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How was your week? I hope that you start having a more positive outlook on life; I hope that you don’t allow the ugliness to intrude in your days and instead you are focusing on the wonderful things that surround you! This week I had a little injury and unlike other times, this time I decided to have a wiser approach, so I didn’t work out with weights. Instead, I spend the whole week in the pool! I really miss lifting weights, but I hope that next week I will feel good enough to start lifting again!

So if you are in a  similar situation, remember that it is far better to stop working out for just one week, then spend your whole life not working out… if you get what I mean! 😉

And here are my favorite reads of the week..

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My beautiful friend Galina Gegenava 🙂

It’s Saturday! How was your week? Tell me that you are getting stronger and healthy eating is becoming easier! 😉  I had a busy week, but I love weeks like this, because it makes me feel accomplished and satisfied! I love my clients. They really make my life complete! It is so inspiring to have the daily opportunity to see people break their limits, set PRs, overcome fears, and just reach their full potential! That’s my fuel! Their hard work and motivation is what gives me strength and energy to live a life full of purpose and happiness! 🙂

Don’t forget to eat clean during the weekend! If you crave something sweet, don’t eat junk food! Just check out some of the recipes on my blog and prepare something healthy! 😉

Meanwhile read my favorite reads of the week !:)

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A beautiful friend of mine- Galina Gegenava! 🙂

It’s the end of the week! Today is my rest day, and it is hard for me to stay away from the gym, so I am heading to the park for a long walk! 😉 I had a great week! I love my job and my clients! It is so great to meet such inspiring individuals every single day! People who remind you what is the purpose of your life, why you wake up every morning with determination to go through the day, without letting obstacles break you or shake you! 🙂 Besides that I am getting in the best shape I’ve ever been! I am getting leaner and stronger and I feel just awesome! 🙂
I hope that you had an awesome week! Hope that you are setting PRs in the gym and that you are enjoying your progress!

Don’t forget to eat clean, nutritious food during the weekend! Remember how bad you feel when you don’t fuel your body with good food! Don’t let yourself eat junk food! Treat your body better! 🙂

Meanwhile read my favorite reads of the week! 🙂

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Hey, beautiful, FIT people! How was your week? Mine is great! Yesterday I managed to do weighted push ups for the first time in my life, and I am pretty excited about getting stronger and fitter every day! Lately I have way too much enthusiasm ;), at times it even bothers my sleeping, because I can’t wait to wake up and get busy doing what I love. Hope that you feel the same way too (without the sleepless part of it).

Don’t forget to love life and count your blessings during the weekend. Eat good, nutritious food! Say no to junk food! Move more!

Meanwhile read my favorite reads of the week!

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One of my lovely clients- Gabriell Petrova :))

It’s the end of the week and while you are reading this, I am up early and I am already in the University, sitting in class, listening to the professor! 🙂 I hope that you had a great and productive week. I hope that you feel more motivated and passionate with every passing week and that you are getting closer to your goals! Be good during the weekend! Eat healthy, move more, smile more and be passionate about life! Meanwhile read my favorite reads of the week! 🙂

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Мъ нew passion- push-ups 🙂

It’s Saturday! And it is my rest day! I had a really busy week. I moved in a new home. I did some real life weightlifting, because I had to carry heavy bags up to the second floor, so besides my gym training sessions, I did a lot of lifting this week! 😉 I didn’t have as much time to read, as I wanted, but I still managed to go through most of the blogs I follow!

Don’t forget to start your weekend with a healthy breakfast and a nice, long walk! Keep being good during the day and finish the week strong!
Meanwhile, read my favorite reads of the week!

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31 Things Worth Reading

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Hey everybody! How was your week! Hope it was productive and that you are full of enthusiasm, passionately moving forward into the direction of your dreams! Hope that healthy eating is getting easier for you and it is already a lifestyle, not a diet! Hope that you’ve been working out and setting new PRs in the gym! Today it is time for my favorite reads of the week. There are some awesome reads as always, so make sure to take your time and read the list below!

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Hey, beautiful people! How was your week? Mine was full of pork meat, eggs, veggies and iron! 😉 Plus the great, motivated people I get the opportunity to coach every day! Hope you are on your road to a healthier lifestyle, learning something every day, getting fitter and feeling better about yourself! Don’t forget to eat clean during the weekend and move MORE! Take a walk, go rowing, go hiking… the couch won’t run away, so don’t bother staying at home, guarding it! Meanwhile read my favorite reads of the week. There are some great posts! Enjoy!

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How was you week? Mine has been great! I visited some new places, trained in new gyms, with new people, who were really motivating and inspiring! I’ve been eating really clean, homemade food and I am just enjoying life and what I love to do- helping others find themselves, discover their own potential and create the life of their dreams! What could be better! Meanwhile I read some really great articles, that are really worth your time and attention! Be good during the weekend, eat clean, be active and read the articles on my list!

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Favorite Reads of the Week: 07/13/12

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Vanessa Tib


How was your week? Did you come closer to your goals? Hope you are changing your bad habits with healthier once! I hope you’ve been working out and feeling better! Hope you are motivated and driven! And now after such a great week, here are my favorite reads of the week! Check them out, because there are great articles!

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Favorite Reads of the Week: 06/16/12

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Ines Subashka
Ines Subashka

It’s time for my favorite reads of the week. I’ve head a really busy week, and I am ashamed that I didn’t read as much as I wished, but I still have some really great articles for you! I didn’t update my workouts this week, but I promise I will do my best to update them the coming week!

In the meantime, just check the great articles on the list below, eat clean, move more and love yourself! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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