still smile every time I read the posts and my unconscious keeps on perceiving all this positive signs and thus leading me in this direction- forward and forward with an ease. I feel as if I am doing something wonderful, surrounding myself with wonderful people, my view on life is getting brighter and brighter and my life is getting better. The fairy world full of joy and happiness, that people used to tell me I could build on my own, is becoming reality!

The positive breeds positivity, as long as you let it get to you and than hug it. And with a person like Ines- full of love, desire, passion, care, positive emotions, it is hard to just pass by these wonderful things.  You wonder if the time we spend in the gym is just a practice? Definitely not! It I smuch more than this! For me this time is the beginning and the process of taking care of your body and health, but also your soul. If I choose to eat this or that… what matters is that it is already a conscious choice. I already have a desire to take care!

For the last couple months, since I started training with Ines, my view for life has dramatically changed. Today I feel in peace. I feel balanced. I feel rich. How could a workout do this? It is not the workout itself, but the person who created it. Ines Subashka is an amazingly, emotionally and intellectually rich person, who is full of desire to grow, to learn more and more about herself and the world around her! You’ve probably heard that people attract people like them. Or the old proverb that you could “ get to know the person by his friends” or his surroundings. It turned out to be the mere truth. It is not by accident that everybody who trains with Ines is so positive and encouraging. I am sure that the life of Ines’ clients are getting better. Of course, there isn’t anything in life that happens by chance, neither the fact that I work out with Ina. And I want to say A HUGE THANK YOU to Ina. I want to say thank you that she exists, and that she is who she is. That she always appreciates other people’s achievements!”

… and in other people’s eyes, I am just a coach… a job, which in today’s society isn’t considered the most prestigious, but in reality I know that my attitude towards my job, has the power to change lives! The same is true for you! Just give it a thought!

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What does your job mean to you?

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