Annie Mist Thorisdottir: The Fittest on Earth

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Today we will have the pleasure to read what last year’s Crossfit champion, Annie Thorisdottir had to share with us. Eventhough she was “crowned” the fittest on Earth, that hasn’t changed her personality- she is really nice, charming and forthcommin.  Reading her interview you will see why she won the Crossfit games in 2011- the combination of dedication, hard work and talent are only few of the things that could describe Annie! And instead of writing more words that only belittle what she truely is, I will let you read what she had to say… (more…)

Do You Want to Be Fit? Here Is How I Can Help You Achieve It!

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Инес Субашка
Инес Субашка

I can’t make you lean!

The only thing I can do is give you the nutrition tips. But it is all up to you!

It is up to you, if you can show some will and discipline and eat the food that fuels your body, not your emotions!

I can’t make you strong!

The only thing I can do (more…)

Which One Is Better? Half Squats or Full Squats?

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A couple weeks ago I was in the gym, when a woman came to the squat rack. The bar was loaded with 80kg. so I decided to offer her help to load off the bar. I supposed that no matter how strong she was, she still needed to warm up. She just threw me a glance and said (more…)

Why I Do What You Don't?

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People often ask me “Why do you workout like that? Can’t you just move a little as other people do? This hard workouts and vigorous, intensive loading is for professional athletes!”Right there, in this moment, when I hear this something stabbs my heart. Seems like the pain hidden deep inside my heart starts crying. Seems like it is flapping in my heart, trying to remind me for my lost dreams,hopes and expectations… (more…)

January Top 10: 10 Things Worth Reading!

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It is time for January’s Top 10 Articles. Below I picked up 10 of the articles that gathered the most attention during the past month! Beneath each headline I wrote a short summery. If you’d like to read the whole article just click on the hyperlink! Enjoy! (more…)

Stacey Kroon: The Charming Lady Who Kicks Ass In The Gym!

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Stacey Kroon

What happens when you take everything life throws at you with a big smile on your face? Well,  life smiles back at you and gives you the opportunity to have a life filled with joy. Gives you the possibility to do what you love and be surrounded by people who help you get through difficulties! Today the interview is with Stacey Kroon. A woman that has the most charming smile ever. A woman whose heart is filled with love and positivity! Check out what Stacey shared with us! (more…)

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