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A beautiful friend of mine- Galina Gegenava! 🙂

It’s the end of the week! Today is my rest day, and it is hard for me to stay away from the gym, so I am heading to the park for a long walk! 😉 I had a great week! I love my job and my clients! It is so great to meet such inspiring individuals every single day! People who remind you what is the purpose of your life, why you wake up every morning with determination to go through the day, without letting obstacles break you or shake you! 🙂 Besides that I am getting in the best shape I’ve ever been! I am getting leaner and stronger and I feel just awesome! 🙂
I hope that you had an awesome week! Hope that you are setting PRs in the gym and that you are enjoying your progress!

Don’t forget to eat clean, nutritious food during the weekend! Remember how bad you feel when you don’t fuel your body with good food! Don’t let yourself eat junk food! Treat your body better! 🙂

Meanwhile read my favorite reads of the week! 🙂

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Body Saw

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Scapular Pushup Progressions by Jordan Syatt

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