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It is time for January’s Top 10 Articles. Below I picked up 10 of the articles that gathered the most attention during the past month! Beneath each headline I wrote a short summery. If you’d like to read the whole article just click on the hyperlink! Enjoy!

1.How Do You Handle The Pain?

Burning inside….hoping that feeling will have some mercy and will just leave you…let you have your life… but then realizing it is stuck inside…and no matter how much you want…there is no escape! It is you and your feelings! You are there feeling restless, and feelings are taking over you!

Where do you go? What do you do? Reach out to open the fridge and comfort yourself with food? Feeling sorry for yourself? Digging yourself deeper by getting more depressed, fatter, sicker and getting closer to existing, rather than living?

Stop it! That’s pathetic! I have a better idea…

2. Education For Parents: 4 Things You Are Doing Wrong

Parents are those that are supposed to educate their children. When you habituate them to be good,caring and honest to treat others well, you could try harder and teach them to respect and love themselves and their own health! It is a fact, that the habits from our childhood, accompany us throughout our entire life. A change is always possible but it is a really hard thing to do! Check out what are the most common mistakes, parents make when raising their children!

3. Did You Know The Truth About Women And Weights?

Women, who lift weights are beautiful, attractive, strong and self- confident! Women, who lift weights aren’t a stereotype of Barbie, neither the cliché’ version of a bitch! Women, who lift weights are real, they do not give in to modifications by society’s opinion or expectations, they have their own identity…

4.How Do You Define Yourself?

How do you define yourself? What makes you feel accomplished or like a total failure? Is your evaluation real or you are on the wrong way? Read this article and think twice before you judge your life!

5. 8 Tips to Help Beginner Women Start Working Out

Read the 8 tips, which will help you start lifting weights! 8 tips that will give you more confidence to start something new and become the fittest version of yourself!

6. A Calorie Is Not a Calorie: Why Junk Food in Moderation Isn’t Good for You?

I am sure you’ve heard it before “ A calorie, is a calorie!”. People who say this, believe that it doesn’t matter what kind of food you are eating. The only thing that matters is to eat less calories, then you spend, and you will be fit and happy! Is that true? Check out why these statements are a big, fat lie and rethink your diet!

7. Top Crossfitters Answer: “What I Wish I knew When I First Started Working Out?”

I mailed this question to some of the finalists from this year’s Crossfit Games. Check out what they shared with us- the mistakes they made and the lessons they learned!

8. Michael Hristov: The Boy Who Outran His Fate

Michael is a unique example about the limitless possibilities of the human nature, about strong will and brave heart! When he is only 15 years old, a bad accident happens, and he got both of his arms amputated! Thus, this bad incident takes him to a place, where Michael gets the opportunity to show what he is made of! Michalel enters the world of track and field, and shows us that in the future we will be hearing about him and his records more often! Check out what Misho shared with us and “steal” at least a small part of the optimism and the desire to live, that this boy has!

9. The Definitive Guide To Handstand Push-ups: 7 Progressions That Will Get You There

I bet that right now you are thinking you could never do something like that, but you are WRONG! An year ago I was right where you are now! I was that person, who didn’t believe in herself! That is why I wanna help you and show you the progressions which helped me achieve my goal- handstand push ups! Check out the progressions and then try yourself!

10. Why We Must Eat Fat?

I am aware that most of you, are afraid from fats and just the mere thought of eating them, makes you feel ten pounds heavier! Unfortunately all of this is a big fat lie! Let me ask you what is your diet? Some of the wide spread “healthy diets”? What did you achieve by fueling your body like that?…yes…you don’t need to tell me! I know that you still look and feel, just the way you did when you first started the diet! Then, why do you keep on resisting the change? Why don’t you try something different? Anyway, you are wandering all the time, searching for the proper nutrition and you never get to reach your goals! Then, take some risks! Check out what I have to offer you and try it!

And a little motivation! 🙂

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