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Vanessa Tib


How was your week? Did you come closer to your goals? Hope you are changing your bad habits with healthier once! I hope you’ve been working out and feeling better! Hope you are motivated and driven! And now after such a great week, here are my favorite reads of the week! Check them out, because there are great articles!

First, the articles on Inspired Fit Strong for the past week:

How Soy Affects Women? Everything You Need to Know about Soy, Phytoestrogens and Estrogens!

Do You Still Believe These Lies

Do You Need a Break from Your Life

Why Your Weight Loss Diet Doesn’t Work (and Never Will)

Do You Face Your Weakness?

Paleo Breakfast Burito

And now my favorite reads this week:

10 Mistakes Unhappy People Make

What I Actually Eat

If Low Carb Eating is so Effective, Why are People Still Overweight

How I Lost Weight

Why Did My Cholesterol Go Up after Going Primal

Women and Intermittent Fasting

No Ones Power but Our Own Paleo Sexist Woes and an Invitation to Rise up and Roar

Scientists Observe the Mysterious Hidden Structure of the Universe for the First Time Ever

Women Athlete Fears Pressures over Appearance

Strawberry Cream Pie Gluten and Dairy Free

My Healing Journey Part 2: My Sabbatical, My Sexuality and my Spirituality

Father and Daughter Part 1

Don’t Go Getting Too Healthy on Me

How Much Mobility Do You Need

6 Commonly Overlooked Training Mistakes You’re Making

Traumatic  Injuries vs Overuse Injuries

Willpower Wonders

Model Mom

Still Think You Can’t Train Hard After You Have a Child

Ten Thousand Swings to Fat Loss

Mental Tricks for Physical Gains

Building Relationships 2

Stop Weighing on the Scale for Weight Loss

To Olympic Lift or Not to Olympic Lift Part 1

How to Quit Coffee

20 Things I’ve Told Clients That Made Me Seem Crazy

Comment on Guyenet vs Taubes

The Vegeterian Myth

Low Carb Ketosis Not Necessarily

Body’s Metabolism Adapts to Dieting

Big Food vs Big Insuarance

You Might Be a Wheat Belly When…

New Paleo Low Carb Health Blogs for July

Food Addiction: What Finally Made Me Stop Binging

Six Months Later Part 1

Interview with Sarah Fragoso

Paleo Pavlova

Intermittent Fasting: Is It for You?

The Death of Beastmodal Domains

Learning to Love Your Body

Awesome Weekly Fitness Videos

Man Up and Military Press

Defending Crossfit Games Champion Annie Thorisdottir Fit Rule

Wide or Narrow Grip Pull Down, Pull Ups Does It Make a Difference

Body Image Sprinters vs Runners

Geeky Fridays

Your Subconsious Mind is Powerful Thing

The New Science on Squatting and The Truth about Assessing and Teaching the Squat

Did you like my favroite reads? Share yours with me!

P.S. Share my favorite reads with your friends, so they can enjoy the great articles on the list! I’d greatly appreciate it!

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