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Снимка: nomnompaleo.com
Image source: nomnompaleo.com

Last week somebody asked me: “Ines, why the quantity of food that used to bring me satiety is now not enough and leaves me hungry?” I don’t manage to answer everybody personally, but I promise you that in one way or another, every one of you will receive his answer. Today, I decided to answer the question I mentioned above.

I can answer really quick and I’d say: Because the body feeds not with what we eat, but with what we absorb!

But still, because I do not want to cheat on my style, I will write 5-6 pages on the topic.

Why the quantity of food that used to bring me satiety is now leaving me hungry?

As I mentioned, the body is not like the mind- it is not satiate with quantity, but with quality! This is the paradox we observe nowadays – people who eat massive amounts of food, yet they constantly feel the need to eat.

Actually there isn’t anything paradoxical. The key is the quality of the food. In this post, I won’t write how you are supposed to quit eating crappy food and how it is not giving your body enough nutrients. I already wrote about this HERE, HERE and HERE.

Today, I will assume that you are already eating healthy, but you are still having this problem.

How does the sample menu, of a person who eats “healthy”, contains?

Снимка: www.marthastewart.com
Снимка: www.marthastewart.com

Monday: eggs, meat, curds, green salad and cucumbers.

Tuesday: eggs, meat, curds, green salad and cucumbers.

Wednesday: eggs, meat, curds, green salad and cucumbers.

Thursday: eggs, meat, curds, green salad and cucumbers.

Friday: eggs, meat, curds, green salad and cucumbers.

Saturday: eggs, meat, curds, green salad and cucumbers.

Sunday: eggs, meat, curds, green salad and cucumbers.

How CLEAN –literally!

The problem is that the food you eat is real food, but it is still not enough. Your nutrition should take a lot of things, into account. HERE, I explained that the diet is not static, but dynamic. As such, it should be changed, together with the changes in our life – those that depend on us, like the amount of physical activity, sleep, recovery, as well as those of the environment we live in- like seasons and the change in temperature and the available foods for every season.

I’ve written before about the changes in our nutrition, as a consequence from the change of seasons and when we are supposed to eat more carbs and when we should eat more fat.

What happens when we eat the same foods over and over again?

When we eat the same foods, our body should digest them. In the digestion of every type of food, particular processes get activated and particular enzymes participate.

If we always eat the same thing, our body runs out of the enzymes that digest this food. Thus, we eat enough, but we do not absorb enough. And then, our body starves!

If you have 2 eggs, butter, avocado and broccoli, for breakfast, every single day, you are exhausting your body’s ability to absorb that food.

What should you do?

Try to approach your diet from its dynamic side. Research which foods are available this season and eat them. Don’t eat strawberries in February or oranges in August. Don’t eat green salads all year long. Vary the veggies, the fish, meat and your fat sources.

What could be the other reasons?

Снимка: spectrummuminmalaysia.com
Снимка: spectrummuminmalaysia.com

You do not eat fermented foods. Here, everything comes up to if you absorb food.

You know that in our body there are trillions of bacteria. Even though the word bacteria is associated with something negative, in our body, there are a lot of bacteria, which we need – the so called good bacteria. They are something like our best friends.

Bacteria are what transforms the indigestible or toxic compounds, in nutrient dense foods. With the help of enzymes ( they are something like the weapons of work), bacteria transform these foods and pathogens in ingredients, which bring benefit for the body.

By using enzymes and bacteria, the body can produce vitamins and amino acids from materials like sugar, starch and cellulose.

What happens is that these bacteria, actually feed on what is harmful for our body.

Good bacteria do a lot of good things for us – they free the minerals, that are “imprisoned” in veggies; they aid in the production of vitamins, contribute for the improvement of the functioning of the digestive system.

Good bacteria are familiar like probiotics. They conserve, detox and enrich our food. Actually, one of their benefits is that they secret hormones, which aid in the coordination of the muscle contractions of the intestine peristaltic; as well as they have the task to deal with pathogens – the bad bacteria.

Fermented foods, give us exactly this – probiotics, which improve the functioning of our digestive system and turn indigestible foods in digestible and absorbable.

If the food you eat does not bring you satiety or nothing tastes good, the reason is that you are not eating the proper foods and your body is starving, even though at first sight you are overeating.

Add fermented foods.

Are there other reasons why the food that used to keep you full is now leaving you hungry?

Не пропускайте рецептата за пещерната мусака на Митко
Пещерната мусака на Митко. Рецептата ще откриете в новия IFS Journal.

As I already mentioned, the diet is not static. There is a big chance, that in your desire to achieve your desired body, you’ve increased the amount of physical activity, but you didn’t change your nutrition. Maybe you spend more energy and your body needs more food.

Answer the question, if your physical activity has increased. If so, do not wonder that you are hungry – sit and eat as an adult and not as a two year old.

Last but not least, the change in seasons has A HUGE impact on what we eat and if we get satiate.

The change in temperature is a signal, that the body interprets. First of all, we are part of nature and we have evolved to exist in synchrony with it. During the winter months, because of the cold, our body has different needs and the foods we eat in summer, cannot keep us healthy in winter.

In winter, we need more animal products and more winter veggies ( mainly leafy greens and fermented foods).

Give it a thought! Is your nutrition the same as it was during the summer months when even meat lovers, like me, rarely eat meat and indulge in more eggs and fish.

Here are some of the achievements of the people I train with!

Nadezhda and her first handstand steps:


Mitko and his progress on the renegade row.


Venelin and his super strength.


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