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Favorite Reads of the Week: 04/28/12

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Hey, everybody! How was your week? I hope you had time to fit in at least two work outs and eat pleanty of clean, nutritious food! It is time for my favorite reads of the week. Make sure to check them out, because there are a lot of outstanding pieces! These people really know what they are talking about! Enjoy! 🙂

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Is Your Posture Good: Does It Matter How You Stand, Sit or Walk?

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От ляво на дясно: Габи, Васи, Габи, Ася, Деси

Lately I have been paying attention to my posture and the way I walk. Years ago, when I used to injure my shoulders pretty often, I began overcompensating the lack of range of motion in my shoulders, with bad posture. I remember, how much my shoulder ached when I tried to stand with my shoulders up and it was way easier to keep them dropping down and not feel the pain. Thus, quickly my posture became terrible. That was the time when I lived in USA. I remember how my dad reacted when I came back to Bulgaria, and he saw my posture. He used to make remarks all the time, till I didn’t improve my posture. Nowadays when I have more knowledge about human’s body and the way it functions, I understand why he was so hard on!

Do you ever think about the way you sit, stand or walk? Your lower back hurts, (more…)

Favorite Reads of the Week: 04/21/12

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Holidays are over and it is time to get back on track if you cheated on your healthy lifestyle the past two weeks. Spring is here so that means the weather will be sunny and you have absolutely no excuse to stay inactive. Make sure to move more on the weekend and eat clean, healthy,delicious food. Meanwhile find some time to read my favorite reads of the week.

Besides that today is my father’s birthday so I wanna thank  him for everything he has done for me and for being the best father and role model I could ever ask for!

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Why Do You Have Knee Pain and How to Fix It!

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I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Even if you are not a doctor it is important to have some knowledge about your body and understand the way it functions. That will make it easier to prevent an injury or find out what is the reason behind the pain you are feeling. More often than not, when a person has knee pain, he thinks the reason is in the knee itself! You try to cure your knee and the pain never goes away! Why? Because you are trying to cure the consequences, not the causation!

I will skip the long and confusing anatomy explanations, because I am aware that most of you don’t like fancy words and I will explain it simpler.

Put your hand on your hip bone. With one of your fingers touch the muscle (more…)

Favorite Reads of the Week: 03/17/2012

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It’s the end of the week. Hope all of you worked out hard in the gym, ate clean, and felt awesome! Here are my favorite reads of the week. I know it is a long list, but it is not my fault that there are so many great individuals out there sharing their experience and knowledge! 😉 Take some time to read the articles! You won’t regret it! (more…)

Is There a Person Like That Hidden Inside of You?

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I am not the kind of person, who says she wants something, but yet her actions don’t match her words!

I am not the kind of person, who go in the gym a couple weeks before the summer, and states she wants to be in shape for the beach!

I am not the kind of person, who blames being overweight and her bad health on inherited, bad genes!

I am not the kind of person, who spends her life being jealous of other people’s success!

I am not the kind of person (more…)

Favorite Reads of the Week: 03/10/2012

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The week has gone really fast! I managed to do a lot of things, but I still made sure I have time to read some really great articles by outstanding people! There are a lot of usefull articles on all kind of topics from workouts and nutrition to blogging secrets, so you better get busy reading and learning!

First, (more…)

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